Dragons Rise of Berk
Dragons Rise of Berk
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Version: 1.87.7
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Download Dragons Rise of Berk APK to enjoy a casual managing game. Manage the activities of a Viking settlement and train dragons to protect the village.

Name Dragons Rise of Berk
Version 1.87.7
Updated Jul 14, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer Jam City, Inc.
Google Play Link com.ludia.dragons

About Dragons: Rise of Berk

Dragons: Rise of Berk is a casual game that allows players to create a virtual Viking village. The game will enable you to build your favourite Viking scenes and live with a dragon. Hence, your task won't be to go to wars and pillage other villages. Instead, you'll be required to coexist with these dragons and train them to become the perfect beast to protect your homestead and serve as a pet.

You'll be able to collect, protect and raise 18 different species of dragons in the game, including Typhoomerang, Night Slayer, etc. You'll also meet various other beautiful and powerful dragons to add to your village. Since you have your island, you can build multiple types of buildings and grow the town slowly. Many activities include:

  • Housing your villagers.
  • Cutting wood.
  • Creating dragon nurseries.
  • Several other options that can keep you busy.
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There is a superb graphics quality in the game. The designers created the game environment to reflect the original movie. Since the game was developed for the Berke fans, you'll have a jolly time raising your favourite dragons from the DreamWorks Studios. The animations are also smooth, allowing players to have smooth and enjoyable gameplay with their playing. You'll also get to see various subtle features such as the changes in the village settings and arrangements.

The game was developed by Ludia Once and has been around for a few years. It's available for free on all Android devices. It also supports multiple languages allowing many players to access it from various parts of the world. The content rating also allows anyone else above the age of 7 to play. Since its release, the game has gained over 50 million downloads on Playstore with an impressive rating.


Your role and objective in the game do not include waging wars, so this is not an intensive strategy-based or war game. Instead, you'll have to provide the necessary amenities to support your village's growth. There are many structures to erect, many orders to establish and various other parts of the town that will need your guidance and attention. The game thrives on your activities, so you'll be able to play it similarly to a typical clicker simulation game.

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You'll be rewarded just like in regular clicker games. The more growth you record in your village, the higher the money you gather. You'll also be able to get rewards when you raise the dragons the right way. Since these dragons will help you whenever the need arises, you must ensure they are well taken care of and have the necessary resources to keep them well fed and taken care of. Hence, once you properly coordinate the village and manage the dragons, you're already doing great on Dragons: Rise of Berk.

Game Features

Dragons: Rise of Berk has many features adapted from How to Train Your Dragon. Some new and interesting features are added to make the game even more fun. Check them all out below:


The graphics on Dragons: Rise of Berk is expressive but doesn't take too much space or have too much glamour. It's a clicker game that lets you see all the game environments from the screen. The dragons are not realistic, but the designers did an excellent job of making them look as similar as they did in the original movie.

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So, you'll be training animated dragons and building a beautiful village. Unlike the typical memory of Vikings, the ones here have stone houses, and they also have beautiful structures to erect. You'll get access to all parts of the screen to establish new structures and scale your village to become more prominent.


There are many dragons to train, so you'll always remain busy throughout your time on the game. You'll keep the villagers satisfied when you're not busy ensuring the dragons are well fed. There are many dragons from the How to Train Your Dragon animation series, so you'll see the likes of Toothless, who are still the main game character. There are also Hiccup and Light Fury.

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These companions will follow Toothless on his adventure to new lands and help you find more eggs to hatch. However, there are a lot of upgrades to make before you can use Toothless for your adventures. Since you're stuck with him and his companions, you must upgrade them with the searchability feature.

Game Upgrades

You can upgrade two significant elements in the game: the dragons and the island. The two are also intertwined. For example, you won't be able to upgrade the dragon pass level 12 if you don't upgrade the Meade Hall and Academy. Berk can only build up to 2 barns to house the dragons, but you can scale higher when you make these upgrades. The Academy can only be upgraded when the Berk has many Viking Houses. These features make the game even more complex and realistic regarding its gameplay and growth rate. You can read more about the process in the book of dragons.

Game Arena

This game part allows you to use your dragons after finding and nurturing them. So, you won't only rear dragons but get to take them to battle against other dragons. When dragon hunters try to invade Berk, you can go with your dragons and attack them before the invasion. So, there are teams based on your tactics.

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You will select a group of three warriors and search for the opponent's group. This model is also easy to play, so you won't have to learn how to control the dragons once you select a fighting skill for each dragon and the target you want it to attack.


This game is an exciting adventure about the journey of finding, hatching, raising, training and conquering dragons. You'll enjoy unique gameplay whereby your dragons Helo you get more dragons while you build the Viking village and protect Berk from dragon hunters.

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Download Dragons Rise of Berk APK to enjoy a casual managing game. Manage the activities of a Viking settlement and train dragons to protect the village.


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