Samorost 3
Samorost 3
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Version: 3.471.23
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Download Samorost 3 APK and explore the alien planet. Get ready to discover something new. You are sure to face challenges and the same time, find the journey exciting.

Name Samorost 3
Version 3.471.23
Updated Mar 24, 2024
Category Adventure
Developer Amanita Design
Google Play Link amanita_design.samorost3.GP

Samorost 3

Samorost 3 explains the player's exploits, including visiting nine planets, coming across mysterious creatures, and a unique flute. The Gnome is astonished at how the flute drops from the sky. He quickly sets out from his dilapidated home and finds himself on a cosmic quest to discover the flute's makers and stop a planet-destroying threat.

Samorost 3 full version is driven by the idea of exploring the locations and inhabitants of stunning biological landscapes. Explore worlds and planets of aliens, and see strange creatures in their bizarre habitats. Samorost 3 free download is available on iOS, Windows, and Android. Download Samorost 3 full versions to start playing.

samorost 3 apk

Samorost 3 is one of the most beautiful video games I've ever seen. The appearance of technology and environment, photographs, and beautifully drawn artwork, with cartoon characters inside, is stunning. The main character and a few other odd animals have been more meticulously created with enough details.

The adventure game Samorost 3 was created by Amanita Design. The creation of Samorost 2 made it the third video game in the Samorost series. It is the first game in the genre with full-length gameplay and high-definition visuals.

Its setting is on Five planets and four moons where the story is set. There is no written or verbal description of the hint. The hint consists of illustrations that describe the current puzzle and how to solve it.

Samorost 3 Description

Samorost 3 is a single-player game designed by Jakub Dvorsky and developed by Amanita. Samorost 3 focuses on a curious space gnome who travels the universe using a magic flute. It aims to discover a flute's mysterious genesis and overcome a crazy monk.

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Samorost 3 begins with the falling of a magical flute. Out of curiosity, the gnome searches to find out the origin of the flute by traveling out of space. He consulted an engineer who built him a spaceship from the scraps and pieces.

Flying from planet to planet, the Gnome faces various creatures and uses the flute to overcome challenges. According to Gnome's two books, he learned the flute belongs to certain monks. These monks were living in harmony in their homes till an octopus came.

The monks foresaw the coming of the octopus, they then sought to build a warring spaceship to fly them and a mechanical knight to fight against to battle with the octopus. Eventually, the knight kills the orb and is put away and guarded by a guardian monk.

In the second book, one of the other monks summons evil spirits with the flute, and the other three monks leave him as a result. He steals the aircraft and transforms it into a mechanical monster with three heads that can breathe fire.

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He chases the other monks out of their home while flying on the dragon and steals the other three flutes from them. However, one of the flutes fell on the planet of the Gnome. He then seizes the black orb to prevent the awakening of the knight after using the dragon to absorb the good spirits that he discovers on other planets.

When the Gnome eventually arrives on the planet of the monks, he discreetly takes the black orb from the evil monk. He uses it to reawaken the mechanical knight, who kills the dragon and likely kills the evil monk.

The rest of the three monks reward the Gnome with the ability to travel instantly between any two planets and return the black orb to its secure location as he plays music with them in celebration. Finally, the Gnome visits his world of origin to meet his dog.

Samorost 3 characters do not communicate with words; however, at specific locations, a gnome knows when to blow the horn, showcasing details about the storyline and how to continue facing challenges.

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In Samorost 3, a hint mechanism should help make the game a little less frustrating whenever you get stuck. If a player gets stuck while playing Samorost 3, they can always play a minigame to unlock a hint.

However, the game's weird bearded inhabitants are animated in the most beautiful ways, and its animals, plants, and other creatures. As you interact with your surroundings, you'll be able to solve puzzles and unearth secret bonuses in each scenario.

Features of Samorost 3


The gameplay of Samorost 3 is comparable to that in the earlier Amanita Design game. It contains a bubble system and spontaneous speech that are not understandable. The player controls the Gnome as he travels across planet-filled space while carrying a record and a flute.

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He wanders around the region, solves riddles, and gathers supplies needed for his challenges. Additionally, he can speak with anything he encounters while traveling. They include ghosts who need the Gnome's assistance. The flute, which is necessary to finish various puzzles, can also be used by the player.

Carefully developed puzzles

Samarost 3 puzzle focuses on understanding how planets interact; it also explains how to get a large creature to move out of the path or get a hanging root to bridge a gap. These puzzles can appear more mysterious and complex than those in other adventure games due to the emphasis on learning how to interact with the world. However, the aim is to promote exploration and inspire you to interact with the outside world.

Excellent soundtrack and audio

New puzzles, monsters, and some new musical compositions are present in this game. The soundtrack is essential to the gameplay. Therefore, many puzzles include:

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  • Creating songs via clicking on characters.
  • Creating harmonies.
  • Listening to music when a task is completed.


Samorost 3's episode features beautiful artwork, peculiar characters and settings, and entertaining puzzles. Samorost 3 is full of delightful scenarios regardless of how trivial they can be, ranging from engaging with some huntsmen and victims to spinning an insect's antennae.

Samorost 3 occasionally may seem annoying. Nevertheless, there are too many magnificent moments that leave an impression. Control a plant close by to get it to sing songs which the gnome dances and rejoices in celebration.

Samorost 3 is to end injustice and give the player the excitement of discovering something new. Download Samorost 3 and explore the world with the Gnome.

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Download Samorost 3 APK and explore the alien planet. Get ready to discover something new. You are sure to face challenges and the same time, find the journey exciting.


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