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Version: 1.4.6
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Download Swordigo APK, an action-adventure fun game. Swordigo is a game app that features elements from action and platform games to give a better gaming experience.

Name Swordigo
Version 1.4.6
Updated Sep 5, 2023
Category Adventure
Developer Touch Foo
Google Play Link com.touchfoo.swordigo


Swordigo features a wide variety of platforming challenges and an epic adventure. This game is brought to you by touch foo. It has an excellent structure that connects it with platforming and adventure games in the past.

Swordigo game download comes with an app that incorporates elements from two different gameplay and offers a fantastic control touch screen experience.

There are so many locations and scenes in this game. There is a page where you can interact with locals, one where you can purchase new objects, and one where you can find a new mission. There are also dungeons where you battle ferocious enemies and several powerful bosses.

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To fight and defeat enemies, you have various skills and spells. This game is infused with different weapons and magic you can use for in-game survival. You need to carefully select and note which would be most effective for the moment and the area you are in at the time. 

The higher you go in levels, the stronger your skills and spells. You need this strength to face the enemies and conquer them.

Description of Swordigo

Swordigo is a game-playing app with a unique and thrilling combination of action, role-playing, and platform gaming. This game comes with a great control system and excellent graphics. It is a single-player offline game.

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The battle is between you and the villains and bosses. This game is compatible with mobile devices, both the android and IOS operating systems. You can run, jump and slash in the unique world created in swordigo for free download.

This game allows you to embark on a fantastic adventure. With its added aesthetics, this game gives you the unique feel that platforming and action games offer. If you are searching for excitement and some fun, download swordigo for android or IOS to get the experience.

This game offers a fantastic adventure as you encounter magical realms, treasures, towns, dungeons, and deceitful monsters. As you gain more experience and level up, your character becomes stronger.

You get full-on access to magic and swords. You should search for weapons, items, and spells to defeat your enemies and bring you to victory. Explore gloomy caves and discover hidden blades and higher levels of adventure. 

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The playing controls of both platform and adventure games have been incorporated into all swordigo game downloads. This game comes with a fluid and challenging platforming gameplay specifically for mobile devices. The touch control has been optimized specifically to suit smartphones. You can also customize the controls to suit your taste.

Features of Swordigo

In a swordigo game download, you can access many unique features and plays.


This game features a side-scrolling view. It is an adventure game in which players can jump, run, swing their swords, and cast spells. When you defeat enemies, you level ups and gain more experience.

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With unlimited swordigo money, you can upgrade character attributes like health, power, magic, or attack. In this game, you can find new items and equipment to make them more powerful and grant them more abilities. Blow up some walls with bombs, activate the magic bolt button, and hit enemies.

As a player in the swordigo game, you would get money from defeated enemies, cutting off plants, destroying boxes, and breaking vases; you can use this money to shop for more items and be more powerful. You have access to a map at all times. This map keeps track of your locations and areas you have visited. There are also portals for easy backtracking of the previous regions.


This game features an unknown young man that is woken from a dream of the death of his master. He gets up, ventures into the forest searching for his master, and finds him lying still and unconscious; he is dead. The note on his master speaks of dark and evil people, "the corruptors."

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One of the corruptors attacks him, And he is left unconscious. The Mageblade is the only thing powerful enough to kill the corruptors, and this man is on a journey to find it after awakening from his cold phase. The ghost of his master points him in the right direction, and he sees the dungeon where the sword is kept.

The corruptor who killed his master is waiting on him in that dungeon and has destroyed the mageblade. After killing that corruptor, the player only finds a piece of the sword. His master guides him to find the remaining parts of the sword. After assembling the sword, he has been sent as swordigo to another world called the world's end keep.

Here, he gets to battle all corruptors and bosses and take victory to his village, where he started up from.

User interface

This game features many unique graphics and locations. The lighting and effects of this game are perfect, and the sound suits it all better. Swordigo has a user-friendly interface you can easily explore. With a few clicks, you can go around the game and explore all game features.

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The weapons, the spells, the characters, and the locations all have a unique aesthetic that keeps you going. The game features dynamic lighting that adjusts perfectly to whatever domain you are in at the moment. The atmospheric dynamic lighting system was used to achieve this. You also get to customize your controls to suit your preference.


Download swordigo latest versions and get access to the #1 mobile adventure game and a 3D platformer. Enjoy the game as you hop between platforms and slash your swords against your enemies. Get into the substantial 3D world and get access to fight incredible battles. Fight and win wars while exploring this magical world.

Download swordigo to watch and experience excellent fights and swordplay and feel the magic.

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Download Swordigo APK, an action-adventure fun game. Swordigo is a game app that features elements from action and platform games to give a better gaming experience.


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