Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
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Download Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes to enjoy a combat-filled game that allows you to battle for top positions and fame and get rewarded for doing so.

Name Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
Version 0.34.1519581
Updated Apr 23, 2024
Category Role Playing

About Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars: A card-based role-playing game that appeals to people's desire to collect characters and star ships and then indulge in the excitement of imaginative play with them.

Players assemble teams of characters of Starwars from the central canonical universe created when Disney acquired Lucas-film and the series on the Knights of the Old Republic from Legends-canon's Star Wars and utilized them to engage in combats between two characters.

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Players can obtain characters in various ways: some are handed to players right away, while others must be unlocked or promoted through gameplay or in-game prizes such as shards. You can obtain shards through combat or purchase them from a store. For example, you can increase the rarity of a non-event character to seven stars, which opens a unique shop where Players can trade extra shards from heroes with seven stars for equipment.

The number of shards required to unlock a character will also be determined by how many stars players have at the beginning of the game, which can be any number to a maximum of seven. Characters can advance up to seven stars, and each extra star boosts their strength.

Additionally, training roids can grant characters various amounts of XP (experience points) as they level up. Finally, players can upgrade characters via gear, ability, and components. However, for players to engage in both sides of the Force, Players can only acquire some gear through certain types of combat.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes now has 85 levels. The highest level you can attain in gears is 13, and characters can increase Relic Amplifiers to increase "Mastery" to level 9. In addition, players receive XP when they complete objectives provided daily or win battles, which raises their user level. "Crystals" and "credits" are the game's two primary currencies.

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With a good number of accumulated shards, you can purchase a hero, train a hero, or increase the rarity of heroes' stars with credits. In addition, crystals can replenish energy and arena attempts and purchase store packs, credits, shards, and other items. Crystals are available for purchase with cash or as rewards for completing daily and arena tasks.

Characters with incredible speed stat go first in each round of combat. After that, each team has a maximum of five (a summoned ally or unit makes it six) unique hologram avatars who engage in combat until one is victorious or retreats. Once more centred on speed, battles are turn-based, with participants striving to cause total damage and keep the lone survivor alone while also applying various buffs to their teams and inflicting debuffs on the opposition.


Players can participate in various game types, such as squad arena (PVP), light and dark side fights, galactic wars, cantina, raids, and several unique events. Game modes—including squad arena battles where AI manages a player-made team—are played against a computer-controlled AI.

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In April 2016, guilds were added to the software. Guilds are groups of players cooperating to accomplish shared objectives, as in most video games. These guilds can hold raids and partake in Territory battles and wars with a maximum of 50 players. In addition, the creators made a minor modification to the guild search UI in early 2021.


With the Rancor's debut in April 2016, raids were incorporated into the game. Five avatars are sent in as a team to combat the several strong monsters spread across the game's four stages. Each enemy has a universal life bar divided into four equal sections, each stage gets one, and it gets smaller as the guild's damage output increases. The raid is over when it is empty, at which point prizes will be awarded to all participants.

Essential raids are of four types, each with a distinct history and set of challenges. The player can battle with resentment, a Separatist AAT in another, and ancient Sith soldiers alongside Darth Traya, Darth Nihilus, and Darth Sion from the Knights of the Old Republic series the last game, with a version of the Rancor, remastered. However, many believe that the first known raid, the Rancor, comes simple and only needs one player to complete it.

There are seven levels in the raid's difficulty, including Heroic Rancor or the HPIT. The only location to find the shards of Han Solo is in this raid, which needs seven-star characters other than the Galactic Bounty I event.

Tank Takedown is the game's second raid, and it pits a guild against A Separatist AAT, Rocket,  General Grievous, and Battle Droids. Despite being more difficult than Rancor, this raid is still simple for advanced guilds, and most players may complete it by themselves. This raid has only two tiers, including Heroic AAT or HAAT

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The Sith Triumvirate Raid (STR), the most recent and most challenging raid, may be completed by a single player, just like the others, thanks to the arrival of Kylo Ren, the Supreme Leader of the Galactic Republic. This raid also has seven levels, alongside heroic, like Rancor. Players are interested in completing the Heroic Sith Triumvirate Raid (HSTR), and many have moved to guilds capable of doing it. 


The creators added battles involving ships in late 2016. Thanks to this functionality, players can command different spaceships using their pilots and captains. Furthermore, with the unassailable capital ship that grants bonuses, special powers, and extra attacks, the vehicles are controlled and played identically to the protagonists in the main game.

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At the time of the new feature's debut, Star Wars offered 23 different ships. There are currently 47 ships and nine capital ships as of March 2022. Like character augmentation, improving a ship's rarity, level, or skill level requires using unique, specialized money. Players can obtain these currencies by completing daily tasks and rewards for standing in the fleet arena.


By engaging in combat with favourite light and dark team heroes in legendary locations, one could experience the Star Wars fantasy and progress toward becoming the Galaxy's Master

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Download Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes to enjoy a combat-filled game that allows you to battle for top positions and fame and get rewarded for doing so.


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