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Download and install Homescapes APK to be able to assist Austin in renovating his dirty and dusty childhood home, where he lived at a very young age of his life.

Name Homescapes
Version 7.0.6
Updated May 7, 2024
Category Casual
Developer Playrix
Google Play Link com.playrix.homescapes

What You Need to Know about Homescapes

Homescapes is an astounding game created for all the gamers searching for a new creation in the game era. Homescapes supports all Android phones and provides high-level features such as infinite lives and infinite resources. In addition to its incredible features, Homescapes is a game that gives no way for distractions because you can enjoy a version where you won't have to deal with all those annoying ads.

homescapes game

If you have ever viewed the charts of Google Play top downloads, you will see the icon of Homescapes, including the cheerful face of Mr. Austin. This game has thrilled millions of players worldwide over the years.

Like Gardenscapes or Township, Homescapes has a simple interface, but the game is designed very cleverly. The developer – Playrix Games – first studied decoration games like The Sims and puzzle games like Candy Crush before designing Homescapes, since this app seems like a combination of The Sims and Candy Crush. But there is more to Homescapes – it has a storyline that makes it pretty unique.

Generally speaking, Homescapes is a work of research and creativity, for it possesses features other games in its genre do not have. Another wonderful thing about this game is its suspense; it leaves players curious about what will happen next.

A Plot that Reminds Us of Our Childhood

Occasionally, we wish we could become children again, where we had nothing to worry about but play and have fun. But, unfortunately, our childhood is usually our most memorable time.

homescapes gameplay

Austin's profession is being a butler, and she has worked in several homes. However, the only house he lived with his parents was his best. The childhood home of Austin brought back many awesome memories. So after many years, Austin decided to return to his childhood house, to rekindle his childhood memories.

After a hectic journey on water, Austin arrived at his childhood home. He was taken aback by how degraded the house's interior had been after being deserted for a long. He recalls that his parents no longer live in the house, and the things in the house are already old. For instance, the carpet in the house should have been thrown away long before now, the chair has been torn, the stairs have broken, and the room generally was dusty since it had been unused for too long. So Austin renovated the house in preparation for his parents' return.

3-Play Style

You will act as Austin's sidekick, where you will assist him in solving puzzles. When you solve the puzzles, you will receive coins with which Austin can buy the needed items he needs to refurbish the house. You have a simple mission – just match the similar items into a horizontal or vertical row to get rid of them, according to the conditions set in each level of the game. For example, the cross-screening condition requires that you remove or collect certain tiles, break cookies, get rid of tiles from within the jelly, and so on.

homescapes levels

There is a stage to every mission, and when you complete the stage, Austin will have enough money he can use to fix an item from his childhood. There are more than 400 tasks in the game and 400 various levels you are going to have to beat.

As you earn money by playing, you are helping Austin replace items of the house that are damaged; you are also helping him replace his furniture – he'll also be able to install fish tanks, doorbells, and armchairs. When you have completed a quest after a long day, you will gain a bonus that will help Austin with the things he needs for the house. One of the most important factors of this game is money.

More than a Puzzle

Apart from the awesome puzzles, this app also possesses a fascinating world you can explore. Austin will bring nice surprises to his parents in the game with new items. You will also encounter some new characters with their unique mentalities and understanding.


The game's message line –Homespace – is written in style resembling Facebook. The Homespace will reveal to you what Austin is discussing and doing with the other characters. Brace yourself – Austin also possesses a personal Instagram channel.

Clever Design

When it comes to designing, Homescapes is developed based on a 3D engine, including nice, animated graphics. All players can play the game, especially females and those with enough free time in their hands. Generally, Homescapes is both fun and smooth to place. With this game, you will assist Austin in rebuilding his childhood home.

Play with Unlimited Lives

The Homescapes has a lot of similarities to other games – especially Candy Crush; there are such similarities to it as the exclusive candy rainbow, add-ons, boosters, puzzles, and so on. Similarly, this game also works like lives, where you can only continue to play if your lives are intact. Those who have lost their lives usually wait for them to regain their strength. If you want to avoid this crisis, you need this kind of version where you have unlimited lives.

Unlock an Outer World and Rooms

how many levels in homescapes

As the name suggests, Homescapes is based on the scenery, rooms, and homes. Moreover, the major aim behind creating this game is to ensure that your experience is as realistic as possible. In this level, you will be required to complete some tough tasks and then unlock all the single assets in a single home to unlock the second one. Homescapes is a game of homes where you must unlock places and levels.


You probably are hearing of this app for the first time, but enthusiastic gamers have known and appreciated it. When the app-development world has become a highly competitive market, Homescapes has maintained the position of an absolute favorite. You may not want to play another game if you, by any chance, try to play this game. It promises an endless level of enjoyment.

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Download and install Homescapes APK to be able to assist Austin in renovating his dirty and dusty childhood home, where he lived at a very young age of his life.


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