Tom and Jerry Chase
Tom and Jerry Chase
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Version: 5.4.39
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Download Tom and Jerry: Chase APK and experience exciting multiplayer gameplay like never before. Play as either Tom or Jerry and face off in the most thrilling chases ever!

Name Tom and Jerry Chase
Version 5.4.39
Updated May 21, 2023
Category Casual
Developer NetEase Games
Google Play Link com.netease.tjglobal

Game Overview

Tom and Jerry: Chase is an exciting multiplayer action game based on the popular classic Tom and Jerry cartoon series. Lovers of the original Tom and Jerry series can now relive the thrilling cat and mouse chase plot that got them hooked on the series. 

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Ever since NetEase Games released the game, the game has been largely received with over 5 million players around the globe. In this fun adventure game, you get to play choose your preferred character and either play as Tom or Jerry. Each chase requires you to out-smart your opponent and successfully maneuver your way across several obstacles in different exciting locations.

The free game features endless action and deeply engaging gameplay that provides players with an awesome gaming experience.

Tom and Jerry: Chase Gameplay

The multiplayer game involves four different mice who employ a combination of cleverness and sharp tactic to safely evade the Tom cat that chases them around the house. If you choose to play as one of the four mice, your goal is to successfully avoid the cat by escaping through tiny cracks in the walls. While doing so, you also have to find wedges of cheese around the house and carry them to holes in the wall. The wedges are bigger than the hole, and you have to push them through the wall crack without getting captured (you earn EXP by pushing cheese which can then be used to upgrade your skills).

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If you decide to play as the cat, your objective is to successfully ruin the tactics of the mice in the game by capturing them before they can escape into the wall cracks. As the sneaky feline, you can see the map of the house, which shows exactly where the cheese is located. You can track the mice by getting to the cheese; where there's cheese, there's a vulnerable mouse to be caught!

Because the mice are much smaller and quicker, capturing them is a lot of work, and the fact that the cat works on its own won't help you much. Regardless, you can get tricky and set a mousetrap at the entrance of the holes. To win, you have to prevent two of the mice from escaping or strapping them to rockets.

Game Modes

To prevent monotonous gameplay, Tom and Jerry: Chase has six game modes for you to alternate between. Here are the different modes in the chase game:


The primary 4v1 mode in the Tom and Jerry: Chase game. This mode aims to either avoid getting captured by the cat while pushing cheese through holes or to prevent the mice from escaping through the wall cracks. But, again, depends on what character you choose to play. The classic mode runs for 10 minutes but may end if you can capture 3 mice, or at least two mice can escape.

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Casual Mode

Unlike the classic, this mode has specific challenges and settings. In addition, the different missions in this mode (like Fun with Fireworks or the Clone Battle) make the game even more exciting.

Ranked Mode

This mode has the same setting as the classic. The only difference is that the ranked mode is only available at particular periods of the day. In this mode, your rank determines the reward you get at the end.

Parkour Mode

An entirely different mode in which you play as the mouse. Your goal is to avoid being caught by the cat before the time runs out.

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Training Mode

The guided training you get in this mode helps you fully master how the game works.

Room Mode

Here, you get to play with other people. You can make things more interesting by forming a team of 4 mice with your friends and communicating with them using the game's voice chat feature.

Multiple Characters

Whether you play as Tom or as Jerry, there are different playable characters asides from the initial characters, which can be unlocked with the game's currency. Each character has their skill, weapon, and look.

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Some notable mice characters include:

  • Detective Jerry

Skill: invisibility

Weapon: smoke bomb

  • Pirate Jerry

Skill: flying coin

Weapon: pirate cannon

  • Tuffy

Skill: bowling ball

Weapon: bazooka

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Some notable cat characters:

  • Butch

Skill: rampage

Weapon: mouse grabber

  • Toodles Galore

Skill: enchanting kiss

Weapon: glamorous perfume

  • Topsy

Skill: double catdentity

Weapon: bubble blower

Different Exciting Looks

Your playable characters can look more interesting by upgrading their looks. Unlock different skins for each character as the game progresses. Choose new looks for your characters and show them off to your friends and players in the game!

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Smooth Control

The controls in the game are very easy to master; the movement arrows are placed on the left side of the screen. You jump by tapping on the jump icon on the right side of the screen, other icons placed on the right control interactions in the game. The map is visible on the top of the left-hand screen for you to see the various parts of the house and the location of cheese around the house. The gameplay is enhanced with the game's smooth controls well suited for android and IOS touchpads.

Before you begin, the game offers a guided tutorial to help you master the basics of the game. Unfortunately, tutorials also allow you to earn perk points, so it would be best not to avoid them.

Graphics and Game Performance

The game is developed with high-quality graphics mirroring the original classic Tom and Jerry series. This, coupled with the soundtrack from the original cartoon, gets you obsessed with the game just as you were with the cartoon.

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The game offers amazing graphics and a sleek game performance without delays or crashes, providing you with a pretty enjoyable experience.

Final Thoughts

Tom and Jerry: Chase is a top choice for gamers. It is even more exciting for fans of the original cartoon as the game adopts similar concepts. Engage in exciting cat and rat chases; bring down your opponent by tactically setting traps around the house and attack with goofy yet deadly weapons.


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