Rusty Lake Hotel
Rusty Lake Hotel
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Version: 3.1.3
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Download Rusty Lake Hotel APK, a popular game. The gameplay is compelling to drive you crazy in a strange and enigmatic location. Ensure your guests have a nice stay.

Name Rusty Lake Hotel
Version 3.1.3
Updated Jul 15, 2023
Category Adventure
Developer Rusty Lake

Rusty Lake Hotel

Ensure the visitors have a lovely stay by extending a warm welcome to the Rusty Lake Hotel. This week, there will be 5 dinners. Make sure every meal is delicious and good.

Rusty Lake Hotel is the sixth game from Rusty Lake and its first premium title. Although it is located in the same Rusty Lake neighborhood as the Cube Escape games, this game is standalone with some ties rather than being a part of the series.

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The Rusty Lake Hotel, a big manor house on an island in the center of Rusty Lake, is where the game was set in 1893. The task in the game is to find meat and gather optional components to make and deliver meals to the five guests. Each meal receives a certain number of points based on the number of ingredients used.

Description of Rusty Lake Hotel

Rusty Lake is a strategy game called Cube Escape. The 15 games made and launched for personal computers and smartphone platforms are part of the Rusty Lake universe. Each story is quite hazy and jumbled up. As a result, puzzle-loving players find this puzzling. The more the player progresses through the final levels, the more they will understand the tale the publisher is trying to tell.

However, if you have participated in one or more games in the Rusty Lake, you will notice a secret link in each one. You need to connect the dots to understand the plot, this might require you to play the previous games. To finish the built-in storyline, the programmer is making sequels.

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The narrative, Rusty Lake Paradise is continued in Rusty Lake Hotel. Jakob Eilander can give himself, his family, and a brand-new look to an everlasting condition. Jakob adopted the moniker Mr. Owl, established and summoned to the guest house, Mr. Boar, Mr. Deer, Mrs. Pheasant, Mr. Rabbit, and Mrs. Pigeon. Why does Mr. Owl invite the family to the guest house, and what is his purpose? How is it related to the Paradise portion? As soon as you finish this game, any inquiries will have their answers.

In this game, your objective is to assist the five visitors and provide dinner on each of the five evenings. The number of items you gather for each meal you serve, you will receive up to three stars.


Rusty Lake's game mechanics is simple. Point & Click, as the term is sometimes referred to, is a puzzle-solving method where things can be interacted with, collected, and used appropriately. However, the riddles are not easy to solve as their gameplay, which is another draw to this title. Hours of thought will be required to solve challenging and complex puzzles, each of which will shed light on the enigma underlying the strange events. Each puzzle varies in difficulty, and a larger number you can find, the better your score.

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Each part lasts only a few minutes and takes place entirely in one area. However, each episode builds on the previous narrative and proposes a different theory for the scenario. Because there are no tips or guides in the game, you must recognize the invisible connections to gradually comprehend the entire plot.

Rusty Lake Location

The seventh game will take place at the Rusty Lake Hotel. In the middle of Rusty Lake, on an island, lies a manor home. Mr. Crow, Mr. Toad, Mr. Bat, and Harvey work at the hotel, owned by Mr. Owl. Three levels of the hotel are accessible to guests: the first and second floors are reached through an elevator from the ground floor.

The hotel lobby is on the ground floor. The player can access the dining room and kitchen from there. The player can use an elevator to travel to higher floors.

The belongings of the visitors are stuffed into the guest rooms. The prior visitors' skulls are displayed on the walls of Mr. Owl's room, and five enormous tanks contain their Corrupted Souls and black cubes produced from their memories.

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Rusty Lake staff

Mr. Owl is the one who constructed Rusty Lake Hotel as well as the hotel's personnel, which includes Harvey, Mr. Crown, Mr. Toad, and Mr. Bat for the elevators. Aldous Vanderboom had achieved immortality after Rusty Lake Roots, which has something to do with Mr. Crown. Aldous did say that he must go now as Mr Owl calls for him. It is believed that Mr. Owl has already spoken with Aldous and given his pals the secret to eternal life in exchange for their assistance with his quest.


Despite being relatively basic, the game's visuals are highly appealing. Rusty Lake has its own qualities even though it doesn't have stunning graphics like mobile games or scary games. The game's graphics depict the fear you may feel when you approach something mysterious hiding behind you.

Features of the hotel Rusty Lake

  • Pick-up-and-play is simple, yet challenging to end
rusty lake hotel apk 2022
  • Lots of puzzles: 6 rooms containing a different brain teaser.
  • Five dinners with fascinating visitors and staff will be held in this exciting and captivating story.
  • Rusty Lake Hotel is a bizarre location where anything can happen. It is full of suspense and Mysteries.
  • A striking soundtrack includes a theme song for each room.
  • Achievements: A never-before-seen collection of all-time photos.


The first Rusty Lake game to feature specially commissioned music by Victor Butzelaar was Rusty Lake Hotel. It has seven songs and is available separately from the game at


Rusty Lake is a captivating adventure with a gripping plot and challenging puzzles. Despite not much on visuals and audio, the video game presents you a "distinctive" sense. And the unexplained events that occur at Rusty Lake are only a small portion of the story related to the Rusty Lake Hotel. Additionally, the overarching tale still needs to be finished, according to the developer.

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Download Rusty Lake Hotel APK, a popular game. The gameplay is compelling to drive you crazy in a strange and enigmatic location. Ensure your guests have a nice stay.


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