Speed Train
Speed Train
Size: 77.89 MB
Version: 1.5.1
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Speed Train APK is a simple recreational game suitable to play in your free time. It was created with an interesting and exciting storyline; the gameplay will keep players addicted.

Name Speed Train
Version 1.5.1
Updated Jan 18, 2023
Category Casual
Developer Upperpik Games
Google Play Link com.Upperpik.SpeedTrain

About Speed Train APK

Speed train Game is a straightforward game with so many exciting rules. The game's objective is to take charge of train stations and transport people from one station to another. Although simple, it is preferred by so many people. Speed train game took little or less time to become the top-rated app on the Google play store.

If you are looking for a portable game with less complex gameplay for relieving stress and enjoyable boredom, then the Speed Train Game is a perfect choice.

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The release of the Speed Train game was on the twenty-eight of September 2022 by Upperpik Games. Speed Train game developers are consistently looking forward to improving and adjusting the game to keep giving the best to players and for a great gaming experience.


Speed Train Apk is violence-free; that is, there is no restriction on age, anyone can play the game, and it doesn't involve battle or combat. Additionally, the gameplay doesn't require you to strain your brain, and you will get the whole picture of the game immediately after you start playing. Finally, talk about the controls; they are super easy to handle; when you tap on the different menus on the screen, you will find various tasks to start.

Free To Play

It is important to note that the speed train game doesn't require any money to enjoy all its features. It is free to download and free to play.

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The simplicity of the Speed Train Game is second to none, and it is worth emphasizing. Both kids and young adults can easily find their way into the game. So don't miss out on this fun-packed game!

Gameplay and idea of Speed Train APK

  • Don't be surprised when you find yourself addicted to the speed train game because it is super fun. The gameplay is summed up as transporting passengers from place to place. However, the game has different missions and levels, and you will earn coins after completing each level. When you start the game, ensure that you deliver the best service by driving like a pro so that passengers will be pleased with your skills or services. Afterward, you will be awarded various rewards, like extra cars and train engines.
  • Time management is more important among the various qualities every player should have while driving. Speed Train Apk has a timer for players, although this could rush players to get as many passengers as possible to finish on time. You will be rewarded with extra cash as a bonus if you get more passengers.
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  • Speed Train Apk has fantastic features that enable players to enhance their time management skills. While you play, your role is to load and deliver passengers to their respective locations, supervise the railroad system, and expand your train station. All these tasks are effected under a stipulated time using a timer on the screen. This will constantly keep you on your toes.
  • It is important to know that as a player, your role is to consistently develop your train station. You can do this by placing new floors and building train tracks. This helps enhance the effectiveness of your train station, and it will, by effect, attract more passengers to your site.
  • Players should keep checking their improvement and move in line with their development. Continual progress on your station will keep you relevant in the speed train game because more cash will continue to improve your station. However, if you use the limitless money feature of Speed Train Apk, you will get limitless access to funds that can help you purchase all the items and grades to fully develop your site.
  • Speed Train Game graphics are extremely magnificent. The visual layouts are not complicated, and it keeps players stuck. The bright and colorful backgrounds top the game above others. Its background is beautiful, and the portraits are well-detailed. In addition, the background sound has a soothing and energetic effect.

Features Of Speed Train Apk Game

Speed train game has pretty cool features, some of which are:

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Diverse Missions

The game has several engaging tasks and missions. After completing each task and mission, you will receive bonuses as cash which can be used for acquiring new upgrades. You can likewise control your game progress and review your successes in the game


Speed Train game offers numerous upgrades that are used for maintaining your train station, and this will entice more passengers to your station. For example, you can merge different vehicles, have more footings to increase passengers number, and increase the capacity of your train to move faster.

Amazing Graphics

Speed train game has perfectly designed graphics, vivid illustrations with perfect drawings, train design, and passengers. You can play the game on two-dimensional platforms using a gleaming blue color background. The overall outlook is enticing.

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Changing Direction

It's easy to change the train's direction even while moving. Simply tap your screen. The game can be played with less effort, allowing players to easily navigate the train station. Overall, it can help players move faster.

Limitless Supply Of Money

One of the best in the speed train game is the limitless money feature. This feature allows you to have an endless supply of cash used for purchasing upgrades. You will experience an entirely novel gaming experience plus extra fun and excitement. You have so much to explore in Speed Train Apk. Install the game to find more amazing features.


Speed Train APK provides wholesome excitement, which is why players get stuck in the game. Suppose you are so bored and looking for something to spice the moment, speed train game is your go-to. Download the game on your mobile device and share the good news.

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Speed Train APK is a simple recreational game suitable to play in your free time. It was created with an interesting and exciting storyline; the gameplay will keep players addicted.


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