Save The Girl
Save The Girl
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Version: 1.9.0
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Download Save The Girl APK, a relaxing and tricky puzzle game to test your logical ability. Play the brain teaser, enjoy new scenarios, and solve funny challenges.

Name Save The Girl
Version 1.9.0
Updated Feb 28, 2024
Category Casual
Developer Lion Studios
Google Play Link com.xmgame.savethegirl

Save The Girl

Save The Girl is a mobile game offered by Lion Studios and released in December 2019. The game follows a simple storyline where players engage in puzzles to "Save The Girl." So many exciting experiences await you in the Save The Girl game download. You are assured of a great gaming experience inspired by games of a similar genre.

Game Description

Save The Girl is a puzzle game that combines action, comedy, and other genres, with puzzles being mainstream. The game's storyline takes you to the world of adventure, which requires you to solve several puzzles and save a girl. The attractive game is ad-supported but turning off your internet connection allows you to play the game without interruption.

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You will play a girl kidnapped by a person in a unicorn mask. The man captures the player and uses a basement to keep the player from escaping. A girl plays the player's role and is clueless about why the man kidnapped the player. The player has to search for loopholes and use those loopholes to escape from the house.

The story doesn't end there as the man is determined to chase the player until he catches you again. Hence, as the player, you have to undergo many challenges and make the right decisions to successfully escape from the man.

Save The Girl Gameplay

The game Save The Girl depicts the tale of a Mafia-kidnapped girl. They transported her to a location far from home whilst she was unconscious. You begin your first game with her waking up chained up in a little chamber. All over 100 of the game's objectives center around saving this poor girl from her captors, much like the title suggests. However, you don't need to be armed to combat them; all you need to do is provide the female with the tools she needs.

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Every time you face a task, a decision will be presented to you on display. The girl might move on to the next area if she made the appropriate useful selections. If it's untrue, she's in danger and might not survive. The level must be started over from the beginning.

Nobody wants a repetition to take place. Nevertheless, you have the choice of instantly reviving by paying 200 gold coins or watching an advertisement film. You cannot remain careless in this manner indefinitely if the character is to progress. Both watching advertisements and using gold to revive are bad ideas. Because each level of triumph only returns one-fourth of what you spent on error correction, they are exceedingly difficult to discover.

Features of Save The Girl

Here are the features of Save The Girl:

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Multiple Challenges and Levels

There are multiple levels to play in Save The Girl download. Because each level is distinct, you won't get bored. More than 100 distinct stages with varying degrees of difficulty make up the game. You must put your wits to the test in a variety of settings. Circumstances like having a girl tied up, having a girl encounter a shark, and having a girl get soaked in the rain are common.

Finding the appropriate path does not require much effort on the player's part. Simply by watching the scene, you can readily deduce the secret. If you select either object A or object B, you may inquire. Assisting the heroine in escape in the early levels would not be a problem for you. The large levels, on the other hand, offer a significant degree of difficulty, so you must use caution when making decisions.

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The entire family may enjoy the game because it is entertaining. Play is open to everybody. So, if you're having trouble, ask your family and friends for support. The gameplay is easy to learn and engrossing. Once you get going, you'll want to keep working on the puzzles to come to finish your adventure as soon as possible. The difficulties won't be too great if you are accustomed to the promotion games.

You will also get a reward for finishing the tasks in the levels. You amass coins or unique goods. The money can be used to renovate a favorite room or purchase costumes to change the girl's appearance.

Addictive Puzzle Game

The puzzle component of Save The Girl is initially part of a larger game. The riddles are challenging and entertaining enough to impress gamers. The game isn't just appropriate for intelligent players; regular folks can also complete the challenging brain puzzles. You're about to embark on an adventure to save the girl from the bad guys.

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Avoid falling for con games. You will have a lot of alternatives at each stage. Each problem offers potential tools to assist you in carrying out tasks like opening doors, untying knots, or producing other reactions. You give the correct response some thought before continuing. The girl will experience a painful yet amusing conclusion if she responds incorrectly. The game offers a variety of engaging quests and is both enjoyable and addictive. Players enjoy safeguarding the girl from the bad guy and assisting the girl in solving challenging puzzles.

Realistic Situations

Many events in Save The Girl are realistic, including the umbrella information. It also features a lot of implausible circumstances, such as the Peashooter in Plant vs. Zombie throwing seed to make a pea blossom grow before destroying the undead rather than using nails to stop their progress. Finally, it is clear that although Save The Girl is surprising, everyone will find it amusing. You can't foresee what will occur.

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Game Graphics

The Save The Girl visuals are created simply and in a humorous cartoon manner. Unlike the action genre, it comes with a few distinctive and beautiful scenes, but its main character is funny with gestures that make us laugh uncontrollably. When faced with something, she would express terror. There are occasions when voices are found when danger is found. But if you choose wisely, none of them are frightening!

Final Thoughts

Enjoy a satisfying and addictive experience in Save The Girl's latest version. Immerse yourself in the game by solving difficult and funny problems while you protect the girl from her kidnappers. Save The Girl free download is best enjoyed with friends and family.

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Download Save The Girl APK, a relaxing and tricky puzzle game to test your logical ability. Play the brain teaser, enjoy new scenarios, and solve funny challenges.


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