Candy Crush Friends Saga
Candy Crush Friends Saga
Size: 140.42 MB
Version: 4.1.0
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Download Candy Crush Friends Saga APK to enjoy the usual Candy Crush euphoria with new friends. Enjoy splendid 3D graphics and exciting gameplay on this version.

Name Candy Crush Friends Saga
Version 4.1.0
Updated Jun 18, 2024
Category Casual
Developer King
Google Play Link com.king.candycrush4

About Candy Crush Friends

Candy Crush Friends is a version of the Candy Crush franchise that creates a visually pleasing game environment like the previous versions but adds a minor change to the game elements. The game offers the same exciting rush to match symbols and win bonuses. However, it also includes new and better features like the ability to match more jellybeans, gummies, and other sweets, creating even more explosions of fun and striking colours.

The game also has many levels you can play. Although it's still around the same range as the first game version, it offers additional features to enjoy the game with your friends and has more than 50 levels to progress across. You'll have to match jellybeans for all of these levels too, or else you won't be able to win the games. Thanks to the visually pleasing experience, you'll never get bored of the game interface.

candy crush friends saga 2022

The graphics and animations team at Candy Crush are fans of colour a d aesthetics, which you can notice in the game's brightly coloured environment. Many beautiful scenes and colours delight players with special game effects and graphics. There are also several 3D elements added to make the game even more pretty. For example, the special jelly beans and some of the characters who help you during the games are also part of the 3D crew.

Candy Crush Friends Saga is an exciting game developed by King Studios. The game is free to download and install. It offers exceptional gameplay for all Android devices. The game app also supports over 47 languages and has over 50 million downloads on Playstore. Over a million of its reviewers also have an impressive rating of 4.5 for the game.


If you've ever played a game from the Candy Crush Franchise, you'll probably already know how it works. Candy Crush Friends is a Match 3 game that allows you to match three or more symbols on the board and create a winning combo. There are lots of candies, sweets, and gummies on the screen, so you have to fish out those with similar shapes and colours. You'll be rewarded when you successfully match enough symbols or reach the required points to move to the next level.

candy crush friends saga latest version

Your main objective in each game here is to ensure you get only three stars. So, to do this, you have to crush tons of candies without wasting much time. If you spend too much time playing, you'll have fewer points; in the same way, if you use too many moves to crush the candies, you'll lose points.

Hence, it would help if you found the most reasonable way to crush candies without ruining your chances by making too many moves. You'll be able to progress to the next level when you have three stars in the current level.

Game Features

Many features make Candy Crush Friends a peculiar version of the Candy Crush Franchise. Below are some of them:

3D Graphics

Although it's not that different from some of its alternatives, the game has exceptional graphics features you'll barely find on other similar games. The traditional colorful display with many bright and vibrant colors dots the whole dashboard. Since this is a game made of candies and jellies, you'll have to get the experience visually, thanks to the color combo. The game also has 3D graphics, which are included with the addition of Jellies and friends that help you in winning the game.

candy crush friends saga apk


The gameplay is no different from a typical Candy Crush game. You have to match more than three symbols on the board to make a winning combination. Once you win, new symbols will fall in place of the old ones, creating a new variety. If you're lucky, the unique combination might make a winning combo, giving you even more rewards. Once you run out of combos, you'll have to stop playing.

So, you must gather enough points before the time runs out. Also, you must get up to three stars in the current level before proceeding to the next. Failure to do this means you'll be stuck in your current level.

Cute Friends

Candy Crush Friends indeed includes Friends in the game. But you won't be playing with friends, but rather with funny characters at each level; they may be teddy bears, snowmen, unicorns, and others. Each character will occasionally help you boost your winning chance during gameplay.

candy crush friends saga for android

Game Modes

The game modes vary in this version compared to others. There are many complete puzzles a d tasks to do depending on the game mode you're playing. The two unique modes on Candy Crush Friends are the Free the Animals and the Free the Octopuses.

Free the Animals: This game mode allows you to see the animals trapped under the candy every time you make a winning combo. Hence, the more you clear the board, the closer you get to saving the animals underneath. So, you'll have to combine candy near the beast to break the ice. Each time you do this, it will release one of the animals; you'll win this game mode when you release all the animals.

Free the Octopuses: Here, the octopus is stuck under the jelly, so you'll have to free those near the beast to liberate all the Octopuses. Once you release the last one, you'll be able to win this mode. A challenging puzzle in the game, the Dunk the Cookie, requires you to combine the candy wisely so that all the cookies fall.

candy crush friends saga

Game Levels

Since its release, there are over 400 levels on Candy Crush Friends, and more are added with every update. Unfortunately, the publisher is skilled in making players get stuck or find it difficult to move between levels, which is why it takes time before you can move from one level to the other.


This is an exciting match 3 game with many colors, immersive gameplay, and great graphics. You'll enjoy winning hundreds of challenging levels on Candy Crush Friends.

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Download Candy Crush Friends Saga APK to enjoy the usual Candy Crush euphoria with new friends. Enjoy splendid 3D graphics and exciting gameplay on this version.


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