Survival Island
Survival Island
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Version: 0.3.261
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Download and install Survival Island APK to play as a survivor of a shipwreck that finds himself on a strange island and tries to survive the challenges.

Name Survival Island
Version 0.3.261
Updated Oct 20, 2023
Category Adventure
Developer Not Found Games
Google Play Link com.dbSoftware.siepro

Description of Survival Island: EVO raft

Survival Island has maintained the position of an incredibly exciting survival game because it portrays all the situations and essence of survival in its gameplay through the first person and more. At the same time, Survival Island uses a perfect and refined 3D graphics engine to convey the most realistic survival experience while you have an adventure through a deserted island. Of course, this does not stop there, but its gameplay and system are incredibly promising, with hidden potential and surprises for discovering everything.

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Survival Island: EVO raft was released by the publisher Not Found Games. If you love survival games, you will also be interested in playing this one. It would be considered more proper to refer to this as a cluster of the island – an archipelago of islands. This game does not only stop at surviving an island but also broadens into an adventure to check several surrounding islands. This game changes from challenge to challenge, drawing you into the endless survival journey of the character.

Explore a Hideous and Vast Island

The journey of your survival will start on a deserted island and be cut off from modern civilization, but this game worsens things and presents you with both nice and horrible surprises. In this game, you must find supplies, build bases, and fight to survive in an unfamiliar and harsh environment. Even so, the gameplay of Survival Island is endless, and you can do whatever you like; just ensure that you survive and overcome all obstacles.


Survival Island is different from other island survival games that often begin with terrible situations of shipwrecks, plane crashes, and so on. Instead, this game incorporates an interesting story behind an equally interesting opening.

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The context of the game revolves around the events of the future. We, humans, disrespected nature when they believed they had the power to master all things in the universe. Humans were so disrespectful that no species scared them, seeing all other creatures below them because they were bent and staying on top of the food chain. Unfortunately, they had no backup for the so-called Armageddon or Doomsday. Now, people hardly remember the terrible scenario they came about years ago. Then, they believed they could control everything.

On a fateful day, a sudden global struck, engulfing everything in its path in a toxic mist. Both the air and atmosphere were like a toxic canopy that covered all of humanity. In that scary atmosphere, Earth was slowly destroying itself. In this case, how would humans avoid extinction?

Thankfully, scientists and researchers, in their final efforts, have discovered a way of saving what is left of the situation. Their mission was to create a unique emulsion gotten from the rarest metal on the planet known as Pridium. A committee in charge of Earth immediately created a Task Force to tour round new places on the planet's surface where the potential of discovering Pridium was possible.

survival island evo raft apk

A whole lot of people have provided their services to take part in that general campaign. As a player of the game, you were one of these volunteers. Everyone was planning how to leave for these new places on massive battleships and ships.

Unfortunately, there is an even bigger risk. A horrible accident occurred to the transport ship for reasons unknown. You awoke on an uninhabited island with no shelter, no clothes, no food, no water, no comrade nearby, no people, or any defense weapon available. Your mind was not completely alert. It was half-asleep, and your limbs were exhausted. Fear was invading and growing in you. Several questions to which you know no answer were swimming in your mind.

However, the first thing is that you still know that you must remain alive. You understood that you must survive if you would go back home and continue your mission with your teammates to rescue Earth.

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Your fight for survival began when you woke up – that realization.

Now acclimatizing to the story with layers of occurrences and events, several constant puzzles like this, are you sure that surviving on an uninhabited island would be easy? No, it's not that easy. It's a mental and physical war. It's an inner torment. It's a struggle for life in all manners.

Interact with the Environment

The essence of this game is the resources you need to survive or overcome all the game's challenges on special occasions. Thankfully, the environment will always offer you the various materials that you need, but some will demand certain tools to go ahead with the harvest. Over time, you can discover more advanced resources deep on the island and create a quality of life with several of the most unique and fascinating elements.


To begin your survival journey, you must perform all tasks independently without external help. Because this is simply an island uninhabited, there are no means dedicated to human beings' existence.

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More than that, this place also teems with unstable weather, wild animals, and several other dangers. Before you start to experience any of these threats, you must stay alive by employing different methods, and you must be busy for the entire day.

  • To successfully defend and protect yourself, you must develop basic weapons such as spears, arrows, bows, scissors, knives, axes, and other tools.
  • To ensure your safety and have a shelter at nighttime, you must use the tools with you to begin chopping down trees, and you can use the leaves to construct your house.
  • To avoid starving to death, you must use homemade weapons to hunt wild animals.
  • To keep yourself from freezing to death, you will have to create makeshift clothes by hand.

While playing the game, always remember to search for important resources. Perhaps you do not need them at the moment, but soon, they will become very useful.


This game is of survival simulation game with an incredible story and 3D graphics. The survival battle now expands into a couple of dreams to assist you in discovering the secret and original of this deserted island.

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Download and install Survival Island APK to play as a survivor of a shipwreck that finds himself on a strange island and tries to survive the challenges.


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