Street Fighter
Street Fighter
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Version: 1.04.00
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Download and install Street Fighter APK and enjoy the classic experience of the game. This game brings back the feeling of gaming that has existed for a long.

Name Street Fighter
Version 1.04.00
Updated Oct 19, 2023
Category Action
Developer CAPCOM CO., LTD.
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Description of Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

Street Fighter is a game that has become a legendary one. Since its creation, this game has been around for over 30 years and has remained a symbol of the childhood generation. The game has been successful over the past couple of decades, and there have been several mini titles after it. Some years ago, Street Fighter IV Champion Edition controlled the scope of PC., the game came to the iOS platform about six years ago, but thankfully it is also now available on Android. Let us explore the greatness that Street Fighter IV Champion Edition offers players.

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Introduction of the Game

This game has become a monument to the fighting game series, and it has remained one of the most popular in the mobile game market. Street Fighter was released by the developer CAPCOM. It is one of the most exciting fighting games out there. And those who have played the game on the early version of Nintendo in the 90s and early 2000s will appreciate its awesomeness. For the entire game, a player will participate in a fiery competition. This is not a simple task, but you must determine your survival by participating in this battle. Only one of the two fighters is allowed to live and move on to the next round. Do you have what it takes to emerge the winner of this tournament in this game of life and death? Participate in this game to find out what you are made of.

street fighter apk

People who loved the popular game franchise now have yet another incredible mobile game to enjoy at their disposal. In this particular version of Street Fighter, you can freely participate in the ultimate in-game actions and addictive PvP experiences. In this attractive action title, you are free to pick your favourite champions in their epic battle against other characters.

Enjoy loads of fun with the accessible and quick gameplay of action on your Android device, which you can enjoy each time you want or are ready. This is why this game is great for Android gamers to freely explore and experience to the fullest. Participate in a series of exciting fights against your opponents and experience the highest level of fun with the different action gameplay.


While playing this game, the fans of the popular combat game would be thrilled to discover themselves exploring the beautiful gameplay of the classic game. Here, you have access to the iconic champion pool, which possesses all the most popular Street Fighter Characters you can choose from. Feel free to pick your favourite champions with special powers and abilities. Have loads of fun taking advantage of the classic mechanism and be lost in a world of enjoyment with the exciting gameplay of Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

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You can join the attractive world of action in this game and discover several fighting fun with various game modes. Participate in epic fights against your enemies or confront escalating challenges. However, the most important and exciting aspect of the game is that it offers interesting multiplayer gameplay, which allows you to engage yourself in the great fight with Android gamers worldwide - thus bringing out a lot more addiction from the entire fighting experience.

Outstanding Features of Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

Below are all the attractive features that you will enjoy while playing Street Fighter IV Champion Edition:

  • Customisable and Intuitive Control Options: To begin, Android gamers in this game immediately find themselves immersed in the incredibly exciting gameplay of fighting with intuitive touch controls. This will give you the chance to quickly get used to the action gameplay, all appreciation to the virtual control pads from the game, with buttons that you are familiar with, and no input lags whatsoever. Therefore, with the fully-featured controls, you can try to perform the complete skill list of your favourite heroes seamlessly. This will make the in-game fighting experiences extremely enjoyable. Furthermore, to make a more interesting game out of this, you can now take the game to another level by using the Bluetooth Controller, which can work smoothly with any of your selected game modes. This will allow you to discover a lot more fun and engaging game mode of Street Fighter Champion Edition.
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  • Enjoy Exciting Fights with Several Characters from Street Fighter: If you choose, you can participate in incredibly exciting fighting experiences with this version of Street Fighter, where you will encounter several exciting characters. Here you will have fun with a set of 32 characters, just like they are from the original Street Fighter series. Do not be scared of diving into engaging battles and enjoy the experience with various combat styles by using any of your selected fighters.
  • Participate in the Fighting Experience with Epic Moves: You will have access to the skill set of whichever character you decide to choose. Here, you can boast of various moves, skills, and attacks. At this point, you can feel free to exhibit your incredible in-game combos and engage in the ultimate fighting experiences as you move forward. You can also learn about the different combo attacks of any character you select by using the combo list provided in the game. Be unbridled with your Focus Attacks, Special Moves, Unique Attacks, and so on – and they will all be available in the game where all Android gamers can take advantage and enjoy to the fullest.
  • Free to Play: Even though a player can enjoy all the incredible features the game offers, Street Fighter IV Champion Edition is still completely free for all Android gamers. You can download this game without having to pay for anything. You are free to enjoy everything the game has to offer.

Last Take

If you have played incredibly exciting action gameplay of The King of Fighters ALLSTAR, you will enjoy a new level of excitement with Street Fighter IV Champion Edition. With addictive battles, engaging in-game mechanics, and vast character setups, this game will provide you with the most incredible fighting experience you have ever felt. Feel the greatness of this classic game on your Android device by downloading now.

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Download and install Street Fighter APK and enjoy the classic experience of the game. This game brings back the feeling of gaming that has existed for a long.


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