Stupid Zombies 3
Stupid Zombies 3
Size: 94.91 MB
Version: 2.42
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Download Stupid Zombie 3 APK if you love puzzles and are a shooting game enthusiast. Stupid zombie 3 allows you to solve puzzles and kill bloodthirsty zombies.

Name Stupid Zombies 3
Version 2.42
Updated Aug 18, 2023
Category Casual
Developer GameResort
Google Play Link com.gameresort.sz3

Stupid Zombie 3

Stupid Zombie 3 is the third part of the popular game franchise. The game is an engaging and interesting shooting game where players can explore several worlds and shoot a small zombie as they can with limited bullets. Stupid Zombie 3 takes players on the zombie shooting challenge with several interesting levels to play in.

Players will destroy zombies of all kinds, types, and shapes as arranged on the screen. Zombies and monsters have always been terrifying, destructive, dangerous, and evil. No one likes them. In the game, players are placed in an engaging fight arena where they will kill and destroy zombies.

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You will be involved in several battles in the game. The world is attacked and raided by several zombies and monsters. Your goal in the game is to shoot and kill the zombies to minimize their attack. You will explore the game as a monster-killing hero, and you must act as fast as possible to remove and eradicate the creatures before they attack and devour you.

With Stupid zombie 3, you will have fun with the unique and interesting tactical zombie shooting game. There are several levels in the game to explore, making it fun and lively. Stupid zombie 3 has awesome mechanics which has kept players glued to the game. Enjoy interesting actions and moments as you interact with the goofy zombies. Find out more about this game here.

Stupid Zombie 3 Description

Stupid Zombie 3 is an engaging and interesting zombie-killing game. The game involves shooting, attacking, and killing zombies who had come to torment humans. Stupid Zombie 3 is the third part of the popular game zombies series. The game has upgraded services and weapons to help you defeat the zombies.

Game resort developed and published Stupid zombie 3. The game has two other predecessors, but it is the most interesting with its updated graphics and levels. Players will engage themselves with this refreshing gameplay of zombie shooting.

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Stupid Zombie 3 is similar to Angry Bird Series of Rovio. You will explore several crazy scenes in the game. As the name implies, the zombies are Stupid. They are not so scary at any time. Stupid Zombie 3 is a fun and action-filled action game with lots of levels to explore.

Your mission as the player is to use guns to destroy and kill the Stupid zombie men and become the hero who saved humanity and brought peace to the nation. Each level in the game has different characters and kinds of zombies in diverse positions who are ready to make shots. In addition, this game allows you to show your gunning or shooting skills players have to kill the zombies with the available bullets. If you run out of ammunition, you will lose.

The gameplay and story plot of the Stupid zombie 3 game is simple and easy to understand. No complication, just pure skills display. Stupid zombie 3 gameplay is almost similar to the world reaching the final apocalypse. People are getting infected by these zombies hence leading to their drastic increase in number. You must find your way out of this situation by getting more weapons and unlocking several powers simultaneously.

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Stupid Zombie 3 lets you perform several shots with limited ammo making sure you defeat many zombies. The game has lots of features that keep gamers glued to it. Unlock several interesting rewards in the game and also enjoy many interesting features it comes with.

To control the game, you will slide your finger across the screen. This allows you to aim, weapons, and remove your finger to take the shot. In the game, you will find three characters equipped with firearms. The female character has a flare gun while the male character has a faithful shotgun, and lastly, the innocent grandma with a destructive grenade launcher. This is super cool.

Features of Stupid Zombie 3

Here are all the amazing features of stupid zombie 3;

Addictive Gameplay

Players will find themselves enjoying the simple and unique gameplay of this game. The simple touch control and sliding in the game will make the game level more enjoyable. Stupid Zombie 3 is not a complicated game to play. It is simple, and it is easy to navigate to play. Providing players with a great game experience. The game might look easy and boring, but in the long run, players get addicted to the gameplay.

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Diverse Weapons

Here is an outstanding feature of stupid zombies players interested in this game get to explore multiple weapons like guns, bombs, an RPG launcher, baseball bomber, fiery flare gun, shotguns, and lots more. You will enjoy the arsenal of weapons in the game for fighting the zombies.

Enjoy Diverse Game Levels

On the verge of making the game Interesting, stupid zombie 3 allows players to enjoy and take Om 300 brain-bursting level with a unique setup. At each level, you will stand in a different position where you can get the right tactics to solve puzzles. This is super amazing.

Mini-Game Achievements

To make the game more interesting, stupid zombie 3 has in-game tasks for layers to compete. When players complete these tasks, they will earn a three-star reward. This is amazing

zombie stupid 3


Stupid Zombie 3 is an addictive, engaging, and free-to-play game. Players get to enjoy several levels and engage in the immersive experience the game offers. Download the latest version of the game and get the best of it.

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Download Stupid Zombie 3 APK if you love puzzles and are a shooting game enthusiast. Stupid zombie 3 allows you to solve puzzles and kill bloodthirsty zombies.


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