Six Guns
Six Guns
Size: 764.7 MB
Version: 2.9.9a
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Download Six Guns APK latest version and explore a risky Arizona & Oregon land. You must be agile enough to exterminate your enemies before they kill you!

Name Six Guns
Version 2.9.9a
Updated Oct 24, 2022
Category Action
Developer Gameloft SE

In-Depth Details about Six Guns APK

Six Guns APK is an action-adventure game offered by Gameloft SE. It is set in a wild open-world environment where you will face off against ruthless bandits, giant monsters, and even supernatural foes.

The game features console-quality graphics, an impressive arsenal of weapons, and hours of storyline missions to keep you hooked.

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Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just getting started, Six Guns is the perfect game to sharpen your shooting skills. Download it now and let the adventure begin!

Six Guns APK - Background Analysis

The main protagonist of this game is Buck Crosshaw, an outlaw who has been framed for murder. He was initially stationed in Wild West, open land with bandits, cowboys, and other unnatural enemies.

The innocent man was never a criminal and only eliminated/shot people who deserved it! Unfortunately, he became a wanted man!

He now had to fake his death to avoid getting caught and must start a new life in Arizona and seek redemption. However, things are not as simple as they seem. The place is just as dangerous as any other Western land!

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The game progresses through various missions where you will have to gun down your enemies, blow up their hideouts, and save people from kidnappers. Are you ready to explore this mysterious region?

A Dynamic & Unpredictable Gameplay

One of the things that make Six Guns APK so special is its dynamism. There is no telling what might happen next as you explore the vast open-world map.

You could be ambushed by bandits while riding through a canyon, or come face to face with a grizzly bear in the middle of the forest. Be prepared for anything!

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Fortunately, you can equip yourself with an arsenal of upgradeable weapons that will help you survive the most dangerous situations. Always ensure that your gun is fully loaded before heading into the wild!

A Rugged Open World Environment

This game lets you explore a huge map with different terrains, ranging from dense forests to deserts and snow-capped mountains.

Each area presents its own set of challenges that you must overcome to progress through the game. For instance, the desert gets extremely hot during the day, making it difficult to move around.

At night, however, the temperature drops sharply, and you will have to deal with deadly creatures that come out to hunt. These variations make the game more interesting and add to the replay value.

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Apart from the main storyline missions, there are also side missions that you can undertake. These include helping citizens in distress, locating missing persons, and taking down outlaws.

You can also collect special items to help you unlock new weapons and upgrades. These will help you survive the tougher challenges that lie ahead!

Dangerous Unnatural Forces & Supernatural Powers

This game is riddled with threats, both natural and supernatural. It has dark mysteries, the living dead, and other peculiarities!

You will come across different types of ghosts, werewolves, and vampires. You must be very careful while exploring such areas as you might incur permanent damage!

Unique Features of Six Guns APK

  • Red Hot Action. This game is characterized by fast-paced action and features console-quality graphics. You will have enemies monitoring your every move, and you must be quick on the trigger to survive. You will travel the trail of a wanted man!
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  • New & More Immersive Events. Gameloft SE updates this game regularly to make it more exciting. New events are added frequently to keep you hooked. These include gang hideouts, special offers, and dynamic environments.
  • More than 40 Missions. This game is rich in missions and activities. The main storyline missions are longer and more engaging than before! You will undertake myriad activities such as bounty hunting, horse breakouts, and boss battles.
  • 8+ Horses. In this game, horses are a great asset as they help you cover vast distances quickly. You can tame and break wild horses, and each horse has unique abilities. You must care for your horse to keep it in good health!
  • 19+ Weapons. The game has an impressive arsenal of weapons that you can use to take down your enemies. These include revolvers, shotguns, rifles, and dynamite. Each weapon can be upgraded to suit your needs. You must choose your weapons wisely!
  • A Rich Collection of Clothes. The game lets you choose from a wide range of clothes to dress your character. You can select the outfit that you think looks best on your cowboy!
  • Free to Play (With In-App Purchases). This game is free. However, it contains certain in-app items you can purchase with real money ($0.99 – $99.99 per item).

 Extraordinary 3D Graphics & Sound Systems

This game features excellent graphics that are on par with console games. The environments are beautifully rendered, and the character models look realistic.

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You will see your character racing on horses across vast deserts and climbing up mountains. This realism makes it difficult to put the game down!

The sound effects are also top-notch and add to the immersion. You will hear the horses galloping and guns blazing as you fight your way through the game. The music is fitting and gets you pumped up for action!

Six Guns APK Download

If you want to experience this game full-throttle, you should download the game Six Guns APK. This unlocks all the features you need to enjoy the game free of charge. Here are its features:

  • Six Guns APK Unlimited Money. The game is quite challenging, and you will need all the money you can get to progress. This gives you an unlimited amount of money to help you buy the best weapons and upgrades.
  • No Ads. The game removes all the annoying ads that pop up from time to time. This lets you focus on the game and enjoy it without any interruptions.


Six Guns is an excellent action adventure with a rich storyline, fast-paced action, and console-quality graphics. The version of the game gives you all the resources you need to progress through the game quickly. Download the game now and enjoy all the features it has to offer!

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Download Six Guns APK latest version and explore a risky Arizona & Oregon land. You must be agile enough to exterminate your enemies before they kill you!


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