Project Makeover
Project Makeover
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Version: 2.86.1
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Download Project Makeover APK and help your clients with their makeover to achieve their dreams in terms of clothing and hairstyles, rooms, and businesses.

Name Project Makeover
Version 2.86.1
Updated Apr 8, 2024
Category Casual
Developer Magic Tavern, Inc.
Google Play Link com.bgg.jump

In-depth knowledge of the Project makeover game

A project makeover game is built to help big brands plan how to give or choose fashionable clothes to make the most astonishing look for their clients or themselves. Project makeover is about assisting helpless clients by giving them the confidence they deserve, and you can either decorate your dream room or do other makeovers.

Project makeover game is exciting and fun, especially for people most interested in makeovers, beautiful dresses, and shoes. This game requires you to complete three puzzles for you to be rewarded by winning coins, mystery boxes, and gems so that you can be able to revamp your non-stylish client's into ever-stylish trending mavens. Dressing up and making up your clients are just the beginning of your client's transformation.

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In Project makeover, players have to help a person plan different parts of their daily life and try as much as possible to make the person happier. You can do that by changing the aspects of their dressing or house decor to give them confidence. This game combines different fashion and beauty-themed meta statuses with an exciting, fun, and dramatic storyline. Once you get every one of your products or limited products, you start your makeover.


The Project makeover game has an expert for each aspect that needs to change. For example, Francis, a character in the game, is charged with how your girl looks, such as the hairstyle and the makeup. Different characters have different parts of a makeover that they do. This game's gameplay is divided into three parts such as puzzle, simulation, and casual. This game starts with a video introduction, and surely after, you can create your game.

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The plot of this game is the main hook, there is a particular point where you tend to enjoy every bit of it or you lose interest in it, but your real role is to take up your place in the game and give your client the makeover that you think they deserve. You can decide to provide yourself with a name and also style yourself. You are guided through the menu to show your tasks and to challenge the puzzle.

Game features

Project Makeover game has four different types of game features which makes up the Project makeover game.

  • The Storyline: Project game feature the storyline divided into episodes, and it keeps going and makes it more challenging and intriguing. The story starts with a major war that makes the player more interested in the game, and the drama doesn't stop there. You keep getting interesting stories that you subscribed for.
  • Fashion: Project makeover, as the name implies, revolves around fashion; it allows players to become good fashion designers and use whatever product they are given well and create a great and stunning look from it.
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  • Hair and makeup: Other than dresses and shoe, makeup always include a total change of your appearance such as a new hairdo or a new haircut, makeup looks or refreshed ones, and a thorough bath such as shaving.
  • Decoration: You are expected in Project makeover decoration to take care of characters who have a messy appearance; if every one of the characters has a disheveled appearance, you are required to take care of every one of them.

Guides and Tips for Project makeover game

  • Amplifier: The amplifier mainly is composing a combination of 4 or more identical items that create an amplifier to help you win a challenge easily or finish a game earlier than usual.
  • Receiving your money: As a reward for completing a game or a challenge, you tend to be awarded cash, and you can also take part in events, open mystery boxes, and receive a daily bonus to earn, The money earned is used in buying cloth and other accessories for your clients.
  • Coins: Passing through levels and challenges, you earn coins, and there are some exclusive levels you pass through that you make stars. The coins you are given are required to complete the transformation mission for the important client of the show. Different tasks require a different number of coins.
project makeover unlimited lives
  • Lives: You have five lives, and if you cannot complete a task within the allocated time, you automatically lose a life, and life takes up to 20 minutes to be refueled. The number of lives you have is displayed on the screen.
  • Unlimited Lives: Unlimited lives us a special reward that permits you to complete the match 3 levels without wasting a life. Unlimited lives are only available for a limited time, and infinite lives can also be obtained.

Unique features of the Project makeover game

  • Events: There are numerous events where you have to help a person with a makeover, and to achieve that, you are asked to play a board game.
  • Daily rewards: Project makeovers tend to give daily tips. They put apart gifts, gems, clothing, and accessories to be won.
project makeover characters
  • Random rewards: The project makeover game random reward is always exciting because it is always in mystery boxes, so it can't be seen until you open it.
  • Notification: Project makeovers send notifications once you leave your video hanging; it is just a reminder to complete your mission.


Project makeover game is a game to be played. Apart from the fact that it is thrilling and intriguing, you can learn so much about making up and design.

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Download Project Makeover APK and help your clients with their makeover to achieve their dreams in terms of clothing and hairstyles, rooms, and businesses.


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