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Download VirtualXposed APK for android and enjoy a visually aesthetic interface on your gadgets with sophisticated properties and operations new to launchers.

Name VirtualXposed
Version 0.22.0
Updated Aug 25, 2022
Category Tools
Developer Weishu
Google Play Link


With the birth of the internet and the sophisticated devices designed to access it, having the right launcher customized to the user's taste and style has always been the innate desire of a lot of android users. Launchers are more than just visually aesthetic software installed on your phone or Pc to give it a new advanced look.

While they perform these functions, they also do a lot more like changing the same theme, appearance, and design of tasks in the device they are installed in. They do this by manipulating the in-built characters and properties the device has and creating a sort of platform for the user to access these functions, and issue them directly to the computer to be performed.

virtualxposed apk

Other unique functions they perform apart from the design and aesthetic beauty of your computer are;

Block apps and malicious software from stealing the user's data while on, prevent background apps from consuming data, and protect users' privacy, amongst many other things.


Virtualxposed is a tool app designed for users to customize their operating system easily at any time. Tool apps like Virtualxposed 2022 are often only available for android devices as their iOS counterparts often come with their apps and tools.

Weishu studios created Virtualxposed on the 8th of March 2021. It has cumulated an impressive 100M+ downloads and an interesting rating of 4.1 from 1M+ users. The software is available for Android 5.0+ and is free for download from any platform the user fancies.

virtualxposed apk download

Virtualxposed primary language is Chinese, but it also supports other languages like English and a few languages mostly spoken around the globe. Root access may or may not be used with it as it functions well without one. However, root access allows the user to bypass the natural limitations set by the android developers and do more with the device, so using it would give Virtualxposed 32-bit or its Virtualxposed 64-bit more functionality.

When using the Virtualxposed game guardian, there are a few things that the user must know to increase the ability and control of Virtualxposed 2022 while in Virtualxposed no root, Virtualxposed does not require any root service or permission to function as intended. Although, root service would help the launcher work, even more, surpassing the limits set by the device builder.

Guide to installing Virtualxposed

Follow the instructions in this section to install Virtualxposed on any device;

virtualxposed apk game guardian
  • Turn on the "Install unknown sources" option in the device setting.
  • Once you have gotten the Virtualxposed software via any search request like; Virtualxposed latest, Virtualxposed download 32-bit, Virtualxposed pro or Virtualxposed 64-bit game guardian, click on VXP APK to initiate the operation.
  • Load the launcher and remove all the restrictions software needs access to; granting permission will boost the process to work efficiently.
  • All is set. Use the Virtualxposed launcher to style your device in any way you see fit.

One key factor users would quickly observe when running the program is its ease with which it operates, thanks to its straightforward controls, options, and features that are strategically placed in places the user can easily remember to access.


 The main features of Virtualxposed for android are:

virtualxposed apk download 32 bit
  • Blocks Adverts on YouTube: Users would ascertain after a little while that when using the launcher, fewer and fewer YouTube ads have popped up while viewing videos online.
  • Create Virtual areas as storage units
  • A stylized user interface that looks like just another phone launcher (a service which it also renders)
  • Android permission is required to function appropriately.
  • Protects your privacy
  • Run Google services on it
  • Ad-free
  • Unlock tool: Using the available Bootloader tool, users can easily access their device's operating system and manipulate its characteristic properties.
virtualxposed apk download 64 bit
  • Easy and simplistic interface
  • No Bugs: Due to multiple upgrades and research, there are no bugs or faults with virtual exposed
  • Limited use for non-rooted phones.

How to launch Micro G (Google Play Services) on Virtualxposed

The alternative to the famous Google Play Service is Micro G; it is an unsubstantial variant of the standard and widely used brand.

Guide to initiate Micro G

  • Go to adjustments from the launcher first-page
  • Hit advanced setting and move on to build-in or uninstall Micro G
virtualxposed apk old version
  • Confirm your wish to complete the operation
  • Wait for some time. The delay is dependent on your internet connection.
  • After, you can get any software or program that demands the Micro G platform to work like Virtualxposed.

Virtualxposed is a launcher-tool program designed to perform multiple tasks while customizing the user's device. It does these tasks by creating virtual spaces, which we can then run other programs as plug-ins in a seemingly parallel area.

Users who use VirtualXposed do so in a bid to customize the function and behavior of their android operating system. With the virtual space provided in the smartphone, multiple programs and apps on the device can be successfully cloned and tweaked to increase their functionality to a much higher level. Virtualxposed 2022 makes it easier for users to change and enhance the behaviors of their smartphones in this era by using modules in the Virtualxposed framework.

virtualxposed apk (no root)

This service is done by creating a virtual space on an Xposed module designed to be a developer's development tool, aiding in passing SecurityNet metrics through Google. Hence its name Virtualxposed.


As a developer, or simply someone who would like to make better use and unlock the true potential of their smartphone by bypassing multiple limits and doing what other users are unable to do (making the most of their smartphone), one major tool you will no doubt come across is Virtualxposed.

Being a tool designed by Weishu developing studios to assist other developers and upcoming programmers to maximize the overall output they make with their phones. The Virtualxposed software is the solution sought by many to this problem.

With Virtualxposed, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Search and Hit that download button now!

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Download VirtualXposed APK for android and enjoy a visually aesthetic interface on your gadgets with sophisticated properties and operations new to launchers.


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