Dino Tamers
Dino Tamers
Size: 222.18 MB
Version: 2.25
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Download Dino Tamers APK, Tame and ride dinosaurs in an online open-world adventure. Survival is a battle on a planet full of terrible beasts.

Name Dino Tamers
Version 2.25
Updated Oct 17, 2023
Category Adventure
Developer Foxie Ventures
Google Play Link com.FoxieGames.DinoProject

Game Story

Arcadia represents humanity's last chance. A prehistoric lost land packed with dinosaurs fighting for existence. Explore a new world where Jurassic creatures lurk around every corner. Arcadia and her inhabitants have a story to tell, and it is up to you to unravel the mysteries and wonders of this challenging new world. As you progress through an interactive adventure, you become a dinosaur tamer and deadly battle animal. Your main objective is to befriend and ride deadly dinosaurs while avoiding terrible monsters. You will have a spectacular thrill and perceive the world differently as soon as you mount your first dinosaur. Prepare yourself and observe how other creatures flee as you ride your massive T-Rex across various places!

Game description

Dino Tamers is filled with action-adventure experiences, where you descend into a wide jungle searching for several dinosaurs. To survive and win, you must use your climbing skills to leap over these prehistoric beasts. and finish each assignment with their help.

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Dino Tamers is a fun game in which you uncover numerous dinosaur species. Furthermore, you will not only observe them, you'll also capture them to assault all of your opponents with each dinosaur and impose your strength, emerging victorious as the only genuine winner.


Dino Tamers takes place in the Jurassic period, with humans sent back in time to live alongside deadly dinosaurs. Unable to return, humanity learns to adapt to old settings and creatures only seen in museums.

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On the other hand, humans eventually demonstrate their superior survival instincts, demonstrating why they are Earth's lords. They can tame dinosaurs, convert them into mounts, and even hunt other dinosaurs.

Game features

A Multiplayer Game

This free-to-play dinosaur game allows you to explore the internet environment, and befriend herbivores like the fearsome triceratops. If you're feeling adventurous, you can encounter wild carnivores like the spinosaurus, T rex, and raptor. In this survival game, you must explore the island. Make friends with other internet players while riding prehistoric Jurassic creatures!

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Sounds And Graphics

The 3D graphics of the game will immerse players in an ancient world where they are the leaders of creatures. The movements made by hideous dinosaurs have now been showcased as artistically pleasing animations. The facility includes a safe refuge for these domesticated dinosaurs and a small arena that immerses gamers in this ancient civilisation.

Ride On Dinosaurs

Once you've tamed the terrible primordial monsters, you can ride them around the monster-filled Jurassic world. As you look for a worthy opponent to engage, climb on top of T-Rex and scare off the lesser creatures.

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During Survival Mode And online PVP, Fight For Dominance

Battle in deadly dinosaur wars against other online gamers. Win prizes for the longest survival in the dangerous primaeval jungle and killing your opponents with excellent skills! Will you be able to live, or will you be killed on the instant?

Be As Quiet As Possible

Hunt down dinosaurs or tame and collect all of them. Dino Tamers includes a novel sneak mechanism that lets you get close and become more friendly with your most-adored dinosaurs while remaining undetected. Dodge and hunt the deadly animals that wander Arcadia by using trees, tall grass, and flora.

Hunt And Battle Your In The Dangerous Jurassic world

Unlock RPG-style components to boost your dinosaur's skills and fight through dangerous missions!

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Capture And Help Your Dinosaurs Evolve

Investigate a mystery ember to advance your dinosaur's DNA and help it evolve into the next level, this unlocks great new traits like wings, transforming them into lethal monsters and dragons. Get ready to ride a Spinosaurus with wings!

Explore and Discover The Arcadia Land

As you battle, tame, and construct your way in the interactive adventure, discover the Arcadia land and the native people!

Make A Base

Create an hiding base on Arcadia for your monsters to relax after having fought for their survival that day. Mine the world's resources and use the resources create unique products. To level up your dinosaurs, use the resources mined to construct megastructures such as the evolution centre.

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Finish Several Tasks

Join the Arena conflict, gather your dinos, and assemble your army of powerful clones ready to fight an epic PvP battle in real-time against other players and tamers. Learn about and acquire excellent game types such as Capture the Flag, Team Fight, and Free For All. Join a tribe or form your own and make friends with other gamers who share your interests. Unlock new abilities for each dinosaur species.

Make Purchases In-app

The game allows you make purchases in-app, this purchases are totally option. However, altering your device settings can prevent the purchase functionality.

New features

- Save on cloud! Log with a Google Play Games account and have your saved data connected to the account

- Chest PVP! Winning PvP matches with your team will get you PvP chests.

- Give your dinosaurs names! In the dino menu, name your dinos with any name.

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- Tamed dinosaurs without a habitat can be kept in a pen and won't escape.

- You no longer need to research Habitats, and all upgrades and buildings are now available from the 4th rank.

- No more Taming bugs: Tamers were occasionally making incorrect taming progress.


Dino Tamers is the game for you if you want to play a game with unique gameplay. Dino Tamers includes a novel sneak mechanism that lets you get up close and personal with your favourite dinosaurs while remaining undetected.

To sneak past and hunt the deadly animals that wander Arcadia, use trees, tall grass, and flora. This is not an easy game, but it offers features you will not find in any other game. This is the best survival game in which you must nurture dinosaurs to help you survive. Have fun with 3D graphics.

To play, you must have a network connection. If WiFi is not available, data rates may apply.

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Download Dino Tamers APK, Tame and ride dinosaurs in an online open-world adventure. Survival is a battle on a planet full of terrible beasts.


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