Tower Defence
Tower Defence
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Version: 2.1.13
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Download Tower Defence APK to enjoy an immersive game with unique features. Develop strategies and plans to keep enemies from infiltrating your territory.

Name Tower Defence
Version 2.1.13
Updated Nov 20, 2023
Category Action
Developer 부싯돌(BUSIDOL)
Google Play Link busidol.atv.tower

About Tower Defence

Tower Defence is a typical tower defense game with impressive features and actions. In addition, the game has excellent features and unique screenplays. Due to its little popularity, you'll probably have never heard of Gold Tower Defense before or seen someone play the game. However, for anyone who likes the game's unique concept, it's a game with similar gameplay to games like Clash of Titans. Hence, your task is to protect the tower from invasion.

Tower Defence does have impressive graphics and excellent visuals. The game environment had rich details, and the designers added much effort to make it as exciting as possible for the players. However, there is a unique and beautiful concept used in this game. So, rather than the regular soldiers protecting the castle, you'll have to station mythical creatures like dragons to protect the castle.

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There are many game levels in Gold Tower Defense. You'll start with little protection and have to defend the tower from simple invaders. However, the more you play, the more ugly the fight gets. So, you'll find yourself battling against scary and more dangerous creatures trying to penetrate your defense systems. Gold Tower Defense has a reward system for every time you ensure the tower remains standing. You'll be able to unlock new characters and also earn more money.

The game was developed by BUSIDOL and was released not long ago. Since its release, the game has gained much popularity online and continues to gain more downloads daily. It currently has more than ten thousand downloads on Playstore. Gold Tower Defense is a simple game-free game, but there are in-app purchases to get a better gameplay experience. The content is also rated for anyone below 3, so you can't allow kids to play without supervision.

How to Play

Like any tower defense game, your task is to keep everything stable back in your zone. You'll have to station different protection methods at strategic places to keep the enemy away from invading. The unique concept here is that the game allows you to have orderly protection and attack fashion. Rather than defend on a plain field, you'll be confined to a tunnel system, so your soldiers must patrol these tunnels correctly or allow enemies to infiltrate.

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There are different ranks for all the soldiers in the game too. However, you'll be starting with the ordinary soldiers, and you'll be able to unlock better options when you play more levels. The game store houses various soldiers, equipment, structure, and weapons. You'll have to defeat the Boss at each game to proceed to the next level. So, it would help if you had a solid strategy. You'll also be able to compete with other players around the world by comparing your scores and how big your tower has gotten.

Game Features

Although this is not the most interesting game you can play, it still has exciting gameplay thanks it the features outlined below:

Beautiful Graphics

The game has beautiful graphics quality. Thanks to the incredible visuals used here, you'll be able to have lots of fun and excitement when you play. For example, even though this is a tower defense game, various game elements were paid much attention by the designers. Hence, the game environment, such as grasses, castles, etc., has well-designed structures and beautiful scenery. In addition, you'll see everything going on in the game from the overhead perspective, so you have a bird's eye view of the whole game.

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Game Modes

There are different game modes to play, depending on which one you like most ot what type of experience you want. You can decide to follow the game's storyline and progress across various game levels while it is. Here, you'll be playing against the AI and protecting your Kingdom from being invaded by mythical creatures.

You'll also be able to build your empire, so from level to level, you can change how the gameplay goes and decide which type of game you'd like to play. Likewise, a PVP mode allows you to play against other people online. The PvP mode works like action games, where you compete with other players to keep the tower safe from invasion.

Levels and Challenges

There are various levels to cross in the game. For example, gold Tower Defense allows you to play up to 80 levels in the story mode. Here, you'll start with the basic level, where you compete against more spartan enemies and fight against ordinary invaders.

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To progress to the next level, you must resist the whole wave of enemies and face the Boss. Each level has different bosses, and they get scarier and uglier each, so you have to upgrade your weapons and improve your army to ensure that you can defeat them when the time comes.

Game Store

The game store is extensive because it allows you to purchase various game elements that can boost your gameplay. For example, you'll be able to purchase sophisticated soldiers to improve your army. You'll also be able to buy war and protection equipment that make it easier to fight enemies regardless of what weapons they attack with and how strong their force can be.


There is a leaderboard on the game, which motivates and boosts reputation. There are thousands of players on the database, so appearing on the top 100 list won't be easy unless you're outstanding in the game. So, aiming to make it to the top 100 will keep players motivated and more aggressive with their game pace and strategy. It's also an excellent way to compete with your friends by sharing your ranks on the leaderboard.

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This is an exciting clicker game where you protect your tower from being invaded by enemies. Gold Tower Defense has many elements to boost gameplay and ensure players are well entertained.

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Download Tower Defence APK to enjoy an immersive game with unique features. Develop strategies and plans to keep enemies from infiltrating your territory.


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