Super Tank Rumble
Super Tank Rumble
Size: 108.50 MB
Version: 5.7.1
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Download Super Tank Rumble APK if you enjoy simulation and competitive games. Super tank tumble is a tank fighting game where you have to take control of your tank.

Name Super Tank Rumble
Version 5.7.1
Updated Jul 9, 2024
Category Casual
Developer Smilegate Megaport
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Super Tank Rumble

Super Tank Rumble is a challenging and competitive game. The game brings back memories of childhood where we find joy in having control over an object or a thing and winning over friends. Super tank rumble is an entertainment game that is full of action and adventure. The game brings relaxing thrills and moments to players.

The game has excellent gameplay on the 2D platform, where you will be able to control a tank of yourself and battle with friends. The intuitive game contains support players on screen. The game has become popular worldwide and has over 10 million downloads. You can either play alone on the computer, or you can play with friends.

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There is a lot of customization you can carry out in the game. You will face your opponent with your tank and fight to become the best tank fighter in the game. The game version has many updates and developments, which are intriguing and exciting and has kept players glued to the game.

Super Tank Rumble Description

Super Tank Rumble is a tank fighting game where players own and create their tanks and fight opponents till the best winner emerges. Smilegate mega port developed and published the game. Super tank rumble is like mixing Lego but In a tank game.

The game is available on all mobile devices. The developer's smilegate mega port has made the game more balance, and they have reduced the damage of some weapons in the latest version hence making the game more tactical and fun. If you would like to showcase your artistic potential or skills in a war zone, super tank rumble is the best option.

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Super tank rumble is similar to a robot combat game. However, in super tank rumble, you will take care of your tank, add other features and make the tank a real killing machine. Your mission in the game is to attack and defend your tank with the weapons you have chosen. During the battle with your opponent, you must take control of your tank to increase your surviving chance in the game.

Furthermore, super tank rumble expands the war field to different areas hence giving players the ability to explore other areas. As the player, you can participate in special competitions whereby you will customize and create a tank for yourself and then prepare for the upcoming battle.

When participating in the game battle, you need to control your tank flexibly and smoothly to defeat your enemy and damage opponents by firing bullets at them. Super tank rumble has a highly fascinating mechanism. Whenever you receive a certain amount of damage, the tank's components will fall out, which is not reusable. The game's mechanism depicts that the developer wants to enhance the reality of the game, making it more tactical and fun.

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Each player in the game has a certain amount of HP, and whenever your HP bar is 0, you will lose the battle. The game has several play modes meeting the needs of gamers. Super tank rumble is significantly high speed whenever you are on PvP mode or PvE mode. And the mode requires ingenuity and versatility.

Features of Super Tank Rumble

Here are awesome features the tank fighting game offers;

Epic Gameplay

Tanks are a remarkable object that depicts the epitome of manliness. In the game, you will fight other players using the tank. However, before a fight, you need to design, create and customize your tank to be used for battle. After this is done, you can participate in the epic tank fighting game. In the game, you can move your tank forward and backward to evade or guard enemy shots. And also, you have to shoot your opponent's tank and ensure the tank does not damage so you won't be rendered useless. The gameplay is epic and thrilling.

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Diverse Game Mode

Super Tank Rumble ensures the game is not boring to players and users. There are two different game modes in the game such as PvP and PvE mode. In these modes, you can participate in missions, but as you progress, it becomes more difficult.

Whereas in the multiplayer mode, you can fight opponents worldwide. This is amazing.

Customization Option

In the game, players can customize and build their tanks the way they want. You can do any style you want. There are no limits to what you can create.

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Stunning Graphics and Sound

Though the game uses 2D graphics, it looks modern. The tanks are well designed, giving a realistic feeling. Also, the sound effect is superb.


Super tank rumble is an excellent app for anyone who loves fighting games, but this game deals majorly with tanks. Download the latest version of the super tank rumble, released in 2022, and enjoy these features.

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Download Super Tank Rumble APK if you enjoy simulation and competitive games. Super tank tumble is a tank fighting game where you have to take control of your tank.


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