Will it Crush
Will it Crush
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Version: 1.7.8
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Download Will it crush APK to watch your money grow while grinding bricks into pieces with an ultimate toothed roller crushing machine.

Name Will it Crush
Version 1.7.8
Updated Jun 8, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer Brightika, Inc.
Google Play Link com.dimchi.crush

About Will it crush

Will it crush Is an offline game that was created by VOODOO on May 8, 2018. This game lets you crush things using the power of roller wheels. However, one has to step up one's speed because this game only allows players to make more money according to the amounts of bricks crushed. This game comes in stages. Therefore, there are new roller wheel parts to unlock and more gems and bricks to destroy on each level. This game is a wonderful distraction in boring meetings or classes. Will it crush It is an amazing way to relieve stress and relax, so one can play it after a long day at work or on a trip.

It is available for IOS and Android devices with upgrades, and its content is rated for everyone. It has over 10 million downloads, so it is a fact that you can never regret playing this game. Also, Will, it crush? It is addictive because of its endless clicker feature, unique block breaker physics, and gravity animation. Once you start playing this game, you will not want to drop it.

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Will it crush Regular updates allow players to enjoy their games better, so you must keep your game updated to enjoy new features. Also, this game has in-app purchases, ranging from $1.99 to $99.9 for upgrades like new roller wheels' parts, better grinder machines, and more crusher speed to earn more profits and have more crushing power.

Game Features

Will it crush Keeps players glued to their screens because of its unique, exciting features. Read about the feature to expect in Will it crush

No internet required

One can play Will it crush Anytime and anywhere. It does not require online synchronization to enjoy the beautiful features and mechanics of the game. No connection is not a problem! Players can still access its full upgrades, rewards, and bonuses offline. Also, you can make money as much money as you want offline.

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Endless Gameplay

Will it crush It is an answered prayer for game lovers. It has endless gameplay, so there is no end to the excitement. One can set one's machine to crush cubes in the background so that as the game goes on, the machine will keep working and accumulate tons of profit.

Casual and fun

No game can be any simpler! Will it crush It is too easy, so it is a must for it to have a relaxing ability. Will it crush It is going to help you forget the fatigue in life. It is not a surprise that players get hooked right from the first time playing this game because it does not involve solving difficult tasks and challenges. You do not need to think critically to stack up profits; all you need to do is upgrade your wheels and fire away.

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Graphics and sound

ConsideringConsidering the game's simplicity, it is normal to have an uncomplicated graphic. Will it crush It focuses on the important details of the game, but it has a few simple colors. Watching the bricks crush between the crushed gears is enough excitement. The sound of the game is funny and relaxing. However, it is not special in any way, but it will give you an enjoyable game effect.

Game Upgrades

This game offers unlimited game upgrades. The better the upgrade, the more money you earn. Therefore, it is vital to upgrade your game because it will turn your machine into a money-making fearsome powerful beast that even the hardest and biggest blocks cannot withstand. For instance, you can upgrade parts of your roller crusher to improve the efficiency of your gears. Here are the parts and elements you can upgrade in Will it Crush

  • Power: This allows the gear to destroy larger blocks easily. If you are going to increase your wallet, you need powerful gears.
  • Speed: the speed of rotation allows players to crush more blocks. This way, you can earn twice as fast.
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  • Tooth size: you can upgrade the teeth of your gear to a larger and more monstrous size. It is easier to destroy bigger blocks that way.
  • Tooth: you can add more teeth to the razors of your machines.
  • Reducer: this will help decrease the rotation speed and, at the same time, increase the power of your roller crusher. So you earn more money.
  • Marketing: this increases the prize and bonuses you get for crushing blocks.

Will it Crush Gameplay

It is a single-player game, and it requires no internet connection. Machine upgrades and bonuses are available offline.

Will it Crush as the name implies, it involves crushing everything that comes your way. Like a factory, square blocks automatically drop on your two gears. You can slide your finger on your gears so that it crushes everything. All you need to do is grind blocks until they are crushed to the required level and color. However, the game can be challenging when larger blocks fall. You will have to spend a lot of time crushing them. If you fail to complete the job, you will lose and have to play it again.

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You can double your earnings by keeping your tentacles ready to spot minerals and gems. The level-up button will become a bonus if a rare mineral is available. Your reward is going to be higher than a normal level up.

Will it Crush Allows players to earn money by letting the game run in the background. However, before you can leave the game to run in the background, there are necessary upgrades you must do.


Will it Crush is the perfect game for you if you enjoy watching blocks destroyed and gems smashed. Nothing is more relaxing and interesting than watching the square blocks crushed during your free period. You never get bored with this game as you can play it anywhere and anytime you like.  

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Download Will it crush APK to watch your money grow while grinding bricks into pieces with an ultimate toothed roller crushing machine.


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