Taxi Game 2
Taxi Game 2
Size: 77.70 MB
Version: 2.5
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Download Taxi Game 2 APK, a classy driving simulator that is great for you. The app is a 3D fun game with the player being a career taxi driver in a busy city.

Name Taxi Game 2
Version 2.5
Updated Feb 21, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer baklabs
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Taxi Game 2

Taxi Game 2 is a free mobile driving game. It focuses on the player being a taxi driver. Baklabs, an android apps developer, owns this game. In this game, you are in career mode. You get to develop your taxi driving skills and build an empire.

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This game is fun and enjoyable. You can buy new cars, be paid for dispatch, and explore other city zones. You are to drive around and select passengers you would like to transport, and you can build your empire from there. 

You would encounter many obstructions while being a taxi driver, but you would get to overcome them. As a player, you get to interact with exciting and unique characters. You must also correctly navigate the traffic to get your client to their destinations.

Description of Taxi game 2

This game is a fun game that features several diverse characters and tasks. You can access this game on your android mobile device. In taxi game 2's latest version, you can change your avatar.

You would make a lot of money from transporting passengers. It is best to invest this money into your career. You can decide to buy new cars or increase your driving zones. Improve your driving skills and focus on the road; driving in the city is not an easy task.

taxi game 2 apk latest version

In the World created for Taxi game 2, you can either be successful or not. You can explore many tools and components in this game to survive as a driver—open world map and GPS navigation to navigate traffic and give your passengers a better riding experience. Try to explore different routes.

Unlike in the real world, speed equals more money in this game. The faster you get your clients to their destination, the more money they pay you. At the beginning of this game, you are to choose between two control systems: a virtual steering wheel or a button jamming.

In the Taxi game 2 downloads for android, you can use on-screen buttons to play the game. You have the brake, reverse, speed up, and activate turbo mode buttons. The turbo mode uses a lot of fuel, so ensure you have enough gas before starting the turbo mode.

This game aims to get clients to their destination as fast as possible. In this game, you make money in fares. You can use Taxi game 2 unlimited money to fill your gas tank and repair your taxi. As you are speeding to make more money by getting your clients to their destination on time, you also need to be super careful not to hit or run pedestrians over. If you have an accident with a pedestrian, you will be fined heavily.

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Features of Taxi game

Some unique features that make Taxi game 2 more fun are listed below.

Career mode

In this game, you get to be in career mode. You can develop the whole character yourself. You have a driving skill; you do that to make money. Make money and invest it in building your skill and your empire. When you make your fares to develop your taxi driving skills, you can buy new cars, make fares off a dispatch and explore many city zones. The career mode makes you take charge of what is happening in the game. You also get to meet new characters as you drive.

User interface

This game has a unique design and attractive user interface. This app has high-quality graphics that keeps you drawn to the game. The cars and NPCs in the game are very interactive; people walk, and vehicles pass by. The whole game has a Full 3D open world.

taxi game 2 apk

This taxi driving simulator game has excellent designs, very nice cars, and aesthetics. You can upgrade some of the features of your game with your fares. You also have access to a simulated GPS navigation feature. There are so many beautiful routes across the city that you can explore.


The Taxi game 2 download has one of the most unique and engaging gameplay for a mobile device. The people in the city move freely, and the cars are also in motion. You start your vehicle, and the traffic is the giant against you in this game. You are a city traffic racer. As you drive your car through the city, you successfully pick up passengers and transport them to their destination.

You need to speed up to get your clients to their destination. While at full speed, you must be careful and watch for pedestrians and traffic. You must always refuel your Taxi cabs and ensure not to run out of gas. A fantastic thing about Taxi game 2 is that you can choose your passenger; it is your decision who to pick up. There are a lot of clients in the city. Take them to their destinations and make some fares.

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Taxi game 2 free download gets you the fun simulation app you can enjoy on the go. This game includes varying points of view. Watch this game from a first- or third-person’s viewpoint. The player's goal is to make his way across the city and get the passengers to their destination on time. This game is the best Taxi game at the moment. It is a unique driving game.

Enjoy the thrilling and exciting gameplay of the Taxi game 2 application.

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Download Taxi Game 2 APK, a classy driving simulator that is great for you. The app is a 3D fun game with the player being a career taxi driver in a busy city.


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