Walk Master
Walk Master
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Version: 1.57
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Download Walk Master APK, fun and exceptional walking simulation game. Learn and perfect your balance and precision skills, and race on your walking stilts for the win!

Name Walk Master
Version 1.57
Updated May 23, 2024
Category Action
Developer Two Men and a Dog
Google Play Link fi.twomenandadog.walkmaster

All About Walk Master

Walk Master is an exceptional game produced by a gaming company called Two Men and a Dog and released on the 2nd of July, 2019. The game uses 2D graphics, engaging motion, graphic and sound settings, and unique animal characters. It can be comfortably enjoyed on Android and iOS devices, and requires the operating system of mobile devices with Android 7.0 and above.

The characters make use of walking stilts to manoeuvre along the challenging roads of the jungle, a concept that has been rarely implemented in-game storylines. This has helped the game gain particular attention and popularity among mobile users worldwide.

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Stilts have always been celebrated, and displays making use of them are enjoyed worldwide. As a result of this observation, the producers of this game have developed this concept so that everyone can feel the awesome motions and mechanics of stilts from the comforts of their mobile devices while having a fun and engaging time.

Basics of Gameplay

To play the game, the player will be provided with a unique character to play the game with. At the beginning of the game, the available character is a goat balanced on tall stilts waiting to be moved by the player. The player has to help the goat maintain balance and control on the stilts by moving them carefully, one after the other. Of course, as a first-timer, you are prone to making many mistakes and slips, but the game is very easy to access, and with the right practice, you'd quickly understand how to work the stilts.

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Apart from mastering how to move the stilts in sync, you also have to be sharp and precise in overcoming the challenges and obstacles around the forest roads. The roads are not flat but bumpy and rocky, so you must be meticulous enough to manoeuvre your way and balance around these bumps. Asides from this, there are setbacks like icy and slippery paths, hanging logs that join the roads, monsters, traps, and creatures that stand to distract the player if not focused.

The game also requires time consciousness, as some traps are timed, such as the rotating windmill, so the character has to be controlled to get past them in the nick of time. Gold coins are scattered along the path, so do your best to collect these as you move. Winning the game is a combination of all these skills to win.

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The characters in the game are unique and even quite humorous. In the beginning, you are given a goat character, which can be changed to other funny and diverse characters like pigs, zombies, alien characters, and many more. As you progress from level to level in the game, you can pick up other characters that have been scattered in levels and add them to your collection as you play.

Game Modes

The game has only two game modes, which are the Speedrun and the Marathon modes. In the Speedrun mode, your speed is tested, and the aim is to move along the path as quickly as possible to get to the finish line in the nick of time. Aside from racing against time, there are also obstacles at the back of the player that must be outrun because they can collapse at any time and crush the player.

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For the Marathon modes, the character has to move a far distance to win. There are many challenges that will hinder the player from reaching the destination, so you also have to do your best to avoid them. Furthermore, the long route, so players can easily get a tired and loose guard. You, therefore, must be alert enough to reach the end and speedily.

Amazing Features of Walk Master

Walk Master has many amazing and intriguing features that enhance your gameplay and keep the player invested. They include:

- Super Engaging Gameplay: The game has an interesting and uncommon concept, and there are many levels, so the player doesn't tire out, and you can be sure to always come into a new fun, and different environment for each level you reach whenever you play the game.

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- Easily Accessible Controls: The game's controls are easy to understand and use simple touch mechanisms.

- Unpredictable Challenges: The game comes with various challenges, and as the levels advance, so do they. They are all very different, so you should always expect something new and exciting.

- Customize Your Character: The characters can be customized as the player desires with different customization options and accessories.

- Engaging graphics: The game makes use of 2D graphics, unlike the 3D graphics that most games employ. It has a cartoonish feel and is relatively easy to handle. The sound effects and music are very catchy, and all add together to give the game a fun experience. The game environment and settings are colorful and pleasing too.

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- Offers in-app purchases.

- Can be played in offline mode.


Each level of Walk Master is fun and promising, and the game is very intriguing. The graphics and sound effects are very entertaining, and the game is ideal for players who want to pass the time while having lots of fun. The game undergoes reviews and updates regularly, so the game gets better and better. Therefore, you can look out for newer settings as you play. There are also enough levels so you can keep playing for a long time without getting tired. So get ready to journey along the fun and bumpy roads with your amazing stilts and prove your awesome skills by overcoming all challenges!

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Download Walk Master APK, fun and exceptional walking simulation game. Learn and perfect your balance and precision skills, and race on your walking stilts for the win!


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