Animal Transform Race
Animal Transform Race
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Version: 3.4.3
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Download Animal Transform Race APK to transform into different animals and win races. Race around large environments and compete to reach the finish line

Name Animal Transform Race
Version 3.4.3
Updated Feb 20, 2024
Category Racing
Developer Lion Studios

About Animal Transform: Epic Race 3D

Animal Transform: Epic Race 3D is a fun and addictive game that journeys players through various environments where you must compete with multiple conditions and other animals to reach the finish line. The game tests your skill and control by changing the animals you race with throughout the race. Hence, players will control more than one animal in a race, and you can choose when to change too.

The game is relatively easy to understand and play, with many of its features similar to typical race games like Subway Surfers and Temple Run. There are thousands of environments and scenarios to create variations in the game, so you won't feel like you've been stuck in a loop and get bored while playing. Each race you go is unique, with different challenges, obstacles, and goals. The sole aim is to ensure you last as long as possible in the race by transforming your animal into elephants, leopards, and others.

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The perfect game environment is thanks to the appealing visuals created by the design team. The game is designed to have a 3D interface, so you'll be able to see some essential details in the background and animals. The colors are also vibrant, and they radiate the beautiful choices of color that were made by the design team.

The game was developed by White Square Entertainment and has been around for a few years. With millions of downloads across the internet, Animal Transform Race remains one of the most exciting runner games you can opt for. It's available in over 44 languages and free to play, and the content rating only allows anyone above 12 to play.


It's pretty easy finding your purpose in the game. Although the sole aim is to reach the finish line, you must ensure you do this as fast as possible. Once you are not the first player to reach the finish line, you have lost the race. Once the game starts, the animal assigned to you will start running immediately, so you won't be in control of whether the animal moves or not; your concern would be to avoid obstacles and steer it in the right direction.

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Depending on your preference and judgment, you can press the onscreen button to change the animal form during the race. However, once the animals run into obstacles that are bigger than them, they'll stop. So, you must change into a larger animal that can easily surpass this obstacle. Some animals you can expect include sharks, elephants, monkeys, eagles, leopards, etc.

Game Features

Animal Form might seem more basic than regular runner games you've probably played, but the gameplay is Impressive, and the features also add to its popularity online. Check out its unique features below:

Epic Gameplay

As a newbie, the game interface might seem confusing initially, but with practice, you'll be able to master the gameplay of Animal Transform Race. The game doesn't offer much prospect when you start playing because you'll be limited to just a few animals. However, as you continue playing, you'll be able to command troops of various animals that can come to your aid whenever you need them. The games are designed to allow you only to run forward, and you don't get to press the running button like in most runner games. All you have to do is ensure the right animal is on the right course.

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Game Levels

There are many levels you can play on Animal Transform Epic Race. The multi-tiered levels allow you to experience different environments and scenarios that add variety to the gameplay. The game starts with level 1 and progresses across various levels the more you play. Unfortunately, the game obstacles also change depending on the level, so you'll have to ensure you adapt to the changes by improving your gaming skills and creating a list of animals that can come in handy regardless of the obstacle in your path.

Graphics and Animations

The game has a colorful display thanks to the beautiful graphics and environment. Players will be able to experience different backgrounds when playing, and you can ways count on the designs to be vibrant and colorful. The animals don't have the realistic features you'd probably expect, but they are designed accordingly to feature each animal's strongest characteristics and serve their purposes. The more you play, the kors animals you'll come across in the game, and the more colorful you'll find the game interface.

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Game Controls

The game controls are pretty basic since there isn't much to do while playing. Unlike driving games, where you control the movement and speed of the character, you only have control over the transformations here. The transformation button is at the bottom of the screen, which you can use to change from one animal to the other. Simply click the animal you'd like to transform into, and it does the transformation for you.

Animal Forms

The game thrives on animal transformation. Your ability to access the situation and decide which animal will come to your rescue sets it apart from other runner games. So, you'll be able to access various animal forms such as leopards, elephants, etc. The tip for animal transformation is to choose an animal with the special skills you need. For example, cheetah moves fast on land; elephants destroy obstacles; sharks move fastest in water, monkey help climb walls, etc. You can also accumulate gold coins while playing, which you can use to unlock more animals in the game store.

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Animal Transform: Epic Race 3D is one of the most intriguing runner games you can play. What the game lacks in terms of sophisticated designs, it offers enjoyable gameplay. You'll be able to play across multiple levels and test your decision-making skills with animal transformations.

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Download Animal Transform Race APK to transform into different animals and win races. Race around large environments and compete to reach the finish line


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