3D Tuning
3D Tuning
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Version: 3.7.932
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Download 3D Tuning APK if you love to explore cars and the art of constructing cars. The game is mainly for automobile fans, where you create and customize cars.

Name 3D Tuning
Version 3.7.932
Updated May 2, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer 3DTuning
Google Play Link air.com.A3dtuning.Tuning3D

3D Tuning

3d Tuning is a great tool that helps users tune several cars from different manufacturers. 3d Tuning is a car game, but it is different from other car games as it involves customization of vehicles. The game is an incredible simulation app game. Automobile fans will find this game interesting as it allows them to create their type of car from scratch in this app. There are many introductions to details and components of your vehicle that are needed to have the car up and running.

As the player, you will have access to unique 3D, which allows you to create the card to the type you want. We can see that the game is full of heart, style, and creating magic. Have you ever thought of repairing or customizing your car yourself? If yes, this game is the best option for you; it will take you through the steps of tuning your car with no issue or thought of running your vehicle.

3d tuning

3d Tuning allows users to paint, organize, and shape any car from any different manufacturer. Over 1,000 vehicles are waiting to be tuned in to the app. As the gamer, you are free to discover the construction of several vehicles -cars, buses, trucks, and other automobiles in detail. You will also get access to 3D models of selected devices and learn their configurations. Let's discuss some more about the game.

3D Tuning Description

3d Tuning is a car game more like an app that allows users to time and customize cars the way they want them. Whether it's the minor details of the car to the exterior and interior parts, you can customize vehicles to your liking. It does not matter how the car might look; as long as it's to your liking, it is good to go.

There are over 1,000 cars to select in the game, and you have the chance to explore the vehicles in 3D Tuning. You will see all the standard cars from real life like Lamborghini, Ford, Ferrari, BMW, etc. This is cool.

To start the game, you will first choose a manufacturer with the car type you want. Once you pick the car, you will go to the right of the screen, where you will see a virtual garage, that is, where you can do what you want with the vehicle. Change the paint, add vinyl to the sides, tint Windows, change tires and change the rims, and many more. This is simple and easy to understand.

3d tuning latest version

The game is super impressive; as a player, you will have the chance to work with the amazing 3D car controller, which has different models you can freely customize and discover. You will learn more about the car mechanics and discover where parts need to be added or removed.

Also, 3D tuning games have access to an online community where they will meet like-minded people like them in the automobile network. With this, gamers can take on exciting games as a challenge, like tuning and customizing matchups, allowing people to vote for the best. This is thrilling. 3d Tuning has many exciting features that have gotten people's attention.

Features of 3D Tuning

Here are all the excellent features the game offers;

Thrilling Gameplay

3D Tuning is a fantastic game with simple and fun gameplay. All you need to do in the game is to customize selected cars to what you like. This is simple for anyone to understand. It allows players to show off their skills and potential.

3d tuning free download

Different Automobiles to Choose

This feature has made the game exciting and unique. 3D Tuning offers a vast collection of cars, trucks, and buses of all kinds to users. In the app, you can easily select your preferred car model. Have fun, and feel free to discover a brand new vehicle with its latest technology and full illustration.

Tuning and Exterior Customization

3D Tuning offers a customization and tuning option for players' selected vehicles; with this feature, you can work with exterior designs, engine tuning, and interior designs, improving the driving experience. As you explore the game, with different choices of wheels, you will be able to customize the front and rear bumpers, explore fenders, spoilers and as well change headlights and tail lights. Also, you can choose colors, graphics, and painting.

Updated data about the selected car

For those interested in knowing everything about the selected cars and vehicles.

3d tuning for android

Interesting in-game challenges

There are interesting challenges in 3d Tuning, which makes players and gamers have fun with the simulation gameplay.

Additional Features

  • Take amazing images of your work and share your work online
  • Interact with other gamers and challenge each other
  • Excellent graphics and sound quality.


3d Tuning is an excellent app for customization and for anyone who is an automobile enthusiast. Download the latest version of 3d Tuning and get the best out of the game.

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Download 3D Tuning APK if you love to explore cars and the art of constructing cars. The game is mainly for automobile fans, where you create and customize cars.


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