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Harvest io
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Version: 1.17.20
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Download Harvest.io APK and drive your tractor, harvest crops and watch haystack trailers grow. Try out a brand-new io-style agricultural simulator.

Name Harvest io
Version 1.17.20
Updated Apr 18, 2024
Category Simulation
Google Play Link com.harvest.io

Game Description

Harvest.io is a simulation and casual game created by AI games Fz. Harvest.io will present you with various mechanical vehicles to complete the allotted tasks this time. This is a one-of-a-kind simulation game in which players manoeuvre modern tractors to collect crops. The tractor is the most commonly utilized vehicle in such a vast area and can also aid farmers.

harvest io

Players will always complete the assignment to obtain the intended result while avoiding collisions with other vehicles. Harvest.io is a new farming simulator in the io style. You can use the tractor to pick crops throughout the field! As you chop and eliminate the haystack that is behind you, watch the trailer develop! However, be cautious because the trailer can become too large: avoid colliding with yourself or the other farmers. Play to become the village's most productive farmer.

Game Story

In Harvest.io, you'll be provided with a harvester machine that you have to control. With the aid of this machine, you'll be able to harvest crops across the farm. You'll have to be cautious while using the machine because the game has some sensitive rules. You're not allowed to touch others' farms or go beyond the boundaries of your farm; if you do so, you'll fall out immediately.

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There are many farms in the game, and each has its owner. You only have to harvest your rice without touching that of others. But, of course, there will be other players who would also want to harvest their crops. The game aims to see the player who would finish ahead of others, harvest more, and collect more rewards without falling out.

What to take note of while playing harvest.io

  • Your "tail" will grow longer as you harvest more. So, in the future, you must avoid both the opponent and stabbing your tail.
  • The more crops harvested, the more points you will receive.
  • Concentrate on harvesting, but remember to avoid other harvesters if you don't want to lose.
  • You can destroy other players by moving around and pushing them to collide with your harvester. A typical strategy in snake games. You immediately own all of a player's agricultural products after defeating him.


Harvest.io has exciting gameplay. The length and area of the field will grow automatically in proportion to your operating speed. As a result, you must make acceptable movements because you cannot apply the same method for another movement. This game allows you to drive a crop harvester, but you must be cautious of oncoming obstructions and other hazards. The gameplay will make you understand that everything that appears simple on the surface is not as simple to use as it appears.

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You must protect your opponent's or enemies' field. It only permits four players to participate in a single match, and the players must drive the harvester with caution. This teaches the gamers how to create more in less time. This game is also tied to business technology in some way.

Exciting features

Exploring the field.

We learn about the ways of farming and the approaches and methods of harvesting by using this program. Playing this game will teach you how the agricultural system and land work. It is not incorrect to suggest that it introduces the peaceful farm as a significant arena by not causing harm to other people's crops and lands.

Interesting graphics

The aesthetics are also an enjoyable aspect of the game. The 3D graphics are so simple that you can mistake the graphics for that of a 2D game. Throughout the game, bright colours such as yellow and green are used to create the sense of a calm farm. All you have to do with that simple sound and graphics is touch, reap, dodge, and drag the adversary. High-definition 3D visuals play a significant role in enticing users. This game offers the best visual effects quality, allowing you to observe other players' fields while not affecting your eyes. As a result, you can score higher than other players and gain more points.

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Become the best farmer

This game allows you to get experience and establish your worth as the best farmer. Because farmers' primary goal is to produce more and care for their fields while avoiding hurting the fields of others. In this game, you have to generate more without touching the boundaries of other farmers.

Sound Effects

The game has no music in the background, only some rustic sound effects like trees touching each other in the wind, tools crashing, and harvesters running. The game provides a sense of relaxation and wholesome amusement without any distractions.

The game also has other features, which include:

- A farming simulator with simple, snake-like mechanics - an io-style farming arcade!

- Enjoyable game sessions: drive as long as you wish, but keep an eye out for obstacles!

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- Steal resources while avoiding your enemy.

- Compete with your opponents!

- Explore the vibrant 3D graphics and a wide range of crops to harvest.


Harvest.io is a new farming simulator in the io style. You can use the tractor to pick crops throughout the field. Keep an eye on the trailer with the haystack behind you while you cut and plough everything. However, be cautious because the trailer may become too large: avoid colliding with yourself or others. Harvest.io offers many farms, which is why the developer has confidently stated that you can play this game for months.

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They have randomly blended farm styles and field colours to create many arenas. The game is free to download from the Google Play store. It is accessible for both Android and iOS devices. The fact that it is free to play has increased the number of players over the years. It has over 50 million downloads on the Google play store alone and tons of positive reviews. You can play offline against the AI or online with individuals across the universe. So download and play harvest.io to become the fastest farmer in the village.

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Download Harvest.io APK and drive your tractor, harvest crops and watch haystack trailers grow. Try out a brand-new io-style agricultural simulator.


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