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Download All Languages Translator APK for an extensive catalog of multiple language transactions. Translate voice, text, and on-screen with All Languages Translator.

Name Translator
Updated Jul 11, 2024
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About All Language Translator

All Language Translator is a mobile app that lets users easily translate one language to the other. The app helps convert texts into speech and then converting these speeches into any language you want. Like Google Translator, it has an extensive list of languages to choose from, so users don't have to worry if they are from another country or a region that isn't too popular.

The app also boasts of being fast and responsive, providing accurate translations as soon as the user inputs the content. It also has a speech translator, which will allow it to listen to voices in your environment and immediately translates this in real-time. You'll also be able to use the app for official meeting translations because of its responsiveness.

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All Languages Translator works like a dictionary with its interface, allowing you to translate and learn the language easily. You can also use the app to convert speech into text and then copy the text to your clipboard. In addition, you'll be able to access user-friendly materials that allow you to easily share your translations with friends and family on social media.

Mobile Translator Apps developed the app, and it's accessible even though you might have to see a few ads while using it. You can remove the ads by upgrading the app to the premium version. It currently has over 10 million downloads on Playstore, and over two hundred of these downloads have left a rating of 4.2, which is quite impressive. However, the app is rated for anyone below 17, so you must be older to use it.

Why Use All Languages Translator?

There are many reasons millions of users trust All Languages Translator as their ultimate translator app, and some of them are outlined below

  • Translate from any language to English and vice versa and access many versions of English such as Spanish and French English.
  • Use the voice translation feature to translate all languages like English to french.
  • Access a simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to listen to translations and easily take notes on a notepad.
  • Access the dictionary for multiple languages such as English, Hindu, French, etc.
  • Translate text and on-screen content to multiple languages.
  • Use the app to translate images and easily access the summary in text form.
  • Copy your translated texts from the app to your clipboard and share them with friends and families.

App Features

All Languages Translator does more than just translate texts or speech for users; check out some of its features below

User-friendly Interface

The app has a user-friendly interface that allows new users to find their way around without needing assistance or support from the app. The layouts and graphics are lovely, and they make it feel as though you're on another app you've always used before. The app also has a clean and smooth interface, which allows you to easily do anything on it without getting stuck or facing glitches and lags. You'll be able to easily navigate through the available features and enjoy a remarkable translation process.

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Multiple Language Translations

As the name implies, multiple languages are available for translation on this platform. The developers are also hell-bent on bringing more languages on board, so you'll get newer languages when they roll out new features on the latest versions. You'll be able to convert your device into a mobile translator that can be applied in various scenarios. It's handy for tourists and professionals who encounter people they don't understand or have to sit in business meetings where they barely understand their colleagues. This app will, therefore, quickly help you translate everything discussed into your preferred language.

Voice Translations

A voice translation feature allows you to efficiently convert speech to text when you use the app. This feature is quite helpful and will come in handy if you're having a physical encounter with whoever you're discussing. It's also ideal for translating videos you watch on any platform. So, you'll be able to easily understand what the person you discuss with says without needing to have them write it down.

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Once you turn on the voice translation, it automatically scans every audio coming its way and translates it into your preferred language. You'll also be able to easily access the translations in text formats because it saves all the translations in text and allows you to copy and send them anywhere you want.

Text Translations

This is the most common form of translation available on translator apps. This feature will allow you to type Witten words in a particular language and convert them into a language you can read. Hence, you'll be able to convert texts you see online by copying and pasting them into the app.

Multiple language Dictionary

This app also provides users a database of multiple dictionaries where they can check the meaning of a specific word rather than have it translated. For example, you'll be able to check the definition of an Arabic term in English or French if those are the language you speak. YouCam also uses the French dictionary to check the meaning of some french terms in English or German, if those are the two languages you understand.

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On-screen and Document Translation

The feature allows you to access a library of resources on your device because it can read and analyze on-screen texts directly. It's beneficial for visually impaired users who can easily open the document or text file and allow the app to access the on-screen text to read or translate it to the language they understand. So you'll be able to put all your documents in various written languages to good use by translating them into your preferred language.


This is a useful and resourceful app that anyone can use anywhere in the world. The app has impressive features allowing you to make the best of your text and speech translation needs.

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Download All Languages Translator APK for an extensive catalog of multiple language transactions. Translate voice, text, and on-screen with All Languages Translator.


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