3D Tennis
3D Tennis
Size: 16.90 MB
Version: 1.8.6
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Download 3D Tennis APK, an authentic tennis game based on 3D physics. The 3D tennis game is fun. Enjoy playing tennis with your favorite player on your mobile.

Name 3D Tennis
Version 1.8.6
Updated Feb 24, 2023
Category Sports
Developer Mouse Games
Google Play Link com.cg.tennis

3D Tennis

This fun game app was developed by and published by mouse games. This game is said to be the most original 3D game on google play. This game offers a fast and fluid control mode. 

3D Tennis game incorporates the physical tennis system into a unique online mobile game you can enjoy. Every 3D tennis download has a special mode and gameplay with it. All you need to do is swipe your finger to hit or slice the ball.

3D Tennis's latest versions come with an excellent array of players you can choose from. With this game, you can easily guide your players to success. The straightforward gameplay is one you can quickly master and use to win this game.

3d tennis apk android

Play 3D Tennis for android and enjoy your spare time. This game gives you real-time feelings and allows you to explore a tennis game on mobile. You can also learn and explore some new game plans and features that you can physically use when playing tennis. You get to choose your female or male players and hit the field; with each win, you get some money.

Description of 3D Tennis

This app is a 3D tennis game that features various play modes and characters. It is a sports game that is compatible with the android operating system. This game has a fast fluid control system you would enjoy. With a swipe on your screen, you can hit the ball to move, and the second player hits it back.

This game has an array of players, and you can choose a favorite from them. Play a fantastic game with your favorite player and achieve success with them. There are four grand slam tournaments you can explore, all of which are at different locations. You need to win a contest to move to the next.

3d tennis apk

This game features a quick play mode with one tap of the screen. This game is authentic. It feels like playing real tennis. There is the world tour mode and fast play mode. This game features a realistic 3D physics system and accurate controls. The visual and physical control gives you that physical game experience. Explore playing 3d tennis and get the most out of your fun time.

Features of 3D Tennis

There are a lot of unique features in this game. This article will explore three: the gameplay, aesthetics, and 3D elements.


This game features unique gameplay that keeps you going. This game is based on 3D physics so that you can feel the actual thrill in the gameplay. The fast and fluid control mode allows you to feel the burst of energy that comes with playing real-life tennis. You swipe your finger to hit or slam the ball, and the ball is sent back with a greater force, and you hit again.

3d tennis apk download

The gameplay structure continues until the ball drops, and there is a winner for that round. With tennis 3d unlimited money, you can access upgrades for the games and the play. Upgrades make winning simpler and more accessible. You also need money to access the tournaments. There are four-gram slam tournaments, all of which you can explore at once.

There are a lot of unique tennis players in this game. You can choose your favorite player when it leads you to a successful match. The gameplay lets you enjoy the natural tennis feeling. Feel the passion with a 3D tennis game free download.


This game has a great aesthetic and user interface. The game has a user-friendly interface that can be explored by players worldwide. The world tour mode opens you to many more of the excellent graphics put in this game.

3d tennis game apk free download

The realistic 3d physics system makes the game more enjoyable and aids the aesthetics. You get the best pictures on this game, and you can easily find your way around it with its simple key structure.

3D feature

This game is an authentic tennis game. It is a 3D game that features 3D physics. You can explore the 3D features and feel the realness of the game. You get to have all the real-life emotions as the 3d feature gives that realness to the game. The game focuses on a realistic 3D physics system hence the game name.

tennis 3d apk unlimited money

The 3D quality has an accurate control system to stimulate actual physical tennis gameplay. You can choose between playing on the world tour and a quick play. Quick plays are good for getting the hang of the game.


Suppose you love tennis and don't have the opportunity to play it physically; this app is your best option. With a 3D tennis download, you can feel the realness of the game through your mobile. The 3d tennis android download allows you to enjoy the thrill of tennis games. This app is one of the best online 3D games and the only online tennis game based on 3D physics.

Download the latest 3D tennis version and enjoy the best features and aesthetics on a mobile phone.

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Download 3D Tennis APK, an authentic tennis game based on 3D physics. The 3D tennis game is fun. Enjoy playing tennis with your favorite player on your mobile.


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