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World Chef
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Download World Chef APK to manage an eatery in a simple game. Play the game World Chef to design your restaurant and provide the best dishes to Elite clients.

Name World Chef
Version 2.8.11
Updated Jan 26, 2024
Category Casual
Developer Social Point

World Chef

Have you ever fantasized about trying to manage a sizable, recognized diner? Begin with a simple restaurant on wheels and set up your own eatery as the game advances. Hire employees along the way to advance in your job and expand your own brand by serving the best food in your community. Create new meals, design something original, and dazzle clients with sweet pastries and warm service. Try off your cooking abilities at the world chef game.

Description of World Chef

In the simple strategy game World Chef, you construct and manage your own diner. This entails recruiting numerous staff members to cook different foods, purchasing tables to accommodate more patrons, incorporating ornamental aspects to draw in additional patrons, and so forth.

The game is pretty easy to play. Clients place particular food orders at your business. To ensure that customers are satisfied and ready to pay when the check arrives, you must serve them swiftly. You can upgrade your diner by using the money you make.

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The ability to customize your eatery in World Chef is its biggest feature. You can enlarge it, paint it a different color, add cooking stations, and purchase eye-catching accents. Additionally, you must get natural products from various sources.

World Chef is a straightforward and enjoyable leisure game with stunning visuals. You may easily spend hours playing with the abundance of clients, dishes, and other components.


This game's gameplay is very similar to other video games, like Hay Day. In World Chef, you'll run a brand-new eatery. Create a name for your restaurant and open it up for business. Many individuals are aware that you must work hard if you want your restaurant to prosper. The initial offerings and clientele are constrained. There is just one chef, which is you, and one waitress. Fortunately, your food is great and draws lots of customers because you are a reasonably talented cook. Making scrumptious meals feels good.

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The most crucial factor is client happiness. Customers who are pleased and fulfilled will pay you money. If customers are dissatisfied, on the other hand, they will depart and the eatery will suffer a reputation problem. There are numerous ways to get beyond this. To serve more clients, you can recruit more staff members and chefs when you have a lot of money. If not, you're forced to put in a lot of effort.

If you have extra cash, upgrade the restaurant's interior by purchasing a new floor, a wall painting, or a lamp. Create a business with a brand-new, distinctive look.

Features of World Chef

Renowned dishes

Cook well-known cuisines from throughout the world by employing chefs from those nations. If you want sushi, employ a Japanese chef. The best pizza is made by an Italian chef, so hire one. All this broadens your restaurant's appeal and draws in the wealthiest customers. 20 different countries' recipes are available to unlock. In addition, you must prepare the required materials to access those products. You can purchase it at the market or earn it by completing game quests.\

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Hilarious design

With the game's amazing 3D graphics, you can watch the diner from the top down. This style is ideal for this type of game because it allows you to view everything clearly from all angles. People, decor, and the eatery have excellent construction and attention to detail. Even the consumers' facial expressions are visible! This will enable you to respond appropriately. Overall, the game is excellent because of the gorgeous graphics and captivating action.

Create and embellish your restaurant.

Designing and furnishing your own eatery is one of the enjoyable aspects of business ownership. You have complete freedom to do this in World Chef. Select your style carefully for everything from the floors to the ceilings, décor, and tables. Your designs can be created in the Design Studio. Do not be hesitant to experiment with new items to discover if they work well together.

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You can increase your customer base and revenue by doing this. But money is necessary before you can purchase goods. Because of this, you must first earn a sizable sum of money before putting it back into the business. You'll go broke if not.

Original handmade decorations

You should use Design Studio to look for and buy ornamental materials if you want to create a stunning restaurant that will not resemble anybody else's ideas. The best homemade ornamental items will be offered for sale. Each piece is therefore produced in a limited quantity and is unique. Even though it is of really high quality, the cost is relatively reasonable. So that you can order with confidence and discover the ideal goods to enable you to design a lovely restaurant.

Purchase, sell, and trade ingredients.

You are one of the sweetest cooks when you visit World Chef. Since you are always given the position of the chef here, you will endeavor to make delectable meals to serve your loved ones. You must be able to obtain excellent supplies and use them to produce dishes of the highest caliber and taste.

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 The frequent markets keep players busy for hours as they look for and participate in them. Use it to prepare cuisine for the restaurant where the freshest ingredients will be traded and exchanged.

Serve Celebrities and customers from other countries.

Build new eateries around the world, quickly grow your business, and you'll start to notice a lot of VIPs like artists and wealthy business people dining there.

Easy controls

In World Chef, there is no complex system of control. It only takes a tap of the screen to operate the controls. The people and objects can be controlled by tapping them, and they will behave as you expect. Because you don't need to understand a complicated control strategy to make things function, everything is made exceedingly simple. This gives you more time to study the skill of running a successful restaurant and pleasing the clientele.

Advice for playing World Chef

Do not worry about the time

World Chef and Diner Dash may appear identical, yet they couldn't be more different. You are not constrained by time in this game but must gradually but steadily expand your restaurant. Even if you don't serve them quickly, your clients won't leave, and you'll still earn points.

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Always have the essential materials on hand

You must be prepared if you want to keep clients satisfied. As burger patties and loaves are in high request, they must always be prepared. This will enable you to rapidly prepare other delicacies.


Each time you play World Chef, you'll get hungry. You shouldn't play this game if you are dieting or trying to lose weight. I'm joking, of course! Let's create the best meal while dressed as a chef.

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Download World Chef APK to manage an eatery in a simple game. Play the game World Chef to design your restaurant and provide the best dishes to Elite clients.


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