Wanted Fish
Wanted Fish
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Version: 1.0.5
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Download the free game Wanted Fish APK, in which gamers assist an Arctic fisherman in building up his stash of various sea animals. Play the Wanted Fish game to relax.

Name Wanted Fish
Version 1.0.5
Updated Jan 4, 2024
Category Casual
Developer MondayOFF
Google Play Link com.mondayoff.wantedfish

Wanted Fish

A fascinating fishing simulation is called Wanted Fish. Many unusual fishes are ready to attack when you arrive in the frigid parts of the polar ice, which is located far beneath the sea.

Fishing should not be done by the restless. It is one of several passive pursuits that is recognized as a craft and contains a lot of knowledge and religious beliefs. But there are many different ways to enjoy artwork. If confronted with various fish that call for a lot of advanced fishing skills, you might select a magnificent fishing adventure that is dramatic.

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Playing a fishing simulation that places a focus on your skill to rotate the pole and account for the size of the fish when catching it will be more pleasant. And even if you don't care about the catch, you can still fish calmly. Just relaxing in quiet surroundings will do. You should try playing Wanted Fish if you fit that description.

Description of Wanted Fish

The video game Wanted Fish has a fish concept. The fishing applications you are familiar with are considerably more complex and difficult than this. Rather than going to the well-known rivers and oceans this time, you'll visit the North Pole, where you'll find the icy seas and countless fishes here.

The hue of Wanted Fish is a chilly, brilliant blue that immediately makes the cold inside of you visible. At first, look, opening Wanted Fish to explore on a steamy summer day will make you feel at ease.

Compared to most fishing online games, Wanted Fish's fishing experience is relaxing and soothing.You can relax, cast a bait, and wait patiently on a sailboat alone in a serene area. It offers a calm, inviting atmosphere. Having a hard time at work? Play the Wanted Fish game to relax. You can simply sit and gaze at the display while the game's soft tune plays; there's no obligation to actually capture any fish.

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There are numerous unique stages in the Mobile game Wanted Fish. The player will see the primary player on the gaming ground, a man in a sailboat who is wearing a cozy shawl. You must cast a fishing pole to begin fishing. Control the path by tapping on the smartphone device's screen. The man can keep an eye on the lowering of the equipment and observe. The harvest, which consists of the fish that are trapped, is kept by the user.

The player will eventually be able to update their tools, such as purchasing a new sailboat or upgrading their fishing pole and hook. This will improve the fling and allow for a deep target catch. You can also do exciting jobs, the purpose of which is to catch the necessary quantity of particular fish. If succeeded, the player gains significant advantages. Both adolescents and grownups will be interested in the activity.

Is it challenging to fish in Wanted Fish?

It's simple to fish in Wanted Fish. You only have to tap it to start reeling in fish. The marine critters in Wanted Fish are also not challenging, further illustrating the arcade atmosphere. You can catch that fish if you simply want to get them. Not battling a heavy burden such as in similar fishing activities.

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Additionally, Wanted Fish doesn't demand continual engagement. You can spend your free moments playing Wanted Fish.

Features of Wanted Fish

Different fish species

The arctic oceans are more complex than you may think. There probably aren't as many different species here if you're acquainted with huge and small sea fish from past fishing expeditions, however there are additional "special" stages.

However, you can also catch other arctic marine life, such as dolphins, sharks, man-eating trout, and mythical creatures, in addition to fish.

Every time you let go of the pole, observe, and bring in a creature, you will receive credits. To explore more uncommon fish species, earn improvement credits. Finding numerous species in the unique water is what gives this game its pleasure.

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The sea creatures in Wanted Fish have a different distinct look. Each image is two dimensional and has a cartoonish, boxy look. It looks like an adorable fish, yet it could be a scary fish. Wanted Fish doesn't contain any scary concepts or depressing feelings. Everything is gleaming and giving off a calm energy.

Fish your Heart Out

Wanted Fish is an unending adventure game, thus your objective is to accumulate as many credits as possible before you lose rather than complete all the stages. Wanted Fish is a simple and minimalistic game with a lovely and vibrant graphic aesthetic. This game's graphical style is similar to early N64 titles. Everything about this game is as excellent as it gets, including the representation of the sea and the mechanics.


In terms of sound, the game has really soothing music. You would like to explore this game more because of the soundtrack. In addition, this game has fantastic visuals. Additionally, the swimming control systems are easy to use and fluid. Gamers may also use their fish as traps to draw other fish in this game. Since there is no conclusion to the game, you will always be up to your best performance.

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You begin Wanted Fish with a conventional sailboat, fishing pole, and lures. You can acquire credits to modify your sailboat and fishing equipment as you advance through the adventure. You have to peer downwards into the sea via a tiny hole on your yacht to find the various fish species since they are each laden with qualities. The more exciting aspect of this activity is that to effectively capture fish, you have to use a lure that complements their shade.


Wanted Fish has all the components to create a fun game worth saving on the phone and playing for a while, including an interactive one-touch fishing technique, stunning 2D visuals, a simple, cool user experience, endearing landscapes, spiffy arctic outfits, and a relaxing soundtrack. You can play alone or join the Wanted Fish player group to participate in fishing contests.

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Download the free game Wanted Fish APK, in which gamers assist an Arctic fisherman in building up his stash of various sea animals. Play the Wanted Fish game to relax.


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