World War Heroes
World War Heroes
Size: 2.04 GB
Version: 1.43.0
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Download World War Heroes APK and bring out your inner soldier. This game will give you the experience of what a battlefield looks like and what happens there.

Name World War Heroes
Version 1.43.0
Updated Feb 13, 2024
Category Action
Google Play Link com.gamedevltd.wwh

World War Heroes

World War Heroes is a war-based game that will give you an insight into what World War 2 looks like. Not only that, it brings the experience of what a Battlefield looks like. You get to fight enemies and choose your most preferred mode of war and other activities. World war heroes give you the relationship feeling of real war with amazing graphics and war backgrounds.

This game will take you to Battlefield where you will use military vehicles and machine guns to conduct battles. Fight soldiers all around the world in the game. It is available on all mobile devices. In addition, the game gives you adventurous gameplay, making you feel like a hero when you win each level. With your team or while playing yourself, you get to destroy your enemies and survive violent tank battles in central Berlin and other cities in the game.

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World war heroes has a lot of awesome features making it unique in comparison with World War 2 games. Survive your enemy ambushed with your squad with various weapons to use. World war heroes have left their players coming back for more experience hence, it has become addictive yet entertaining.

World War Heroes Description

World war heroes is a real legendary war-based game. It is a single-player and multiplayer game, that is, you get to play on your own, and you get to play in a team. Whether you are playing alone or with a team, choose a war mode and fight against your enemies, survive all their tricks, kill your enemies and claim victory at the end.

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There are varieties of weapons, pistols, machine guns, and others to choose from giving you a huge and realistic gameplay experience. Travel long distances with upgraded or unlocked military vehicles, engage in world wars and claim victory.

World War Heroes is a great war game. If you want to channel your energy into fighting and shooting like a soldier. The game is often played by teenagers and adults. World War Heroes games give an immersive feeling of what a real war feels like. It has amazing graphics and backgrounds. You get to feel like a hero or real soldier while you play.

This game is exciting and full of action, the source effect is amazing. The sound of guns, machine guns, other soldiers, and movement makes it fun. You have a wide option of weapons to choose from here then as you level up, update, and increase their functioning power.

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The game controls are amazing, they are not complicated or confusing. You can easily get the idea of how to shoot and defeat your enemies at first play. Also, there is a training ground where you get to practice aiming and taking shots. The only downside with this game is that ads appear after every battle. It does not disturb the game, but we know how inconvenient ads can be while playing games. Also, there are some in-app purchases available to speed up the game process.

Features of World War Heroes

There are a lot of features in the World War Heroes game you will get to enjoy. Below are some of the features;

Diverse Game Mode

On World War Heroes, you get to enjoy several game modes up to six game modes, in addition to a custom mode where you create your own game and invite friends to play the game. Here are some game modes;

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Team Deathmatch - Here, two teams fight for domination. The team with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

Deathmatch - This is a free fight for all; you fight for yourself in this game mode. The player with the highest score wins

Point Capture - The two teams involved Capture points on the map, giving them battle points.

Team Battle - Here, two teams fight each other with no reappear. The team with at least one member alive wins in this game mode.

Capture the flag - in this game mode, you go to the enemy base, capture their flag and bring it to your base. The team with more flags in their base wins the battle.

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Custom mode - You create your game and then invite friends to play.

Diverse world wars battle zones

There are up to 7 legendary World War Heroes in battle/war zones in the World War Heroes game. This gives a great feeling while playing.

Arsenal Of Weapons

There are all sorts of weapons in the World War Heroes game.  These weapons will help your team top rank. This game has over 60 unique weapon types, giving real war preparation and experience. Also, you can upgrade these weapons and decrease the level of reload time and kickbacks.

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In addition to these features, there are daily rewards to enjoy in World War Heroes games. Complete daily tasks and play every day to earn free prizes.

Also, this game had an awesome optimization option, great background, and excellent graphics.


Overall, World War Heroes is an excellent game for FPS fans. It is awesome and exciting. Download the latest World War Heroes game version and enjoy these thrills!! If you have ever imagined being in a real war zone or Battlefield, here is a perfect game for you.

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Download World War Heroes APK and bring out your inner soldier. This game will give you the experience of what a battlefield looks like and what happens there.


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