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Download Hibernator APK, an app to optimize the performance of your phone. It enables running apps to shut down when the screen is off to conserve power.

Name Hibernator
Version 2.47.0
Updated Jun 22, 2024
Category Tools
Google Play Link com.tafayor.hibernator


Hibernator offers a simple method to end all running apps, which improves performance and conserves battery life. It can also close applications automatically when the screen is turned off.

This app enhances the functionality of your phone.

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  • By accelerating your phone
  • By releasing memory
  • Conserving battery
  • By making your phone cool

Your phone keeps many apps open in the background, using up system resources, draining your battery, and lowering the amount of memory that is accessible.

Description of Hibernator

A helpful app for boosting your smartphone's performance is called Hibernator. Hibernator's intuitive interface makes it easy to use. From the home screen, you will see how much RAM your mobile phone uses and apps using the most power, even when they run in the background.

You can instantly close all of these apps by hitting the "Zzz" button, saving valuable battery life and enhancing the functionality of your smartphone. Add or remove smartphone apps from the list of apps to close whenever you want. The list is completely customizable.

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Anyone with an older phone that isn't performing as well as it did will find Hibernator to be a helpful tool.

When should a phone go into hibernation?

Your phone keeps many apps open in the background, using up system resources, draining your battery, and lowering the amount of memory that is accessible.

Therefore, to conserve battery life and enhance the functionality of your phone, you may need to deactivate apps each time the screen is switched off. You can achieve that with the aid of Hibernator with ease.

What specific areas does Hibernator assist in enhancing?

On your laptops, many people have the habit of opening numerous tabs. You also continue this habit on your mobile devices and tablets.

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Whether you're using them on purpose or not, if your phone has too many open apps and web pages. As a result, it uses up system resources, takes up some memory, and depletes the battery faster. Although the battery consumption is not disclosed, accessing numerous of these applications notably makes the device sluggish, over time the available memory will be harmed, and this will cause operational stagnation.

Hibernator's goal is to enhance battery life and phone performance by forcibly or automatically shutting down programs while the screen is off.


Hibernator is a very automated system. It will automatically terminate any open programs. Saving time, energy, and hard manual closing activities from being repeated.

Although Hibernator offers you a choice, there are a few processes and automatic processing

To close other applications, Hibernator needs accessibility service permission. Alternatively, you can choose to retrieve the contents of the currently open window to locate the force close button in the system settings and then simulate clicking it.

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Additionally, you can ask for permission to change the system's settings so that the screen can be turned off once the hibernation process is finished.

You can observe interface-related behaviors to direct the automation of the task of quitting an application by keeping an eye on the progression between windows during an interface interaction simulation.

Features of Hibernator Pro

Optimize your phone's performance

The request over the years has led to a steady increase in the number of apps. Today, we utilize a variety of apps every day for work, school, business, and other functions. However, if you frequently use several apps, you could have observed that your phone's battery life is reduced.

This is because those apps continue to eat battery even after you close them.

Increase battery life.

By automatically closing all open background programs, this software allows you to speed up your phone. This frees up memory while allowing you to preserve your battery for a long period.

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As a result, you can enjoy games more as your phone performs faster overall. Additionally, it keeps your phone cool so you can run today's powerful apps. The fact that this program is free is its best feature.

Close all apps

Even though you may already be aware of this, stopping your apps does not prevent them from continuing to run in the background. The majority of programs are still active in the background, allowing you to quickly resume where you left off. If you want, you may manually turn each one off in the settings.

However, Hibernator Pro makes this process more accessible by turning down all the apps automatically following your preferences. You can then alter your list by omitting any apps that you intend to use often.

Halt all background processes

Hibernator Pro terminates all background processes and services in addition to apps. Our phones perform various jobs every day, so you may instantly end them if you don't need them. With the help of this app, you can increase battery efficiency and speed up phone performance.

Automatic app closing

When your screen is off, Hibernator Pro offers an option that automatically closes the apps. You may easily do this to conserve more battery and get better performance.

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This program enables you to terminate all of the malicious apps that are perpetually operating in the background. You ought to be able to use your phone longer as a result.

Shortcuts and widgets

You may make use of widgets and shortcuts with Hibernator Pro. You'll be able to do this to disable any apps that you don't use frequently.

Logical interface

The Hibernator application has a clean user interface that enables users to alter the features. From the application's home screen, you may monitor the device's status and make adjustments as necessary.

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You can manually or automatically hibernate any program using the settings. Aside from this, the primary screen of this application lists all of its key functions, enhancing user accessibility.


If you wish to extend the life of your phone battery, use the Hibernator app. Simply press the Hibernate button on the home screen to stop wasting battery power on apps you aren't using.

You can get a thorough analysis of all the programs that need to be optimized by starting a quick scan of all the installed apps on your device. Despite having numerous programs open at once, take advantage of the features supplied by this app to retain good performance.

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Download Hibernator APK, an app to optimize the performance of your phone. It enables running apps to shut down when the screen is off to conserve power.


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