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X plore
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Version: 4.38.10
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Download X plore APK and manage your files accordingly by allowing you to explore all your files on your mobile devices by copying, pasting and moving files.

Name X plore
Version 4.38.10
Updated May 16, 2024
Category Tools
Developer Lonely Cat Games
Google Play Link com.lonelycatgames.Xplore


X-plore is a mobile device file manager that is an amazing app for android devices, especially because millions of users have used it. X-plore is used for so many bunches of activities on your devices which every android device needs to have on it. X-plore file manager offers so many functions that it is being used to connect your cloud users, manage your local devices, view images, watch videos, play and listen to your music and also connect to different servers.

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With X-plore, users can access anything on their phone through this file manager, it is being used to root access that is just allowing it to read the only files you wish, and you can built-in viewers for images and audio texts; with X-plore, you can know everything going on in your phone and how to solve it.

In-depth knowledge of X-plore

X-plore file manager is a dual-pane manager explorer that allows you to access your devices' folder structure and files and organize them to your system and style. You will also be able to copy and move your files between your laptop and your mobile devices without being connected with a USB cable; users can enjoy this app more because it easily manages all the apps and files on your android device easier, better and faster.

X-plore file manager includes a series of features that can make your device no more complicated, such as access to the local and remote files, the features of the view images, watching videos, listening to sounds, reading text, and so many more. Moreover, it is easy to view because it has a great interface; the X-plore app improves because ads don't just pop up from anywhere for you to watch. Furthermore, x-plore has the tree view features, LAN or root and the clouds.

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X-plore does the normal operation of copying your file in a very rare way by copying it from one pane to another. It manages your phone totally by showing your folder in the hierarchy manner in a tree view for more understanding and to change easily to other locations.

Using the X-plore app gives you much more understanding of your phone than any other person could say; understanding your phone makes it easy for you to tell what might have gone wrong with it; the X-plore app, as the name implies, explores the inner part of your devices not only the externals. In addition, if you are a user that uses the power of your devices so much, The X-plore app can help you manage it by having your device rooted and making changes to your system data, your backup files and removing deleted and unwanted applications, and so much more.

The X-plore app also gives you permission over your device. For example, you can hide your internal memory from view, and why do that? Of course, you have to be very sure that you are not messing with the system, and you can choose to see the content of many memories embedded in your device or the attached cable device or USB. In addition, you are allowed to see, copy, paste, run, share, install and uninstall other applications.

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With X-plore, you can access files on your android mobile devices from other android devices through wifi and web browsing, and you can manage files on your android devices from your personal computer; you can decide to configure multiple servers which the X-plore file manager supports.

X-plore Features

X-plore application has a whole lot of the finest features. Below are some of the features.

Dual pane tree view

X-plore file manager is a dual one manager explorer, which explains that there are two folders shown at the same time, and some common operations such as editing, copying, running and pasting files are done from one pane to another pane. This dual pane tree view can be done in the traditional system.

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The X-plore shows folder hierarchy in the tree view, and This tree view makes users easily understand where the system is and which file they are currently working on and switch to other locations easily and faster. You can select folders you are working on and highlight files while the other pane folders' light is darkened.


X-plore can display shared folders on servers such as the LAN, FTP, and FTPS servers. In addition, x-plore can show shared folders on other devices and computers in your local network. This server system can also be called the Microsoft windows network system. Through that, you can access shared folders on computers connected to the area network or any remote server once the Microsoft windows network supports it. The access to the FTP and FTPS servers are kept, and numerous servers can be configured.

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Wifi file sharing

X-plore has a rare feature where you can share device files over the WIFI method, and by doing this, your android device acts as a server and provide access to its files; this means that you need a particular device running the X-plore app which will serve as the server and give the files to other devices on LAN.


X-plore application is a good and better application every Android device must have to manage the files accordingly and hierarchically. The X-plore for the android download is offered for free. If you decide that you want to go pro, some features are paid for, which makes you enjoy every quality that X-plore offers.

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Download X plore APK and manage your files accordingly by allowing you to explore all your files on your mobile devices by copying, pasting and moving files.


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