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Pokemon Sleep
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Pokemon Sleep APK requires you to be asleep in order to play. This game aims to promote healthy sleep habits while allowing you to catch adorable Pokemon characters!

Name Pokemon Sleep
Version 1.8.0
Updated Jun 11, 2024
Category Simulation
Google Play Link jp.pokemon.pokemonsleep

Pokemon Sleep APK: Track Your Sleep and Catch Pokemon!


Pokemon Sleep is an innovative game developed by The Pokemon Company that takes a unique approach to gaming. Unlike traditional games, Pokemon Sleep requires you to be asleep in order to play. By analyzing your sleep patterns through sensors on your smartphone, this game aims to promote healthy sleep habits while allowing you to catch adorable Pokemon characters! In this article, we will explore the amazing and unique aspects of Pokemon Sleep without diving into technical details.

How Pokémon Sleep Works

To participate in the world of Pokemon Sleep, all you need is your smartphone or tablet. By placing it on your pillow or bed before going to sleep, the game's sensors can track and analyze your sleep patterns. This allows for accurate detection of different sleep stages such as light sleep, medium sleep, and deep sleep.

Collecting Pokémon Through Sleeping

One of the most exciting features of Pokémon Sleep is collecting Pokémon based on your own unique sleeping style! As you progress through the game, various types of Pokémon with different sleeping styles will gather around you while you're catching some Zs. It's like having a virtual dream team tailored just for you!

To complete your collection in the "Sleep Style Dex," make sure to explore all the different sleeping styles that these adorable creatures possess. Discovering new styles adds an extra layer of excitement and motivation as you strive to catch 'em all!


Sleeping Styles


Light Sleep

Pokémon that appear during light sleep stages.

Medium Sleep

Pokémon that are attracted during medium sleep stages.

Deep Sleep

Rare and powerful Pokémon that can be encountered during deep sleep stages.


What A Day Looks Like in Pokémon Sleep

When Night Falls...

As night falls and it's time for bed, simply place your smart device next to or near your pillow (avoid placing it under blankets or pillows as it may overheat). This step enables the game's sensors to accurately track your sleep data throughout the night.

A New Day Dawns

When morning arrives and you wake up refreshed from a good night's rest, prepare yourself for a delightful surprise! Based on how long and how well you slept, various Pokemon will have gathered in your game. This adds an element of anticipation and excitement as you wake up to see which Pokemon joined you during your slumber.

To complete the Sleep Style Dex, conduct research on these Pokemon's sleep styles. Learn about their unique characteristics and uncover the secrets of their sleeping habits. This knowledge will help you become a true expert in understanding the different sleep styles of these captivating creatures.

And The Rest Of The Day...

As the day progresses, it's time to focus on raising Snorlax, your trusty companion in Pokémon Sleep. To make Snorlax grow bigger and stronger, receive berries from the Pokemon that gather around you while you sleep. By feeding these berries to Snorlax regularly, not only will its size increase but also your chances of encountering rare or powerful Pokémon with unique sleep styles!

Game Modes in Pokémon Sleep APK

Sleep Tracking Mode

The core feature of Pokémon Sleep is its ability to track and analyze your sleep patterns accurately using smartphone sensors. In this mode, players can view detailed information about their sleep duration, quality, and consistency. It provides valuable insights into one's own sleeping habits and serves as a useful tool for improving overall well-being.


Pokémon Catching Mode

In this exciting mode, players can catch various Pokemon based on their individual sleep data! By achieving consistent and high-quality sleep patterns over time, players may encounter rare or powerful Pokemon that would otherwise be challenging to find.

This gamified approach encourages players to establish regular sleep routines by rewarding them with unique Pokemon species or variations based on their personal sleeping habits. It adds an extra layer of fun and motivation to prioritize healthy restful nights!

Training And Evolution Mode

Just like in traditional Pokemon games where characters evolve through experience points gained from battles or training sessions, Pokémon Sleep offers a similar feature tied directly to one's own improved sleeping habits.

By meeting specific sleep-related goals and maintaining a consistent sleep routine, players can train and evolve their Pokemon companions. As the player's sleep patterns improve, so will their Pokemon's abilities, unlocking new forms and special powers.

Challenges And Competitions

To make the journey of improving sleep habits more engaging, Pokémon Sleep offers challenges and competitions. These can be individual or community-based objectives that encourage players to achieve specific sleep-related goals.

These challenges foster a sense of competition or cooperation among players as they strive to improve their own sleeping habits. By participating in these events, players not only enhance their gameplay experience but also further reinforce healthy sleep routines.

Sleep Rewards Mode

In this mode, Pokémon Sleep rewards players for consistently achieving their sleep goals and maintaining healthy sleeping habits. These rewards can include in-game items, currency for purchasing exclusive content within the game, or even special Pokemon species that can be used in other popular Pokemon games!

By gamifying the experience of tracking one's own sleep patterns, Pokémon Sleep encourages a healthier lifestyle while providing tangible rewards for progress made towards better restful nights.

Features in Pokémon Sleep APK New Version

Pokemon Sleep APK offers several exciting features designed to enhance your overall sleeping experience:

  1. Sleep Tracking: The app uses smartphone sensors to accurately track and analyze your unique sleep patterns including duration, quality metrics such as time taken to fall asleep or time spent in different stages of sleep.
  2. Personalized Goals: Set personalized goals within the game based on your desired amount of nightly restful hours or improved quality of deep REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage during slumber.
  3. Sleep Rewards: Receive valuable rewards upon achieving your set personal goals for consistent high-quality sleeps! These rewards range from useful in-game items such as power-ups or enhancements for your virtual character(s) all the way up through access privileges toward exclusive content available only through consistent goal achievements over extended periods.
  4. Pokemon Companions: Train and evolve your Pokemon companions through meeting specific sleep-related goals, just like in traditional Pokemon games! As you improve your sleep patterns, witness the growth and development of your virtual partners alongside improved health and well-being in real life.
  5. Challenges And Mini-Games: Engage with various challenges or mini-games designed to keep you motivated and entertained on your journey towards better sleep habits. These activities provide additional rewards while offering a sense of accomplishment as you make progress toward achieving personal goals.
  6. Sleep Analysis And Tips: Access detailed analysis reports that offer valuable insights into your sleep patterns over time. Receive personalized tips and recommendations from experts to help optimize your sleeping environment and enhance overall restful nights.
  7. Integration With Other Pokemon Games: Pokémon Sleep seamlessly integrates with other popular Pokemon games, allowing you to transfer trained virtual companions from this app to other titles within the franchise.

Design And User Experience Considerations

To ensure an engaging and enjoyable experience for players, Pokémon Sleep takes into account several design and user experience considerations:

  1. Intuitive Interface: The game features a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, ensuring smooth interaction between players and the app's various features.
  2. Visual Appeal: The game incorporates visually appealing graphics, soothing colors, gentle animations, and pleasant sound effects that create a calming atmosphere conducive to promoting better sleep habits.
  3. Gamified Elements: By incorporating gamified elements such as progress bars, achievement badges, interactive animations or characters' reactions upon goal achievements enhances motivation levels among users throughout their journey towards improving their sleep habits.
  4. Personalization Options: Players can customize their experience by selecting preferred themes or backgrounds within the app settings according to individual preferences.

5.Notifications And Reminders : The app provides gentle notifications as reminders for establishing consistent bedtime routines or reaching milestone achievements related to personal sleep goals. These reminders help users develop healthy sleep habits.

  1. Data Visualization: Pokémon Sleep offers clear and informative data visualization in the form of graphs, charts, or visual representations that allow players to easily understand their sleep patterns and track progress over time.
  2. Accessibility Features: The app considers accessibility features such as adjustable text size, color contrast settings, and support for assistive technologies to ensure an inclusive experience for all players regardless of physical abilities or disabilities.


Pokemon Sleep APK is not just a game; it's a revolutionary approach that combines fun gameplay with promoting healthy sleep habits. By tracking your own unique sleep patterns and offering rewards based on achieving personal goals, Pokemon Sleep motivates you to prioritize quality restful nights while enjoying the captivating world of Pokemon characters. With its intuitive interface, visually appealing design elements, gamified features, and comprehensive analysis reports – this app aims to deepen your connection with the franchise while improving your overall well-being through better sleep hygiene. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity! Download Pokemon Sleep APK today and embark on an incredible journey towards catching Pokemon while getting a good night's rest!

FAQs Pokemon Sleep

How does Pokémon Sleep track my sleep patterns?

Pokémon Sleep utilizes the sensors on your smartphone to track and analyze your sleep patterns. By placing your device near or on your pillow, it can detect movements and vibrations that indicate different stages of sleep such as light, medium, and deep sleep.

What are the benefits of playing Pokémon Sleep?

Playing Pokémon Sleep offers several benefits beyond just catching adorable Pokemon characters. It encourages healthy sleep habits by motivating you to establish regular sleeping routines and aim for consistent, high-quality rest. Additionally, it provides insights into your own sleeping patterns and offers personalized tips for improving overall well-being.

Can I transfer my trained Pokemon from Pokémon Sleep to other Pokemon games?

Yes! One of the exciting features of Pokémon Sleep is its integration with other popular Pokemon games. You can transfer the Pokemon companions you have trained in this app to other titles within the franchise, allowing you to continue their journey across multiple games while maintaining a connection with them based on your own improved sleep habits.

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Pokemon Sleep APK requires you to be asleep in order to play. This game aims to promote healthy sleep habits while allowing you to catch adorable Pokemon characters!


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