Money Rush
Money Rush
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Version: 4.14.0
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Download Money Rush APK game, a fun runner game whose primary goal is to get you rich. Collect as many coins as possible as you race down to the finish line.

Name Money Rush
Version 4.14.0
Updated Feb 19, 2024
Category Casual
Developer Rollic Games
Google Play Link com.wixot.coinroll

Money Rush

Money rush is a unique coin game invented by rollic games. They are functional in both IOS and Android phones. The goal is to collect as many coins as you can before the end of that level. The players get a satisfying experience from the cash reward from the game.

Your coins may increase or decrease depending on the gate you pass through. The positive options are usually the multiplication and addition sections. The minus and division sections lead to a deduction of your coins. There is a sense of achievement when you get rewarded with your cash at the end of the game. At the end of each level, the coins represented in the game are your reward.  The amount of money you have determines your rank.

money rush apk

Players don't only get satisfied through the wads of cash. They also get to use the money for fun things. They upgrade and change the skins of their coins to more aesthetic shapes and colors. Money rush has a lot of exciting features that make it more appealing.

Money Rush description

Money rush is an educative, fun game that requires a single player. The basis of the game is to collect, stack, and multiply coins. You can play this game on your PC, android, and IOS. Cumulation of the cash collected by the end of the game is your score. All scores obtained from the game are at the top right of the screen. The player controls coins from the start till the finish of the game. The amount of cash you start with depends on your level and upgrade.

There are several portals in the game. To complete a level in this game, you need to pay close attention to these gates. The arches determine if your coins would either increase or decrease. After moving a few meters into the game, you should swipe to pass through a portal of choice. It would help if you went through arches that multiply or add more cash to your stack.

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An optional feature is to upgrade and start the game with more cash. When you unlock the upgrades for your coins, you start the game with higher cash. Starting with more coins increases your returns at the end of the game. This game is very educational and helps you manage money better. While trying to get the perfect amount of coins, there are fun germs you can win along the game.

You can also customize your coins to your desire.  You can get new skins for your coins. As you advance in the game, you will unlock new fancy skins for your cash. If you cannot wait, you can also buy new skins. But it's more advisable to spend your money on upgrades. The keys are also essential in the game; try to get them but do not sacrifice your coins. The keys would allow you to open new chests and other goodies in the game. As you build your money in this game, you will gain financial and mathematical knowledge. 

Features of Money rush

Money rush's latest version comes with the most exciting and engaging features.


The gameplay for this game is calculative. The goal is to increase your coin as much as possible before crossing the finish line. The game would end halfway if you pass through portals that decrease your coin values. Values that have negative signs, and the division sign decreases your values. The gates with the multiply and addition sign will increase your coins. This increase allows you to make more money at the end of the game.

money rush unlimited money apk

The gameplay of this game depends on what portal you go through. Players slide to gates that increase their coins, which you can do by swiping on your screen. You can use your coins to upgrade your game or make it more aesthetically pleasing.

User interface

Money rush unlimited money game has a player-friendly user interface. It is easy to navigate. On the home screen, you can access all details of the game. The settings bar is right in the top left of the screen, and it functions mainly to adjust the game's sound. The level you are currently playing and the amount of money you have is also at the top of your screen.

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Right on the screen is the skins feature, where you can select the skin you prefer for your coins. You can buy new skins with your money or wait till you can access them. Another icon on the screen shows the number of coins you are starting with and the coin upgrade key beside.


The money rush game is a race-like game. The coins roll on bridges passing through each portal until it reaches its finish line. The game has a skyline background that keeps you going.

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There are keys and some more coins on the screen. The coins enable you to access boosters and chests. To get the best out of the portal choice, ensure that you stay entirely at the edge.


Money Rush is a fantastic fun game. It allows players to relax while they learn how to maximize their money and budgeting skills. This game has a tremendous user interface which makes the game more enjoyable. This game is unique as you get a reward after each game. Use this reward to upgrade the game so you can make more and budget better. With more money, you can upgrade your game to your taste. Money rush games are also a good option for kids. The game is easy to navigate and help them think better.

Money rush is fun, engaging, and tasking; it keeps your brain active while you relax.

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Download Money Rush APK game, a fun runner game whose primary goal is to get you rich. Collect as many coins as possible as you race down to the finish line.


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