Sonic Forces
Sonic Forces
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Version: 4.26.0
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Download Sonic Forces APK for an exciting game experience in Sonic World. The game lets you race against other players while dodging attacks and obstacles.

Name Sonic Forces
Version 4.26.0
Updated Apr 22, 2024
Category Adventure
Developer SEGA
Google Play Link com.sega.sprint

About Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces is a classic version of the first Sonic game, Sonic Dash. The game allows players to have fun in the same environment but adds a little variety to the gameplay. Players get practical experience in the world of Sonic and his friends; however, rather than a lonely race on Sonic Dash, you'll be running against other players online on Sonic Forces. So, your goal is to collect more rings and survive longer than anyone you're playing against.

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Like the original game, Sonic Forces has many characters adapted from the movie scenes (Sonic: The Hedgehog). So, you'll see familiar content in the settings, power-ups, and skills. The characters are also from the movie though some are adapted from the same concept and not featured in the movie. Some of them include Tails, Knuckles, and Sonic.

You can use all sorts of skills and power-ups throughout the game. You can use these power-ups to quicken your pace or slow down your opponent's movement. For example, hurling a ball of fire at them will knock them out and reduce their speed, giving you the advantage to take the lead. Likewise, you must be vigilant and ready to avoid attacks while running carefully.

It's an online game, meaning you'll be playing with real players, not AI. You can play in different locations, and as long as you master each of them, you won't have an issue winning against anyone you play. The game was developed by SEGA and is free for all devices to install and play. It's available in about 45 languages and can be played by anyone above three years. 

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Sonic Forces is quite popular online, with over 50 million downloads on Playstore, rated 4.4 by thousands of users. The game's various versions also add to its impressive portfolio since only games with good reviews from the first can have a second and classic version that users are still willing to play.

Run For Your Life

The game's objective is simple. It requires you to race against other players and accumulate the highest points when the race ends. To do this, you'll have to be good at various aspects of the game, such as avoiding obstacles, running smoothly, collecting rings and rewards, and in this version, you'll also need to know how to prevent opponent attacks.

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As you continue running, you'll get various attempts from your opponents to knock you down. For example, an enemy sending fireballs your way possesses an imminent threat because it will reduce your speed and give them an advantage. So you have to dodge a d avoid these attacks as much as possible to finish as the best player. You also need to be able to challenge them by attacking them at the right time too.

Game Features

Anyone who's seen the movie or played any version of Sonic games before would expect SEGA to provide nothing short of a brilliant game with this classic remake. Check out the features of Sonic Forces below:

Graphics and Sounds

Sonic Forces is a relatively fast-paced racing game, so it has superb graphics. The design is adapted for an excellent 3D animation. It has unique characters and a detailed environment like the PC version, though the mobile version still has few lines to cross in the visuals aspect.

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The game does an excellent job with the brightly coloured characters, objects and environment. The deep signature blue for Sonic can be seen in the game once you start playing, and the subtle details include numerous other graphics features.

Game Modes

There are more than one game modes to play on Sonic Forces. The most popular is multiplayer, of course. Still, you can always enjoy the thrills of other modes, which is an attempt by the developers to break the cycle of Gameplay and add variety to the game by allowing players to enjoy different types of games.


There are many characters in Sonic Forces, though the game reflects on Sonic the Hedgehog. In addition, other members from Sonic's world are added to spice up the fun and bring some variety. So, depending on your favourite or how powerful you want them to be, you can choose between Sonic, Knuckle's, Amy, Shadow, Charmy, Vector, Tails and others.

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Each player can choose which one of these characters they love most and will have to compete with others. You can have more than one player using the same characters in a multiplayer game, so some players would want to be unique by upgrading and using rare characters.

Game Rewards

Each of the characters listed above has a unique upgrade profile. So, you don't get the same upgrades for all the characters you adopt since they all have different powers and skills. However, these upgrades are also essential parts of the game because they determine your character's performance during a run and can influence your survival.

So players with higher upgrades stand a better chance of winning the races and breaking records than those without. There are more than five upgrades for each character, and each upgrade will reward you with XP for your score multiplier to increase. The more rings and multipliers you receive, the higher your revenue to get better upgrades.

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Being fast is never enough in Sonic games, but it's more important to be quick and smart in this version. You won't only have to avoid obstacles, but you will also have to avoid opponents. You'll need the highest level of talent and reflex to reach the finish line when you race in multiplayer mode.

The track is sometimes narrow, winding or challenging to jump, while the obstacles get more ambiguous. In similar games, it's easy to see and dodge them, but Sonic characters run at super-sonic speed, making survival more difficult.


Sonic is an exciting game with lots of speedsters to play against. It has all the features of a typical racing game and other qualities to improve the experience.

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Download Sonic Forces APK for an exciting game experience in Sonic World. The game lets you race against other players while dodging attacks and obstacles.


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