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Download UFC APK, the exciting combat sport with fascinating features. Step into the Octagon, challenge your favorite UFC fighters, connect to UFC events and enjoy.

Name UFC
Version 1.11.08
Updated Mar 10, 2024
Category Sports
Google Play Link com.ea.gp.easportsufc2


Download UFC, a free simulation game of wrestling developed by ELECTRONIC ARTS and launched in January 2022. The game features real-time combat with popular UFC fighters. Employ your special martial arts skills to conquer new fighters in the tournaments. UFC was designed for wrestling lovers who want to experience great combat. This game is available to players on Android and IOS mobile devices.

Game Description

UFC is the Ultimate Fighting Championship, allowing players to show their prowess in heavy sports. The game is a revamped combat sport where players can experience authentic UFC actions they pick up and stand against actual global athletes. No other combat video game can compare to the extreme action and actual data you may witness across UFC matches. At no time has the authentic UFC arena been so approachable.


Your top combatants can earn more ability by being activated and raised. As the combatants make progress by stages, more profound capabilities from their respective MMA decks get to be attainable to them. Collect in-game bonuses by partaking in missions, raiding, and online and special tournaments. Both young athletes and expert combat supporters can accomplish sporting excellence; all you require is the dedication to conquer your competitors.

UFC Gameplay

Lead an experienced combatant with a number of battle tactics, but UFC Mobile 2's mechanics are unexpectedly basic. Moving across the touchscreen displays the champion's heavy and light strikes; rapid strokes and releases unleash typical strikes; touches and holds stop the opposition's strikes; swipes in the reverse side move the boxer backward or away from a potentially damaging hit.

ufc latest version 2022

The confusion came from the command button as they felt unusual and unfamiliar. Even in the short period of playing the game, you would enjoy the game. It is no joke that you need two matches to get accustomed to the game. The hand moves and punches would go smoothly.

Challenge your battle skills by partaking in the most realistic MMA boxing event available on mobile. You may anticipate actual fighting, distinct decks, and RPG elements in the Octagon. Now, use your hands to reach the peak of the scoreboard.

Features of UFC

Check out the fantastic features of UFC:

Real MMA Fighting

A model jab and kicks sequence can be incorporated into MMA competitors, and they can acquire ability with time. Also, it would be best if you competed in distinct battles and occasions to be qualified for the game's intriguing benefits. You receive extra income the further you participate. Plus, you could accumulate new combat capabilities and use extraordinary powers in your clashes as an outcome of participating in many conflicts. To get the most special bonuses in UFC, conquer your adversaries in the battle and advance to the upper levels.

ufc latest version

To avert turning redundant, the game has been developed with RPG activity. Join clubs that are a good fit for your game style to engage in more entertaining games. After a sequence of victories, you could add your identity to your career line. Finishing some fights will provide you entree to a box of active moves.

Engage in Great Matches

Each of the best athletes in the world converges in the stadium in EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 to partake in a set of intense, enormous worldwide matches. You begin as Brad Tavares, an underperforming middleweight athlete. But, the fighter steadily transformed a toned physique, growing larger and better, and his techniques got exceptional and effective via the battles and training time. Soon, you'll be capable of participating in all weight categories and earn a legacy for yourself.

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EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 has built the most expansive battlegrounds on the mobile platforms. You would use your force and destructive abilities to beat oppositions. The ultimate purpose is to emerge as the present world's boxing champion.

Play as a Ranked Boxer

You can see how fun and appealing UFC download is by watching YouTube clips. However, that fascination will intensify once you engage alone. Self-perform the tactics; swirl the foot pillar to cause the opposition to lose the move; hop to the collar lock; land a brief strike. That move is being absorbed with infectious enthusiasm.

ufc apk

The athletes will evolve and improve via the tournament. Both the quickness and severity of the abilities have been boosted. You can employ the trainer mode to produce further or grant your figure a surge of energy if you desire to progress more swiftly. It is like an advancement for a player in an RPG. The action variance strengthens the fighter's urge to progress. As if everything now had a single purpose of aiming for.

Game Graphics

Every battle is not simply recreated and accurately modeled, perhaps to an extraordinary extent. After an opposition is punched out, you would notice a loud bang in the ring and watch the blood running from the fighter's lip after chin traps or see perspiration streaming into the atmosphere when performing a brutal strike. The fighter's muscular biceps, bloody wounds on his face, and vicious gaze as he reaches the ring. All of them are fantastic. The two terms are top-notch fit to express the 3D graphics. You can easily mistake it for live television combat if it weren't a videogame.

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Final Thoughts

A fighting strategy videogame with popular players and distinct strikes, UFC latest provides participants with new adventures and pleasures. It is a rising action game for everyone, and the visuals and animations are outstanding, thanks to its high resolution.

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Download UFC APK, the exciting combat sport with fascinating features. Step into the Octagon, challenge your favorite UFC fighters, connect to UFC events and enjoy.


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