The Pirate Caribbean Hunt
The Pirate Caribbean Hunt
Size: 111.61 MB
Version: 10.2.4
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Download The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt APK latest version. Get the best pirate gameplay plus awe-inspiring features. Take the lead as a Pirate and conquer enemies.

Name The Pirate Caribbean Hunt
Version 10.2.4
Updated Nov 16, 2023
Category Action
Developer Home Net Games
Google Play Link com.HomeNetGames.Pirates

What The Game Is About

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt employs a third-person point of view to illustrate the most actionable and adventurous gameplay. In this game,  players will take the helm of a pirate ship and loot the Caribbean waters. As captain of this pirate ship, it goes beyond shooting guns and raising sails. Much more will be done.

Players can freely cruise with their ship through an awesome 3D setting. However, As you go on sailing, reverse the helm and, more importantly, your cannons.

Sequel Of The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Game

That being said, to get on a mission, you must keep certain objectives in heart; these goals are needed to finish quickly. You will occasionally have to pick up cargo or destroy opponent ships.

the pirate caribbean hunt apk

You can stop by a Caribbean port to trade your loot as you keep sailing. The gain from your loot can achieve many things, such as mending the damage done to your ship, purchasing cannon balls, enlisting fresh members to your crew, and upgrading your ship.

The gameplay is thrilling and complex, plus the incredible graphics. The configuration preference also allows players to modify the graphics to the capacity of their device

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt – Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Below are a few basic manuals for beginners. It consists of fighting, sailing, fleet management training, etc.


You can modify the steering mode between the wheel's setting and the accelerometer. If stuck in a dead corner against the storm, raise just the front sails. And then your ship will be rotated by the wind.

Basic Fight

Tap on the small cannon icon to initiate the battle mode.

the pirate caribbean hunt apk for android

- Touch the areas of the ship icon to select where to shoot.

- Press the porch icon to begin shooting; note that for every shooting, you are consuming ammo

Advanced Fight

Utilize the chain balls to destroy your enemy's sails, and lessen their ship's speed and maneuverability.

  • Use times-two balls to get seemingly double ammo. Then, drop your sails to improve the speed to reload by 50%.

Oil Barrels

  • Buy some Oil barrels.
  • During the battle, tap on the cask icon to drop a barrel.
  • Leave the casks at the front of the enemy ship; this will induce flames, which slow down a ship and deplete the hulls.

Explosive Barrels/Casks

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  • To get access to explosive barrels when fighting, players will need to acquire Trap Master Captain abilities
  • Purchase a few barrels of gunpowder.
  • While you fight, press the cask icon to release a barrel.
  • Drop the casks at the front of your enemy ship. One barrel can collapse a small ship.

Managing Your Fleet

To Go From Ships To Ships, Press The Right Ship Icon At The Upper Screen.

  • When you get to a port, select "ship list" and edit all ships to "Ready to sail." Then, travel to the mission or unwrap the map and choose Open World. As you travel on the sea, open the " ships list" and take control of each ship.

How To Capture The Ship

Any ship found in an open world is free to be captured. To seize a ship, you are advised to take more than a single ship to contain a minimum number of crews you will need and as a sail requirement.

the pirate caribbean hunt

To seize a ship by getting aboard, you must get the Captain Skill Corsair prepared. On approaching the desired vessel, an icon will be displayed when in range; touch the icon, and it will display a small boarding game. Press the icons to exterminate the ship crew.

Another method is bringing along some grape shots, cannon bombs, or balls. Bring down the hull to one side of the vessel with basic ammo, then change to grapeshot and slay the crew.

Capturing enemy ships

Taking hold of your opponent's ships is very profitable; players can acquire gold and expand their fleets. To capture your opponent's ships consider the following steps:

Method One

  • Be ready for the mission: gear your ship with the necessary equipment.
  • When you find an opponent in the open world, shoot them with mortar balls until your opponent's armor is reduced to 50%.
  • Shoot your enemy with grapeshot until they surrender by showing a white flag.
  • Take a sail close to the enemy ships and board their ship. Then, get your crew to the opponent ship until it modifies sides.
  • Travel back to your base or town. All the chips you looted will travel with you. You can make extra profit by selling ship cargo, or the whole ship.
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Method Two

  • Swim down to your opponent ship; when you click the icon boarding, the crew will automatically start a fight.
  • When the crew is defeated, the vicious crew surrender.

How To Find The Treasure Maps

Treasure maps can be found while sailing in an open world. They can also be found at shipwrecks, on survivors, on abandoned mystery/ghost ships, in owned treasure cabinets — you will hear rumors that the owners of the treasures were captains who got captured. To get to where the treasure is located, open the menu on the screen, click on overview, and then to a treasure map; lastly, click on the Show on map.

the pirate caribbean hunt apk latest version

You can only find a treasure map while you sail; if you need more treasures, you must explore the island before getting another.

Types Of Treasures That Can Be Found On The Island: 

  • Blueprints
  • Gold
  • Other Treasure island map


The Pirate: Caribbean hunt has the best adventurous features. More than just a game, players can improve their instinctive ability to unravel treasures and dominate enemies. If this kind of game tickles your fantasy, go to the Google play store and download The pirate: Caribbean for free.

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Download The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt APK latest version. Get the best pirate gameplay plus awe-inspiring features. Take the lead as a Pirate and conquer enemies.


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