Alto Adventure
Alto Adventure
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Version: 1.8.15
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Download Alto Adventure APK, a free game for all android phones. The 2D intriguing and captivating will immerse you in a thrilling and fascinating world right away.

Name Alto Adventure
Version 1.8.15
Updated Nov 3, 2023
Category Action
Developer Noodlecake

Alto's Adventure

Come along with Alto and his buddies as they set out on a never-ending snowboarding adventure. Travel across the stunning high hills of their natural habitat, passing nearby towns, centuries-old forests, and deserted ruin sites.

You must overcome the mountain's shifting weather conditions and the passage of time while rescuing llamas that have gotten loose, grinding rooftops, leaping over scary chasms, and outwitting the mountain elders.

Description of Alto's Adventure

In Alto's Adventure, a 2D endless runner, you play with Alto and his companions as they attempt to snowboard down the Alps' challenging slopes. You will come across deserted ruins on the way, jump off ledges, and save wild llamas.

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Alto's Adventure has easy-to-use controls that are very efficient: simply tap the screen to jump, then press and hold to let the character spin in midair. Although it could be risky, getting a safe landing would give you a significant boost.

Alto's Adventure's primary objective is to go as far as you can, but you can also attempt to fulfill several missions in between games. The game's 180 distinct missions and five hidden characters that you can discover give it some diversity.

Its beautiful graphics are without a doubt the game's best feature. The visuals in Alto's Adventure are stunning, and the day/night cycle and the variety of weather only serve to emphasize this. It would not be an understatement to claim that this is likely among the most visually stunning Android games ever created.

Alto's Adventure is a fantastic game that blends graphics that are magical with amusing and captivating gameplay. We advise using earphones while playing this game to enhance the sense of immersion provided by its soundtrack and sound effects.

To discover the mysteries of the mountains, players will don the recognizable scarf and journey by snowboard through the wild, old forests, deserted ruins, and snowy hills.

Game Play

A side-scrolling snowboarding infinite runner game is called Alto's Adventure. The only thing the user can manage is when to leap as the player character progresses automatically over sequentially generated landscapes toward the right side of the screen. To jump, the player taps the screen once. To perform tricks in midair, the player holds down the screen. The player can complete some of the 180 goals in the game while controlling the character across the environment. They are only granted three at a time.

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Among the objectives include covering a predetermined distance, saving llamas that have gotten away, navigating perilous gaps, clambering across village rooftops, and outwitting the mountain elders. In addition to receiving rewards for reaching objectives, the player can also gather coins that can be used on upgrades. Players earn points toward a challenging high score by performing stunts in rapid succession or combinations. The game keeps track of journey distance and trick combos.

Later in the game, you have the option to use a wingsuit, which modifies some game mechanics. The locations in Alto's Adventure contain diverse weather effects and alter illumination as the day progresses. The game uses Game Center leaderboards and iCloud to sync player progress between iPads and iPhones.

Alto's Adventure Features

  • Exhilarating, smooth, and fluid physics-based gameplay
  • Snowboarding-inspired procedurally created terrain
  • Completely dynamic lighting and atmospheric effects, such as lightning, snowstorms, mist, rainbows, and shooting stars.
  • One-button trick system that is simple to use yet challenging to master
  • Chain combos together to increase points and speed.
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  • 180 handcrafted goals to test your abilities.
  • Learn about six distinct snowboarders, each with their unique qualities and skills.
  • Put your buddies to the test. Compete for the best distance, highest score, and trick combination!
  • Purchase the wingsuit from Izel's workshop to unlock a brand-new gameplay element.
  • Gorgeously emotive and minimalistic visual design
  • Handcrafted audio and original music for a relaxing and immersive experience (earbuds suggested!)

Alto's Adventure all characters

Alto is your starting character, but you can unlock a new one every ten levels. There are six in all. You should unlock them all because they each play differently. When Maya is unlocked, you can select a character by tapping on the small icon on the title screen.

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Alto: Alto is a young shepherd boy who enjoys Adventure and llamas.

He is a fantastic all-around snowboarder.

Maya: Quick on her feet and a natural adventurer. She can flip considerably more quickly than others but struggles to gain speed. Obtainable at level 11.

Paz: Big muscles and an even greater heart. Paz takes a while to get going, but once he has momentum, nothing can stop him. Achieved at Level 21. He's the antithesis of Maya; quick to descend but slow to flip. You might wish to employ him to break rocks because of his sonic boom.

Izel: Izel is a genius inventor and a complete addict to adrenaline. She constantly creates innovative new tools at her workshop for the group to use, but she also has a few prototypes that aren't for sale. Obtainable at Level 31.

Felipe: A llama with extraordinary bravery. When he believes no one is looking, he now snowboards while donning one of Alto's scarves. To jump twice, tap twice. He is obtainable at level 41.

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Tupa: Tupa is an elderly who lives alone in a remote area. Some claim he can channel the strength of the mountain and everyone who has climbed it. If you fall into a chasm, he has an extra life. Per run, he'll float back up. Any more fatalities continue to be final. Gotten at Level 51.


Goals are at the heart of Alto's Adventure.

Like many endless runners, Alto's Adventure eventually becomes monotonous. Although your natural tendency may be to focus on surviving as long as you can, we advise that you focus on your objectives instead. You can unlock a new character every ten levels.

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Download Alto Adventure APK, a free game for all android phones. The 2D intriguing and captivating will immerse you in a thrilling and fascinating world right away.


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