The Walking Dead Season 2
The Walking Dead Season 2
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Version: 1.35
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Download The Walking Dead Season 2 APK for a thrilling gaming experience. This horror-themed game takes you into a post-apocalyptic zombie world in which you must avoid getting eaten.

Name The Walking Dead Season 2
Version 1.35
Updated Aug 26, 2022
Category Adventure
Developer Howyaknow, LLC

The Walking Dead: S2 Overview

Following The Walking Dead: Season One, international game developer Telltale Games released the second season of the horror-themed game in 2013. Like the game's first season, the sequel follows the adventure of survivors of a zombie-ridden post-apocalyptic world. The sequel features Clementine, an 11 year-old orphan, as the main protagonist. Since its release, the second season has become one of the most popular horror games in the gaming world. The game's storyline plays out in the five episodes of the game, all of which were released between the period of 2013-2014. The season's strong language and severely violent scenes make it only suitable for adults, not kids.


The second season of the walking dead gaming series is no different from the first in gameplay. Players control the movements of the third-person character, Clementine, and make interactions with the items and other characters in an environment infested with "walkers". The game's point-and-click feature allows players to make these interactions and carry out all functions within the game.

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As the game progresses, the players meet several non-player characters with whom they have conversations. When engaged in conversations with these non-player characters, the players are offered different choices that can influence the game's course. They must decide what reply is appropriate within a limited time or choose to not respond, their silence is marked by a series of ellipses shown in the game. Each response or silence impact the game's storyline which can further flow into future seasons of the game. This is similar to how players' decisions from the first season of the game and the 400 Days spin-off influence the storyline in the second season.

Players also engage in several exciting events like having to solve various  puzzles within a limited time frame. This ensures the survival of Clementine and her multiple companions she meets at various points in the game. While playing, players must think and act fast to move on to the next stage without dying.

The Walking Dead S2 Plot

The season's storyline continues the events in the first season. However, this time, young  Clementine is the main protagonist. With her parents and Lee Everett (her guide in the first season) lost to the zombie infection, Clementine has to survive the gruesome zombie world all by herself.

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The events in the Walking Dead: S2 play out in five separate episodes. The first episode was released in 2013, initially for Mac and PC but was made available on other gaming platforms as time passed until 2020 when the final version for the Nintendo switch was released.

Episode 1: All That Remains

The story begins with Clementine doing all she can do to survive on her own in the scary post-apocalyptic world. Unfortunately, she is left with not much supplies as she tries to figure out what her next course of action will be without Lee or any the companions she was with in the first season of the game.

Episode 2: A House Divided

In the next episode, Clementine finds new companions who help in the fight to survive the zombie apocalypse. However, even among the living, she finds survivors who she does not trust, making survival a tad more difficult.

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Episode 3: In Harms Way

It is at this point Clementine finds her old find, Kenny. However, her relief does not last long as she gets imprisoned by a maniac who will go to any length to ensure mankind survives the zombie infection.

Episode 4: Amid The Ruins

Clementine and her companions, now separated, find themselves surrounded by a flood of hungry walkers. With only a hatchet, Clementine struggles to be re-united with her companions and protect them. This is more challenging especially with Rebecca- one of her friends- on the verge of birth.

Episode 5: No Going Back

Things get even more difficult after Rebecca gives birth and dies a horrible death. The new baby is named AJ (Alvin Junior) by Kenny and is left in the hands of Clementine. Now, she has to survive one of the roughest climates ever with a baby to protect. But, unfortunately, her choices also affect the lives of her friends.

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Because the players' choices determine the course of the game, there can be different variations to the storyline. There are about five different ways in which the plot could play out. Regardless, the variations all lead to the survival of Clementine and AJ.


The game's second season was developed with amazing features that earned it its popularity. Some of the amazing features that places the game above many other horror-themed games include:

  • Impressive Graphics: What many gamers look for is the game's graphics. The Walking Dead gaming series is known for having high-quality pictures and an elegant design that enables gamers to have an amazing gaming experience.
  • Engaging Plot: The intricate storyline which this season has gets players hooked. Players don't only get to engage in the events and activities the game offers but also follow a carefully developed story.
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  • Exciting Puzzles: For players to develop to different stages in the game, they need to solve challenging puzzles within a short time frame. This way, players get entertained while engaging their minds.
  • Realistic Characters: Another interesting feature the game has is its diverse and unique characters. Each non-player character has a deep backstory which develops the entire storyline and makes the story more thrilling. To players, they are more than game characters, their interactions with Clementine makes them seem more real. This makes the game more absorbing.


For gamers seeking a thrilling horror game with an impressive plot, The Walking Dead: Season 2 is an ideal choice. The game features extra violent and gory scenes that send chills down any gamer's spine. To many horror lovers, the Walking Dead: S2 one of the best horror-based adventure games.

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Download The Walking Dead Season 2 APK for a thrilling gaming experience. This horror-themed game takes you into a post-apocalyptic zombie world in which you must avoid getting eaten.


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