Grand Hotel Mania
Grand Hotel Mania
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Download Grand Hotel Mania APK latest version, a time-management activity that requires you to schedule your guests' visits by giving them suites to sleep in.

Name Grand Hotel Mania
Updated May 28, 2024
Category Adventure
Developer UPWAKE.ME
Google Play Link com.deuscraft.TurboTeam

Description of Grand Hotel Mania

You will begin with a little resort, then as you advance in levels, you will steadily attract growing numbers of visitors. Control the front counter, be responsible for having all the bedrooms prepared, and earn fantastic bonuses. With the help of these suggestions, you may increase your spending, modernize current properties, and start other hotels all over the planet. Develop your business and embark on difficult tasks.


Nothing from the beginning is simple and lucrative, particularly in commerce. Grand Hotel Mania also reflects this.

You will become the proprietor of a modest hotel with very few bedrooms and substandard treatment when you join Grand Hotel Mania. Recognize that you won't be able to generate a lot of revenue or win over a lot of clients immediately. You will exert yourself as much as possible. Only your desire will propel you forward.

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You appoint Ted and Monica as two more servers to ensure that all of your clients are satisfied and to lessen your workload every day. Your responsibility is to enhance the hotel so it is more opulent, pleasant, and appealing. Every consumer inquiry must be handled swiftly by the administrator. Establish goals and provide assistance as soon as you can.

Guests will look at the food a company serves to determine if or not it provides quality care. So enter the kitchen and prepare your own mouth watering food for the clients. There are many different items on the Grand Hotel Mania's menu, including macaroni, lasagna, seafood, espresso, tea, etc. Ensure you can fulfill any requests clients may have.

Features of Grand Hotel Mania

Control your hotel

Grand Hotel Mania has a tight deadline for every activity. Inquiries from customers have a time constraint. Even if you continue to provide them with complete service if you make customers wait for too long, their pleasure will suffer.

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Additionally, it takes time for espresso or hamburger makers to work. Therefore, ensure you can feed everyone fast and don't make them wait. Employ the guide if you're a beginner to Grand Hotel Mania and don't understand how it operates to move up the stage quickly.

Fireworks not only expedite task completion but also produce entertaining results. Guests will leap for pleasure when they watch pyrotechnics in the air. Additionally, the hotel's warmth will decline as cold approaches. Ensure the heating is on in the reception area to prevent guests from "chilling" while they sit. Additionally, this lowers both guest happiness and the hotel's image.

Guests will express their pleasure by leaving love for you when you provide excellent service. The greater affection and respect for your business, the quicker your business grows.

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Improve and expand your hotel

One tiny hotel won't be enough to make you wealthy. Expand carefully to improve your hotel with a paltry first yield. The more clients a business can attract, the bigger the potential gain.

You can enhance the hotel and finish stages with gems in addition to money. Of course, employing gems will result in greater productivity than using money. It also enables you to complete tasks quickly rather than delaying as you would while using money.


The visuals used in Grand Hotel Mania are vibrant and bright. The setting is humming with a wide variety of events that are shown as realistically as possible.

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Find fresh narratives

Once the upgraded edition is out, the latest narratives created for Grand Hotel Mania are important. Butler is a well-known guest at your hotel. He will handle some problems. He will share unique adventures and tales as the boss of the resort group.They are complemented by a number of examples that help you understand what a supervisor does.

Additionally, the fact that Ted and Monica would be living at his resort is completely unanticipated. The chaos these 3 friends carry along will fall under your purview to manage. There will be numerous prerequisites for positions in hotel administration. It will be a brave move once the resort decides to accept guests, particularly bears. You can employ such issues to help you identify answers for other, more basic hospitality situations.

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Several activities

In Grand Hotel Mania, every action you take is rewarding. You will be the owner of an edifice with numerous units constructed with the staff's active support. However, you need to be aware of the standard of the bedroom and the length of guest waiting periods. You'll get more jobs to accomplish if there is more space. They won't, however, make things tough for you. Simple problem-solving and speedy client demand fulfillment are all that is required of you.

Guests often keep you occupied for one day due to particular requirements. They might need you to tidy and furnish the hotel room they require when they sign in. Additionally, providing additional resort facilities increases your profits. It is the extra money obtained from giving the customer what they want as rapidly as possible. Depending on your actions, you will receive the rewards.

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Excellent experiences in life and in business

Because you're the best-skilled administrator, Grand Hotel Mania is superior to an average hotel. Your diverse demands will be upgraded and stored by the computer, creating a much better user experience. It will be the least active role if all you want to do is quickly receive awards from the receptionist and deal with problems. You'll get rewards determined by your performance. As your rank rises, the number of money that you will get from customers will also rise.


Simple, enjoyable, and very thrilling. Your unhappiness will vanish soon thanks to Grand Hotel Mania. Download and play to increase the enjoyment you have managing the hotel.

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Download Grand Hotel Mania APK latest version, a time-management activity that requires you to schedule your guests' visits by giving them suites to sleep in.


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