The You Testament
The You Testament
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Download The You Testament APK to live the Gospels from a new and unique lens. This game puts you in the middle of Jesus and lets you choose.

Name The You Testament
Version 1.200.64
Updated Feb 2, 2023
Category Adventure
Developer MDickie
Google Play Link air.YouTestament

The You Testament

The You Testament: The 2D Coming is a Bible-themed action role-playing game developed by MDickie. The game has been cited as highly controversial due to its depiction of the Gospels and other biblical stories. The game features gross exaggerations of the story of Jesus and lets players get a fantastical inside look at what being a disciple would have been like.

Game Description

The game is set during the time of Jesus. Players create their character who starts just meeting Jesus. After an encounter where your character asks Jesus why he's just sitting around when the Messiah has come, Jesus takes you in and you learn that he is the Messiah. The game features the player following Jesus around and learning the secrets of how Jesus performs miracles and his divine powers.

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The people of the cities you visit have been poisoned with a Rage Virus which leads them to be very violent. The game is full of spontaneous fights that you have to find a way out of or survive. When your player dies in The You Testament, there is no revival. Players have to create a new character and start over again whenever their characters die. The game has a "Gore" setting which can be set to an "Extreme" level if players want to play with no holds barred violence. Whatever level the gore setting is left on, the violence of the game is inescapable.

The objective of the game is to learn how to become a 'perfect vessel through which divinity flows'. Jesus teaches you how to become this by teaching you different skills and revealing the secrets to his miracles as the game goes on. The You Testament also features interesting and wacky interpretations of biblical stories such as the turning 'whatever into wine' scene where Jesus asks you to bring him any random item at the wedding at Cana and he turns it into wine.

the you testament

The game features 32 different locations, 200 characters to interact with and up 30 powers and abilities for a player to learn and master. The locations of the game are based on ancient Palestine and feature both indoor settings and outdoor landscapes for different scenes. Players can consult the map at any time to know exactly where they are.

Features of The You Testament

The You Testament has many interesting features and that make the game such an original experience.


The main objective of the game is to travel through towns with Jesus and try not to get arrested by the authorities or killed by the crowds. The major feature of the gameplay is walking through scenes with Jesus and the rest of the disciples and trying to get by. The development company wanted the game to have a realistic approach, so there are no cut scenes and everything happens in real-time.

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Your actions as a disciple spur reaction from Jesus which could be in the form of sermons or teaching you new abilities. Moving is controlled by a cursor or controller. The controls are easy to understand and adapt. When Jesus teaches you a new ability, the button for that skill is displayed so you can try it out and use it when needed.


The first power Jesus teaches you in the game is Meditation which involves ‘closing your two eyes and opening your third eye’. Meditation is how you build ‘prana’ which helps you cast spells. The spells that Jesus teaches you are akin to miracles. There are all kinds of spells for different situations such as the create food spells, manifestation spells, combat spells to help during battles, and many more. Other powers include Magnetism which allows you to attract a crowd of listeners, Hypnosis, Levitation, and Possession which lets you possess any character, even Jesus.

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Your character can be customized to look however you want but that is not the only character that you can change. In The You Testament, players can also customize how Jesus looks. The default Jesus look is a stereotypical one but players can change his appearance to be any race or gender that suits them. The game also offers the option of random customization which lets the game AI decide on a random look for Jesus and other characters in the game like John the Baptist and the Virgin Mary.

The Devil is also a character in this game and characters are faced with temptations as they grow more powerful. The character is given the choice to join with the Devil where they will learn new powers and new ways to manipulate the powers taught to them by Jesus.


The story of the game is not aimed at being overly preachy but it is not trying to be blasphemous either. Rather, the game tries to put the story of the Gospels in the player's hands and let them decide what decisions they would have made at that time. Even though players know where the story is leading, the option of choice allows you to decide how you want things to go.

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The game is rich with biblical references that are open to interpretation and depicts many popular scenes from new perspectives. Players get to experience Jesus’s high and low moments, the justice system of the time, and many more. Most of the key players in the Gospels are featured and the game goes through the day-to-day life of Jesus and his disciples to provide a realistic experience.


The You Testament is a wacky and innovative game that takes a touchy subject and handles it boldly. The game has gotten polarizing opinions from reviewers but it is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind game. The realism of the game sets it apart from other games and the lack of a linear storyline makes it fun to explore. The quirks of this game are what make it unique, such as having Jesus quote people like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jay-Z. The You Testament is an independently created game with many shocks and laughs but an overall genuine theme.

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Download The You Testament APK to live the Gospels from a new and unique lens. This game puts you in the middle of Jesus and lets you choose.


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