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Version: 4.7
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Download WCC2 APK if you are a cricket lover who can’t get enough of this beautiful sport. This is a multiplayer sports game that you can invite your friends to.

Name WCC2
Version 4.7
Updated May 17, 2024
Category Sports
Google Play Link com.nextwave.wcc2

A Crisp Analysis of WCC2

For a cricket lover, it is hard to be entertained during the off-season. You can only watch again the highlights of the last ICC tournament so many times. At one point, you will get tired. That is where World Cricket Championship 2 comes in.

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With its beautiful, intuitive, and immersive gameplay, and a huge roster of international cricketers to choose from, this game is a dream come true for cricket lovers. You get to choose all your favorite cricketers and form your own team. You get to view their strengths and weakness that help you make the strongest team for you. Not only that, but this game also offers you a realistic experience as it follows the real rules and procedures of cricket. With passionate cheerleaders and a huge crowd, you get to live out your fantasy of an amazing cricket player.

For Serious Cricket Lovers

Do you love cricket? Is this sport something you obsess about? Does watching or playing this sport make you feel happier? If you said "yes" to all of them, then this amazing game is for you. In World Cricket Championship 2, you get to experience and enjoy everything, every facet of championship cricket tournaments. From the thrill of having popular cricketers on your team to beautiful cheerleaders cheering your team on from the sides to an amazing crowd, you get to experience all of it.

Latest International Roster

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As an avid cricket lover, you're bound to have a few favorites. Perhaps you have always found yourself wishing all your favorite players could play in a team, making a super team. Well, with this game, it won't be a problem. You can pick and select your favorite cricketers from the huge roster given to you. This roaster is updated all the time so that you have all popular players, no matter how new they are, present on your roster. That way, you can plan and make a super team of your choice that would be difficult for you to lose.

Several Game Modes To Play

Maybe you are new to cricket, but you love the game a lot. This game is perfect for you to learn more about cricket. With its user-friendly interface, this game is very easy to understand and master. Not only that, you can play this game in several modes. If you're a newbie, you can play on Easy. After getting comfortable, you may head on to harder levels so that the bowlers can surprise you with trick shots. That'll help you know the game better, and this will help you, as a gamer, learn how to play with those trick shots.

Offers A Multiplayer Gaming Experience

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Not only can you play this game, but you can also invite your friends to play along with you. Form your own individual super teams and play matches together. This will not only give you a deeper insight into your friends but will also make you learn more about them. Get closer to your friends through your shared love and excitement for cricket.

Play As Any Cricketer You Want

Out of all the international players present on your roster, you can choose to be whoever you want. Pick your favorite player and check their stats. Learn about their strengths and weakness. Decide how you are going to utilize that player to make sure you are victorious.

You’ll Love The Cheerleaders

There is always something very wholesome about being cheered on. That is why when you play this game, you will have your own personal group of cheerleaders. They will passionately cheer you on as you hit sixes and fours. You will feel like someone believes in you, and that is an amazing feeling to experience.

Average 2D Graphics With Satisfactory Animations

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You get to experience the world of championship cricket matches in this game. The game developers went all out with the animation and graphics. While it is 2D graphics and the animation can be better, it is quite satisfactory to play this game. These graphics and animation don't lower the value of the gameplay at all. You still get to experience immersive gameplay with easy-to-master controls to help you feel the thrill of realistic cricket matches.

Bid, Buy Roster, & Build A Team

In order to build your perfect team, you get to bid on your favorite player. If you are lucky, they will end up in your team, helping you build your super team. Several different players are at your disposal. You just have to be wise when you are choosing them.

Follows Realistic Rules & Procedures Of Real Cricket

Sometimes, as a cricket lover, you might struggle to enjoy a game online because the rules are a little different. When it comes to World Cricket Championship 2, you won't face this issue. This game follows all the realistic rules of real-life cricket. So, if you are familiar with the actual game rules, you will not have any issues while enjoying this game. The procedures of this game, from the coin toss to umpires taking the decisions, everything is the same as in real cricket. This ensures that you have the experience of the real game from the comforts of your home.


Several Camera Angles

As a cricket lover, the importance of different camera angles is not unknown t you. Without camera angles, you will have a hard time knowing whether you successfully bowled out a batter or not. That is why in this game, you have several camera angles at your disposal. Are you not sure whether you got bowled out? No worries. The game will provide you different camera angles to make sure if you are out of the game or not.

Several Batting & Bowling Actions

People can never decide what the best part of cricket is. Is it bowling, or is it batting? Well, when it comes to World Cricket Championship 2, you don't have to pick. You get to see a lot of both. World Cricket Championship 2 caters to all the needs of your cricket-loving heart.


If you are a cricket lover who simply can’t wait for the next matches held by ICC, you should get this game. Download World Cricket Championship 2 and enjoy your daily dose of cricket!

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Download WCC2 APK if you are a cricket lover who can’t get enough of this beautiful sport. This is a multiplayer sports game that you can invite your friends to.


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