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Idle Mafia
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Download Idle Mafia APK, the most fascinating and strategy mobile game for everyone looking to play a gritty simulation game. Experience the awesome gameplay now.

Name Idle Mafia
Version 9.1.0
Updated Jul 16, 2024
Category Simulation
Google Play Link com.gamemaker5.idlemafia

Description of Idle Mafia

Idle Mafia is a lively and attention-grabbing game that gets players to stick to their mobile phones for a long time. Idle Mafia game gives players the experience of living the life of a mafia by building a strong City, gathering troops, and fighting to maintain might and power. The game gathers elements from different genres and earnest them together uniquely to create an entertaining moment of gameplay.

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Idle Mafia was released on April 13th, 2020, by Century Game provider for mobile platforms, and the game was designed as a simulation and single-player arcade video game. The game takes players into the life of a Mafia of gathering gangsters that will be useful in carrying out your onus responsibility of becoming the richest while maintaining and managing your business. To become a Mafia in this game, you must locate territory and establish your foothold there.

Idle Mafia game is a casual and simple game that doesn't get too complex as you proceed in your gameplay. Idle Mafia is more like a management game where you must carry out certain activities such as securing territory, fighting and conquering enemies, maintaining your gangsters and completing other objectives to continue with the game. The bulk of the gameplay is automated and meant for sporadic playing.

To play this amazing video game, there are some things you should know that will help you to scale the game very fast. The Idle Mafia tips and guides will help you learn the game's basics. And to get started, you will need Idle Mafia gift codes to redeem the in-game free rewards in the game settings.

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Starting Guide of Idle Mafia

In this game, one of your main objectives is to build the best team of Idle Mafia capos, fight the enemies and drive them out of the cities. At the beginning of the game, things are easier when you have confronted and taken control of Fario, a local mobster that is under the command of "The boss." You have to take back the city of New York to establish your influence over your long-time Mafia rival, Razor Gang.

To establish your influence, you have to take over businesses and upgrade them, make lots of money, and make your capos stronger to surmount all the challenges.  

While starting the game, access the fight mode by tapping on the fight mode at the bottom of the game. When you complete levels, you will be able to access the capo's features that will serve as the mobsters that will work in all aspects for you, fighting enemies and taking over businesses to make money to manage your team.

How to progress by ranking the main character

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To progress in the Idle Mafia game, you need to rank the main character by completing all the goals of the current area when you click on the upper left corner of the profile avatar. You start building your Mafia by conquering the streets starting from New York and move to the next street till you conquer all areas on the map. Once you have gotten to rank 5, get the pre-registration reward, keys, diamonds, and legendary capos in the mailbox of the avatar.

How to get the capos

Capos are the ones that will help you to combat enemies, and they can be assigned to businesses that you have unlocked on the street, which will bring more income. To know how to get the mythical capo in Idle Mafia, you should know the different types of capos with their unique abilities and to get the best capos in the Idle Mafia is by spending keys or diamonds in the game shop.

After getting a capos or capos card from the shop, use the duplicate cap card to raise the start level of the capo to unleash its strength. There are three categories of capos in the game; ''the rare'' that are the blue capos you start the game with, ''the great'', that appear in the middle of the game as you progress and ''the legendary'' capos, orange capos that are the elite, the most capable and powerful of all. These capos' skills differ; for instance, rare capos only have one skill, great capos have two skills, and legendary capos have three skills.

idle mafia tier list

The skills of these capos are broadly divided into two categories: business skills that help increase the business's profitability and combat skills that are triggered during combat when the capo’s health drops or when it's about to die. As you are progressing in the game, assemble the best Idle Mafia team of legendary capos. This idle Mafia tier list is the best as they have the highest skills, strength, and business profitability and have the best performance in managing business and on the battlefront.

Level up the capos for great results

The levelling up of capos will help you succeed in playing Idle Mafia.

  • To level up your capos, use cigars from the fight mode. This will increase their strength, characteristics, and increased profitability in the business you assign them to.
  • Another way of leveling up your capos is by ascending them. You can do this at the capo menu, tap the capo card, and the green upgrade button. Duplicate copies of cards are needed to ascend the capo.
  • Upgrade your capos to unleash more of their skills and potential when you reach the max level.
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Idle Mafia is an engaging game that you will not get tired of playing daily and for long hours as it is packed with lots of actions. In the game, you can get several rewards using Idle Mafia codes, get a video boost to increase cash earnings, and complete missions for extra cash, diamonds, and keys to get capos. While playing the game, collect all the Idle Mafia rewards while offline in the fight mode by visiting the fight screen and tapping the claim button.

So far, so good, Idle Mafia glitch is minimal, which can be in the aspect of updating the game. However, if you can follow the proper procedure, you won’t be faced with any glitches in the game.

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Download Idle Mafia APK, the most fascinating and strategy mobile game for everyone looking to play a gritty simulation game. Experience the awesome gameplay now.


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