Black Border
Black Border
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Version: 1.5.04
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Download Black Border APK to play as an officer who protects the country by putting an end to unethical behavior. Become a police officer to fight criminals.

Name Black Border
Version 1.5.04
Updated Jun 26, 2024
Category Simulation
Google Play Link com.bitzooma.blackborder

Description of Black Border

You will assume the position of a police officer who has joined the Border Guard after passing a selection in the game. You agree to take on the duty of patrol in Altai City here. Your responsibility is to guard the gate while examining the visitors' paperwork. Dealing with dangerous criminals and smuggling illegal items will be difficult. Learn exciting tales about gang battles and other activities.


The primary location is an examination booth where you must examine the documentation of those trying to enter Alanan. The content will consist of the conversations you have with other players.

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Some people are not permitted to pass the checks, and you should be on the lookout for criminals posing as innocent bystanders. Your task is to carefully review each person's paperwork. Here are some pointers to aid you:

  • Verify that each person's name is present on all the papers.
  • The date that passports and entrance permits expire.
  • Look closely at the photos of their faces in the newspapers.
  • Search your entire body for weapons and prohibited things.


Black Border has an appealing mini-game concept in addition to the daily labor material. They can be finished by the player to transmit messages that are encrypted. When speaking with allies or adversaries, they can do so while maintaining their anonymity. As can be seen, mini-games function like a setting for clandestine chats. Additionally, this link leads to the disclosure of dark tales and many additional details.

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More than 1000 characters will appear in the game, but only roughly 50 of them will have a significant impact on the plot. Additionally, the strangely costumed opposition team will make things for the players intriguing.

In Altai City, unidentified groups are working underground known as opposition factions. They believe that the weakening of Alanan is due to corrupt practices by greedy leaders. They made the decision to rise up, release Alanan, and uphold that principle. You have to decide if you want to take part in the opposition's actions or remain a supporter of the status quo. There is no difference between the two sides in terms of good and bad; you must determine for yourself which side is good.

Features of Black Border

Carry out engaging missions

You will assume the job of a patrolman at the border's border gate in Black Border. It is your responsibility to inspect all people coming here, the documents, and any related objects with this person. The game presents you with challenging obstacles to overcome, such as avoiding counterfeit goods and wanted criminals.

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Players learn exciting tales, humorous scenarios, and sinister underground battles while defending this border area. The gameplay moves at a slow but steady pace, necessitating players' extreme alertness and concentration.

The participants' most crucial task is to thoroughly review each person's information in the papers. Check their name, last name, and birthdate. Next, contrast each person's height and weight. Third, verify the passport and entrance documents' expiration dates. Fourth, look over all of the included accessories. Check faces one last time and note features.

The Discrepancy Declaration will immediately appear on the screen with a black border so that you can easily control and compare the data. If you find illegal conditions during the inspection process, criminals disguised as civilians are not allowed to enter the border. The entire process happens in an examination booth, and the dialogue between the patrol figure and the passengers serves as the story's dialogue.

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Investigate Mysteries

There are two primary groups in Altai City, where you are employed. The first is the opposition, a group that operates covertly to topple despotic and dishonest leaders that aid and abet criminals for financial gain. They fought for their rights and freed this city. Which faction will you support? Work for the existing government or join the opposing side to live for the cause. Your choices will have an impact on how the game's story develops in the future.

When contacting either group, you must conceal your identity to prevent getting discovered to stay alive in this city. Sending encrypted communications to your organization through mini-games is the next step once you've decided which faction you wish to join. This is particularly crucial because there are many shady tales about this place.

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Multiple features

The main attraction of Black Border is the abundance of characters and fascinating nuances. There are more than 1000 characters in the game, but only more than 50 characters are yours. The passengers, criminals, and leaders of organizations are among the key participants in the game, and they all have important roles to perform. Each character is distinctively designed with bizarre attire, ensuring that players will encounter fascinating circumstances.

Along with the aforementioned significant elements, the game offers a ton of other appealing aspects that are being enhanced. The game becomes increasingly alluring because of its straightforward principles, several stories, and breathtaking graphics. In contrast to other simulation games, you can entirely design the plot and the desired resolution by developing a dialogue with other characters. Additionally, you have complete control over how the story ends.

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Black Border is a popular simulation video game. You will experience many terrible aspects of life throughout the game and see numerous dark tales centered around this metropolis. The game has been polished in terms of aesthetics and content, so give it a shot. This will be a worthwhile pick if you are passionate about the genre.


Black Border is a platform for exposing the dark parts of society in addition to being a casual simulation game. Here, you will see untold tales of the underground, whether they involve taking part in illicit activities or rising to the position of a senior official with benefits. Players in this game must investigate and overcome obstacles.

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Download Black Border APK to play as an officer who protects the country by putting an end to unethical behavior. Become a police officer to fight criminals.


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