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Score Hero
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Download Score Hero APK, the immersive soccer game that captures the journey of a soccer player from obscurity to stardom. Pass, shoot, score, and be the Hero.

Name Score Hero
Version 2.75
Updated Aug 24, 2022
Category Sports
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Introduction to Score Hero

Score Hero is an awesome soccer game that accurately portrays the career journey of a soccer star. Players are allowed to assume the character of a talented soccer player starting a career in the beautiful game. Players are allowed to control the in-game decisions of the main character and a few other players.

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Unlike most soccer games, you are not allowed to control every player on the pitch. You are only allowed to make in-game decisions like which direction to pass to, or which point to aim a shot at. You can choose the direction in which you want the ball to travel as you pass and shoot.

Move from one team to another as you progress in your career as a soccer player. Your character starts at a small club with little recognition. As you make the right in-game decisions, your profile increases and bigger clubs come calling.

In every stage, aim to get the ball into the back of the net. This can be achieved by using your character and your teammates to move the ball intelligently till you get to the opponent's 18-yard box and into the net.

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At the end of every stage, you are awarded a token of the Score Hero currency. This currency comes in handy when trying to purchase some of the available upgrade kits within the gaming universe. Items like shirt numbers, hairstyles, and other customization items can be purchased using the currency. The game also has in-game purchase functions.

Do all you can to evade opposing players because the moment they get close enough they can recover the ball and you may have to start the stage again. Shots can also be taken from outside the 18-yard box as long as you are far away enough from the keepers' reach.

Score Hero allows you to enjoy the glory of making the final pass that splits defenses or to be the player to score the winning goal that wins your team a domestic cup. Either way, you get to enjoy the wonderful game of soccer, scoring passing, and celebrating.

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You are allowed to customize the appearance. Elements such as the face shape of your character, hairstyle, boots color, name, and a few other items can be changed to your taste. The range of customization allowed makes the game more realistic and relatable.

Features of Score Hero

Score Hero is unique and the first of its kind. While other soccer games focus on capturing the entire soccer experience, Score Hero leaves out unnecessary details and focuses on portraying the important moments as captured for example in a highlight reel. It focuses on the movement of the ball that led to the goal. How the ball moves, is your responsibility, and getting it into the net is your primary purpose. While the eventual outcome of the matches you play has been determined, you get to choose how your team scores.

All these are made possible by the wonderful features of Score Hero. Some of these features include:

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1. 800 amazing levels of fun

Score Hero takes you 800 levels to complete. For every match you are expected to move the ball around in the best possible way, avoiding the opposition and creating goal-scoring opportunities for your team. Create chances for your team to shoot or even nod the ball till it goes beyond the opposition keeper and into the net.

Some levels are more difficult than others but as you play, you gain mastery and become better at judging the direction in which the ball should go.

2. Smooth graphics

Score Hero is rendered in clear 3D graphics that look too good to be a mobile phone game. The 3D graphics make the game more realistic and fun to play. Ensure your phone is strong enough and running on a fairly strong random access memory.

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Every detail is properly captured, from the players to the stadiums, and every other aspect of what forms a soccer spectacle.

3. Easy to use controls

Score Hero is very easy to control. The game characters move independently and all you can fò is move the ball in the right direction as it moves from player to player. You can zoom in and zoom out to have a better view of the field. This helps when you intend to make long crosses from the back to launch a counter-attack for example.

To call the attention of a player to an incoming cross, you may also have to tap on the player. Doing this before you make the cross allows the player in question to move in the path of the incoming ball.

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4. Engaging Story Sequence

One of the best things about Score Hero is its wonderful plot line. Score Hero effortlessly captures the highs and lows of the game and the different experiences soccer players have to live through in their careers.

The game character starts his journey as a young player till he becomes a veteran and a legend of the sport. Other elements such as; football rivalry, dressing room fights, or the suspense and drama of a transfer window; are also present.

5. Flawless commentary and Soundtrack

Score Hero is a wonderful game and the product of a lot of hard work and dedication by the design team. Asides from the aforementioned amazing features, Score Hero comes with top-notch commentary and a suspenseful soundtrack that keeps you excited and raring to go.

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We all know a soccer match is incomplete without commentary as it adds life to the game. Score Hero doesn't disappoint in this regard and every sound you would have in a normal soccer game is properly represented.


Score Hero is a highly addictive game that keeps you engaged and thoroughly entertained. It comes with top-class 3D graphics and is easy to control. The gameplay is also realistic and the plot line is quite enjoyable. Enter the Score Hero universe and become a legend.

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Download Score Hero APK, the immersive soccer game that captures the journey of a soccer player from obscurity to stardom. Pass, shoot, score, and be the Hero.


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