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Version: 0.22.21
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Download Worldbox APK and start creating your world as a god in the Worldbox simulator game. It is a game that gives you the power to destroy and create a new world.

Name WorldBox
Version 0.22.21
Updated Nov 8, 2023
Category Simulation
Developer Maxim Karpenko
Google Play Link com.mkarpenko.worldbox

An in-depth description of Worldbox Game

Worldbox is a game that can be categorized into different genres due to its gameplay. It is a simulator game, a sandbox game, and a god-centered game. In the Worldbox game, you will be in control of the world as the god and construct your existence in the virtual world that you have created for yourself. You will have tremendous power capable of bringing into reality what you want in your cosmos or destroying what existed.

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Worldbox soundbox god simulator is a game developed and published by Maxim Karpenko as a single-player game compatible with different devices such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. The game was released into the gaming market on a different date in line with each device; Worldbox for Android was released in December 2018 and has gained huge downloads from game lovers. Among other god simulator game, Worldbox stand out amidst them as it does not give limitations to the power that you possess as the god character in the game.

In this game, no barriers between you and the power you possess. All the godly abilities are available to you from the game's onset without accruing arbitrary currency such as faith or belief to put your god power into action. From the celestial perch, you can look down on the pixel continent that is shaped like a lizard or a lemur, and you can decide to create your landscape with the Worldbox latest version of a delightful suite of editing tools.

The mission in the Worldbox simulation game

In Worldbox 2022, there is no specific task for you to accomplish. It all depends on what you want to achieve in your world. All you need to do is construct your world and fill it with life by creating different creatures such as sheep, wolves, humans, orcs, dragons, dwarves, or UFOs with your magical power. With your creations, you watch civilization in your virtual world progress and how they interact with each other.

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In this game, you can as well bring the world in existence into extinction through acid rain, atomic bombs, tornadoes, earthquakes, meteorites launch, subterranean worms, heat rays, volcanoes, lava, and toxic geysers. So, the game's main objective deals with the creation or destruction of the worlds using tools provided in the game. To improve the world, biomes and other resources can be used, and the world can be populated by creatures that can bring about civilizations that can lead to growth, causing war or rebellions.


Gameplay of Worldbox

Building pixel world in Worldbox free download game is done with three brush tools. The first group of brushes you can use allows you to create natural terrains like soil or sand. Biomes seed is another brush you can use to turn barren land into lush jungle, verdant grassland, or giant mushroom forests. The third type of brush can be used around trees, bushes, rocks, and other landscape features that can serve as resources for civilization.

Using different free tools, brushes, and magic, you have to be creative with it to have your shaped world. Once you have created the world with the landscape and look you want it to be, you can start populating it with a wide range of animals, fairy creatures such as demons, UFOs, and animate snowmen. You can also create humanoids, elves, orcs, humans, and dwarves into your world.

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Once these creatures have been established in the landscape created, they will begin to form their civilizations by establishing their rulers, cultures, and borders. Each civilization will keep growing its territory, constructing magnificent buildings, and developing new technologies. As they keep doing all these, they will start to fight each other, which may lead to one side being wiped out from the map.

As the god character in the Worldbox premium game, you can decide to involve yourself in the affairs of your creatures or not. You can sit back and watch as things unfold in the created world, and you can be engaged by forcing a diplomatic resolution to a fight or press another empire to get into the action of the fight. Your involvement can also be in the form of apocalypse, releasing atomic bombs or meteors on any faction you are not pleased with.


Tips and strategies for playing Worldbox

Give attention to resources: after placing creatures in the created world, gather resources for them as they need them to grow. The number of resources gathered will determine how fast each creature will expand its territory.

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Land shapes for civilization:  for earlier civilizations in the Worldbox update game, large water bodies can be a hindrance until the creature is advanced to overcome the hurdles. To circumvent this early, you should choose a neighboring island and build bridges connecting them.

Civilization thrives in forests: in the Worldbox sandbox, god simulator unlocked version, finding a settlement near a forest is a must as many cities thrive more on forest resources for building. Without it, you may not get far.

Tools size: before using any tools in creating the world landscape, always check their size as the scale is incredibly wide. Using the wrong brush tool can wipe out what you had creatively crafted. For this reason, you need to check the preview to know the size before using any of the tools.

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World laws: the laws that govern the world's existence can be changed at any time to suit you If you feel that there is much agency or it's a bit dangerous for civilization. And these changes can be on grass growth or not, how disasters and war should ensue, and many more. If you feel like making more changes, you can do that unlimited times.


Worldbox sandbox is a game that puts you in the position of a god capable of creating a new world or destroying an existing one based on how you feel. Worldbox download on your mobile device does not limit your power on what you should do. You will choose what you want based on how you want the game to play out. To start playing this god simulator game, get the Worldbox all unlocked latest version to create your world and display your magical powers.

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Download Worldbox APK and start creating your world as a god in the Worldbox simulator game. It is a game that gives you the power to destroy and create a new world.


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