Bus Simulator Indonesia
Bus Simulator Indonesia
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Version: 4.2
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Download Bus Simulator Indonesia APK to know what it is like to drive a real bus! Enjoy riding around  Indonesian routes while taking passengers to various destinations.

Name Bus Simulator Indonesia
Version 4.2
Updated Mar 15, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer Maleo
Google Play Link com.maleo.bussimulatorid

What is Bus Simulator Indonesia?

Bus Simulator Indonesia is an exciting bus driving simulation game published by Maleo in 2017. Since its release, BUSSID has fast risen as one of the most popular games in the genre and has over 50 million downloads on the Google play store. Players get to know the feeling of being a bus driver in Indonesia as the game takes players around actual Indonesian streets and locations. The driver's goal is to safely transport several passengers from different locations and cities. The game gets even more realistic with detailed 3D environments, routes and vehicles.

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There are indeed other bus simulator games, but the game's unique features make BUSSID more popular than most of them. Bus Simulator Indonesia may not be one of the fast-paced games most gamers are used to, but it can still immerse gamers in its exciting gameplay.

How to Play

At the start of the game, players are described each of the buttons. Multiple buttons are displayed on the screen controlling the vehicle when playing. For example, to start the bus, players are to tap on the "on" icon on the right side of the screen and then move the bus with the throttle and the "D" icons equally on the right side of the bus. Players can either control their buses by tilting the screen in the direction they want the bus to go or by tapping in the direction they want the bus to go. There is also a virtual steering wheel feature that can be used instead. For each mission, the driver is to carry several passengers to their various destinations safely. After a successful mission, the player is rewarded with money used to make upgrades on the vehicle or get new buses.

Features of BUSSID

Bus Simulator Indonesia has many awesome features that make the simulation experience more fun. With each upgrade, the game gets newer and even more exciting features. This is why millions of players remain hooked. Here are some of the game's amazing features:

Life-like Driving Simulation

Many people have probably imagined what driving a bus is like. With BUSSID, players get to taste what it feels like. The icons displayed on the screen when playing are somewhat similar to the controls of a real bus. Different camera angles are also available for players to select from as they drive. Players can alternate between a fixed camera, cabin or bird's eye view.

Amazing Effects and Scenic Routes

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A major complaint about games in the same genre gets their low-quality graphics. Bus Simulator Indonesia, however, excels in this regard. The entire game is built with an advanced 3D model, which allows for smooth operations within the game and top quality picture. Furthermore, BUSSID ensures that travelling around Indonesian cities and routes is more exciting with well-developed video effects and elegant design. The sound effects are also pretty impressive; the honk of every vehicle is authentic and even more fun for the player. Who knew a bus simulation game could be so fun?

Multiple Buses Available for Players

Players are not limited to a single bus in the BUSSID game, and a wide range of buses are available for players to choose from. This way, players can have as many buses as they can afford. In addition, each bus in the game is uniquely designed, and drivers can enjoy an amazing ride using the sophisticated controls they come with.

Single-player/Career Mode

In this mode, players start with a single bus which they use to earn money and complete various missions. The money earned is then used to purchase new buses. With enough buses, players can then build their own companies and even hire other drivers to ensure the growth of your business.

Free Drive Mode

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The free drive mode allows players simply ride through Indonesia and get to know more routes. In addition, it acts as a practice mode for players still getting the hang of the game.

Multiplayer Mode

To access this mode and play with friends online, players must pay Rp40,000 and then choose a server automatically or manually. After this, the player creates a room by filling in the group's name, the optional secret code, the number of players and the travel route. Then, other players can join the room by searching for the name of the room created, inputting the secret code and joining. This way, friends from different parts of the world can connect to play and compete.

Realistic Weather System

Another amazing feature that enhances the simulation experience is the very realistic weather system. Usually, the player drives around Indonesia and enjoys a bright sunny day with clear skies. Other times, the driver makes his journey under stormy clouds and rainstorms. It sometimes snows in the 3D world. This shows that much attention was focused on making the game as detailed as possible.

In-game Music and Radio Player

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Unlike other simulation games, Bus Simulator Indonesia allows players to listen to their music and the radio while driving. Players can create unique playlists and listen to their favourite songs as they drive around Indonesian cities, enjoy the beautiful scenery and pick up passengers.

Bus customization

Players can get creative and personalize their buses with enough money. For example, they can change the bus colour, upgrade the tire rims and even change the seats of their buses to make buses appear more elegant. Playing with a more personalized bus is more satisfying than any other random vehicle.

Get Paid to Pick Up Passengers

Upon completing each route, players earn a certain amount of money. Money earned can be saved to get a better bus or upgrade the bus players already have.

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Bus Simulator is one of the few games that promises excitement as you take control of a virtual bus and execute missions throughout cities in Indonesia. Join the community of over fifty million persons participating in this free-to-play 3D bus simulations game today!

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Download Bus Simulator Indonesia APK to know what it is like to drive a real bus! Enjoy riding around  Indonesian routes while taking passengers to various destinations.


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