Diamond Quest
Diamond Quest
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Version: 2.96
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Download Diamond Quest APK, a fun game that combines the gameplay from most classic platformers with challenging puzzles. It is a fantastic adventure game.

Name Diamond Quest
Version 2.96
Updated May 17, 2024
Category Adventure
Google Play Link diamond.quest.dont.rush

Diamond Quest

The Diamond quest game is an adventure game that features gameplay from most classic platform games. Bounce Entertainment Company Limited developed this game.

In this game, you get to be an adventurer. You get to delve into the most dangerous destruction in the world and retrieve as many old arts as possible. The goal is to recover as many gems as possible without dying while attempting.

The gameplay here is simple and unique; you can control your character's movements with the arrows. I'm the screen; they are for directions. With diamond quest download, you interact with any elements with a simple tap on the screen.

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In this game, you can use puzzles to get to the jewels you are looking for.  The road in the mystery puzzle might become closed, but you can go back to the last checkpoint and retrace your steps. You must sacrifice coins to return to the next checkpoint, move some rocks, and get past some obstacles.

When you complete each level, you'd have to defeat an evil boss before being led to the following location. You are an adventurer looking for gems in places no one dares to go, so you must have all the creatures. Download game diamond quest and do not rush so you'd not be trapped.

Description of Diamond Quest

Diamond quest is a top-rated and addictive game available in the store. This game is available on both Android and IOS operating systems. In this game, you are a courageous explorer scouring the jungle.

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The jungle here is called Angkor Wat temple. You would also experience the dungeons in the Bavaria castle and the Icy caves in Tibet. Your main motive in this game is to collect gems and diamonds during a puzzle before going out to the following puzzle through the next door.

During your adventure, you need to chop leaves and remove cobwebs to find these precious gems you are searching for. In the game, gravity-induced boulders sent crashing down to smash any moving objects and creatures in the way - the player included.

Diamond quest is a well-improved adventure game, you have a task to find the end of the game and tackle the boss, but before you get there, you would have encountered a lot of dangers in the game. Sometimes obstacles like rocks can become a weapon for the player as you can use them to kill a snake or tomb custodians.

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The diamonds you are searching for in this game are hidden in treasure chests, and you are responsible for finding them and winning the game. There are a variety of diamonds you are on a quest to find. Make sure you look through them and collect as much as possible.

Features Of Diamond Quest

Diamond quest is a unique game with so many exciting features.


Most of the gameplay details have been described In the game described above. The main goal of this game is for you to find those precious diamonds featured in the game's name. The gameplay is so exciting, and there are many obstacles for you to explore.

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The world here is on a mysterious island; On this mysterious island, there are snakes, turtles, bombs, monkeys, and many more—most of these stand as obstacles to winning your quest and getting your diamond. You'd need to avoid them. At some point, you might need to dive into the water to complete the quest.

User interface

This game has one of the most fantastic user interfaces. A user-friendly interface you can easily control. You can get through the game with just a few clicks. Also, the visuals here are incredible. They are HD graphics that feature some fantastic soundtrack to go with them.

The controls for playing the game are on the right angle of the screen, and with just a few taps, you would be unraveling diamonds.

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The gameplay here is based on a puzzle. You must solve these puzzles and get to each end to win a game. Sometimes while at the mystery, everything seems locked up; when; when this happens,, you can return to the checkpoint and respawn yourself.

At the end of the puzzle, make sure to defeat the big bosses and be careful not to lose your life while at it. The puzzles in this game help you challenge your brain and prove your intelligence. There are hundreds of puzzles to solve; dig; dig in.


There are some tools and weapons in this game, and some obstacles can be used as weapons like suspended boulders, rocks, etc.

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You Also get access to some mystic tools. Like a mystic hammer used to break walks, a mystic clip to drag things, and a ‘freeze’ hammer for freezing too.


Download diamond quest and get past the most challenging obstacles and puzzles. Experience a fun, high-quality classic performer game that keeps you hooked to your screens. Explore hidden temples and collect hidden artifacts with the diamond quest: download diamond quest's latest version and experience all the new unique features waiting for you.

This game is easy to play and enjoyable for all ages as it helps you think through the puzzles. Download the game and enjoy a fantastic experience.

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Download Diamond Quest APK, a fun game that combines the gameplay from most classic platformers with challenging puzzles. It is a fantastic adventure game.


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