Vampire Fall Origins
Vampire Fall Origins
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Version: 1.17.176
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Download and install Vampire Fall Origins APK to be a part of an adventurous story. This game offers people the chance to identify their fighting skills.

Name Vampire Fall Origins
Version 1.17.176
Updated Jan 22, 2024
Category Role Playing

Description of Vampire Fall Origins 

This game revolves around the invasion of a kingdom by dark forces, one of them known as the WitchMaster, the most powerful of all the dark forces.

Diablo was the origin of many action series, and it was released in the early 2000s, yet it is still a great source of inspiration to developers worldwide, and that was how Vampire's Style: Origin RPG came to be. For without Diablo, there would probably not have been the existence of this game.

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This game was developed by Early Morning and made available for both iPhone and Android users. This game is a second version of the Vampire Fall series, but its content and graphics have been upgraded, making it more intriguing.

The Story

This game was set in Europe around the Middle Ages when people believed strongly in the existence of bloodthirsty demons, evil creatures, vampires, and so on.

Then suddenly, tragedy struck. The king suddenly died without leaving behind a will. He had never considered that he would ever pass the throne to anyone – perhaps he believed that he was an immortal; and would continue to live for many years. But because everyone was vying for the position of the kingdom's next ruler, there was chaos everywhere. Also, at that moment, a strange character called the WitchMaster appears and declares that he will rule the kingdom and cover the face of the kingdom with his darkness.

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To show the people what he meant, the WitchMaster killed many people and destroyed many homes. The appearance of the WitchMaster was like a wake-up call to the kingdom's residents to come together and form an army that would stand their ground against the evil force destroying their things and killing them.

The Gameplay

In this game, you assume the role of a hero who has been tasked with the mission of protecting one of the settlements of the kingdom. You will begin by playing as a normal soldier, then attempt to carry out quests from the NPCs to gain further experience and combat skills that will help you develop stronger.

In this game, there are several features that you can enjoy, such as customising the appearance of your chosen character and selecting a race for him. You can then explore worldwide, such as towns, fields, forests, and dungeons. You will be able to explore new places when you have completed some of the major tasks. However, there will be an increase in the challenge because you will have to battle more monsters.

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The Characters

The characters in this game are designed in great detail. Besides their appearance being close to perfect, they also possess special powers and combat skills. Their skills and abilities depend on their race of vampires – Equides, Magistrav, Nosferatu, and Ranjeni.

The controls and Gameplay of Vampire's Fall: Origins RPG are also pretty special. There is an energy bar for the character while entering the fight. With that, the character can use special combat techniques, magic, summon monsters, or create more powerful attacks.

The Modes

The mode is a major aspect of this game. You will go deeper into the content while you explore new locations in the game and meet and interact with NPCs. However, if you are looking forward to changing your experience, you can play in the PVP mode, where you will need an internet connection so the system can pair you with another player. Even though this mode does not offer much experience to the character, the game gives a lot of rewards and achievement points.

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Try to Survive

This is a great open-world adventurer game for anyone that enjoys great adventure with a touch of horror and an awesome storyline. Vampire's Fall is one of the few vampire games you can find on the Google Play Store. The game only has 2D graphics but makes up awesome music that follows the gameplay. All these small details and features will draw you into the game's world, giving you an exciting vibe. While you are playing this game, you are free to check out new mysterious places, especially where vampires reside. This is a pretty addictive game and might consume your time as you want to reach the end of the adventure. The game also has a fascinating plotline and will keep you fully engaged in it.

You Will Be Attracted

According to the story, your name is Ambroglio, a skilled adventurer. Unfortunately, Apollo cursed you due to one significant event; the curse turned you into a vampire, where you are not allowed to be exposed to the sun or you shall be killed. Now, Apollo's sister decided to grant him some mercy. She gave him everlasting life and incredible power – the strength of a hunter. But after gaining power, Apollo becomes arrogant and a dangerous villain. Now, your mission is to kill Apollo. This is not an ordinary feat because Apollo is now very powerful with superhuman strength.

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Once Apollo went through your town, he cursed the town with his black magic. Now you must find a way to save your people from Apollo's attack. You can create a clan and eliminate all your foes by executing proper planning.

First and foremost, you must ensure that all your weapons are always by your side each time you go out for battle, and always keep an alert eye on your surroundings as you play the game. In addition, to complete your mission and emerge as the greatest warrior in your town, you must find a way to eliminate Apollo and all the dangerous monsters that frequently attack your city. This game gives you the chance to become the hero that you want to become.


The graphics of this game are very nice and moderate even though it is a game for mobile devices. Therefore, you will always enjoy every moment you spend playing this game. Ensure that you defeat the WitchMaster, causing havoc to the world and your town.

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Download and install Vampire Fall Origins APK to be a part of an adventurous story. This game offers people the chance to identify their fighting skills.


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