Zombie Hunter D Day
Zombie Hunter D Day
Size: 142.72 MB
Version: 1.0.909
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Download Zombie Hunter D Day APK! Experience the dread and trauma of getting caught in an undead invasion. Challenge the flesh eaters and escape with your life!

Name Zombie Hunter D Day
Version 1.0.909
Updated Feb 27, 2024
Category Action
Developer Clegames Inc.
Google Play Link com.cle.dday

Zombie Hunter D Day

Zombie Hunter D Day download has amazing content and is a constant search entry on the internet. Enter Zombie Hunter D-day free download or Zombie Hunter D Day latest version and get immersed in this exciting game.

Stay Calm, aim, and fire are the words that run through your Avatars' subconscious as tenacious slow walkers constantly attack him. Firearms and self-control are the essential tools he needs to emerge unscathed.

zombie hunter d day apk

You are trapped in this nightmare, 80 days after it began, and it seems there is no end to these annoying creatures. Before today, you have seen how fear destroyed Individuals even before they saw their first zombie. You are determined not to let fear and eventual demise be the fate of you and your loved ones. You will battle everything at all costs to defend the ones you hold dear and keep the menacing beings at bay.

Zombie Hunter D-day is a thrilling FPS play that uses guns and grenades, battle with the living dead, and gives hope in a hopeless situation.


Zombie Hunter D-day is a recent entry to the apocalyptic theme; its developer Clegames Inc debuted it on the 20th of April 2020 and launched Zombie Hunter D-day latest version on the 6th of June 2022. It relates a devastating tale of the horrors involved in a story of the living dead.

Unlike other ghoulish games, Zombie Hunter D-day focuses on ghouls' weird and unpopular features; it is not for the squeamish. Players will stand alone against zombie hives, ceaselessly equip and reload their weapons till they see the lord of the walking dead.

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As the theme implies, Zombie Hunter D-day is a fast-paced, survival and target game. The narrative is set in first person view and allows offline plays in single-player mode. Its penchant for gore, blood, and extreme violence placed it on an acceptable age limit of 18+.

Irrespective of the age limit, it gained the attention of action gamers, and the appreciation for it is evident in its 4.2-star rating from 51k reviews and 5M+ downloads. Zombie Hunter D-day for Android is suitable for Android 5.0 and above. Due to popular demand, it is also available in the iOS version. So, download, sit back, load, and enjoy this explosive game of conflicting wills.

On your loading of the game, it will take you through a tutorial session where the game's layout is explained to you, and you can get familiar with the controls. As you explore the game, you will find your avatar in different locations ranging from dilapidated buildings to strange forests. Use the scenery to your advantage and defeat every one of these despicable creatures.

Zombie Hunter D-day's animated HD graphics and its complementing audio sounds improve players' gaming experience and add to its immersion. If you need a good way to distract yourself, load up Zombie Hunter D-day and allow the audio and images to transport you into a world of shooting and death.

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Zombie Hunter D-day is free to download and available and available in several major languages from different continents. So, to play this game in your favorite language, go to the settings and pick your preference.


As the plague cover the planet, humans fall like flies and succumb to a deadly fate. You and your beloved ones are among the few survivors. You are tasked with protecting their lives and ending this horrific nightmare. Will you be successful against such an unceasing horde?

As you interact with the game, you travel into the heart of their most populated areas and challenge several categories of undead, from basic mutants to the frightening flesh-eating warlords. Look death in the eye and say 'No' with your firearms, ammunition, and skills. Go on various missions and return with valuable items.

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Regardless of everything and your environment, your fierce resolution to not lose any beloved one lights up your spirit and will keep your going. It requires a monster to destroy another monster, so the beast in you has been awakened, and only the absolute destruction of the abominations will calm it.

 As you explore diverse locations, ace the achievements, receive rewards and other tips to acquire valuable currency and resources. The game enables you to keep your progress and upload it to the cloud for you to continue from your last scenario without breaking flow.

You have access to tutorials, and the top-notch HD scenery is excellent. Zombie Hunter D-day boasts 4 modes, namely;

Defense mode: The section requires you to take down waves of undead armies with your equipment. They will come at you with everything they have. Keep your cool and take them down.

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Boss raid: Attack a single assembly of walking deads and destroy their leader to earn gold and other important items. Note that this mode needs to be unlocked before gaining access to it.

Campaign mode: it is the basic mode of the game. You start getting the storyline immediately after you load. As you ace every level, flesh-eaters increase, so constantly upgrade your firearms and abilities to beat every rank.

Limitless mode: While the defense mode has a definite number of opponents, you fight an infinite record of zombies to gain points here.


  • Realistic and adjustable HD imagery: The game boasts a conductive gaming environment comprising vivid sceneries and matching sounds.
  • Interactive gameplay: The game's controls are smooth and very interactive; with its brilliant performance, be assured of an excellent experience
zombie hunter d day apk download
  • Shop: In the shop, you get important tools and unlock several items with your in-game currency. However, certain characters will only be available when you pay with your credit card. So, players that intend to evade the requirement but still enjoy everything the game offers, do searches like Zombie Hunter D-day unlimited money, Zombie Hunter D-day unlimited money, and gold.
  • Huge firearms collection: A large collection of pistols ranges from short to long. Common game stats like Power, reload, and others are attached to each gun. They determine the total gunpower. So, boost the stats to get maximum firepower from each of your devices. You can also employ tools like grenades and painkillers when dealing with their leaders.


Zombie Hunter D-day is an excellent choice for your shooting desires. Its gameplay is smooth and swift with impressive sceneries. It supports free download, so enter Zombie Hunter D-day free download today and start a mission to conquer all opponents!

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Download Zombie Hunter D Day APK! Experience the dread and trauma of getting caught in an undead invasion. Challenge the flesh eaters and escape with your life!


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